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አውሮፓ ጦርነት ጀምሯል | መንገድ ላይ የሚሰግዱትን ሙስሊሞች ለመቃወም፡ ፈረንሳውያን ብሔራዊ መዝሙራቸውን በጩኽት ሲዘምሩ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 23, 2018

የተፈለገውም ይህ ነው፡ እነዚህን “እንታይ” ባይ ደካሞች ወደ አገራቸው ሲያስገቡ። Useful Idiots ይባላሉ።

በቃ፡ ያለቦታው፡ “ረመዳን፣ ረመዳን፣ ረመዳን” እያሉ አሰለቹን፡ እነዚህ አስመሳይ ግብዞች።

የእኛ አምላክ ግን እንዲህ ይለናል፦

[የማቴዎስ ወንጌል ምዕራፍ ፮፥፲፮፡፲፰]

ስትጦሙም፥ እንደ ግብዞች አትጠውልጉ፤ ለሰዎች እንደ ጦመኛ ሊታዩ ፊታቸውን ያጠፋሉና፤ እውነት እላችኋለሁ፥ ዋጋቸውን ተቀብለዋል። አንተ ግን ስትጦም፥ በስውር ላለው አባትህ እንጂ እንደ ጦመኛ ለሰዎች እንዳትታይ ራስህን ተቀባ ፊትህንም ታጠብ፤ በስውር የሚያይ አባትህም በግልጥ ይከፍልሃል።

French Government Warned of Potential Riots After Court Demands Muslims Take Down ‘Ramadan Tents’

French authorities have been warned that Muslims could “set fire to the neighbourhood” in one of Paris’s migrant-populated suburbs following a court order to take down a number of tents erected for Ramadan.

An administrative court ordered the tents, which were erected in the commune of Sevran in north-east of Paris, to be taken down as they were placed in a private car park, Le Parisien reports.

The mayor and the Muslim organisers of the tents, which are used to house Muslims praying during the holy month of Ramadan, were given until Tuesday to remove the installations by the court, fueling anger and warnings that the situation could escalate into riots.

If the tents are not removed by the Tuesday deadline, the city could face fines of €2,000 per day.

Sevran has a high number of residents with migrant backgrounds, many from Muslim-majority countries. As far back as 2013, it was shown that more than half of the residents of the area, declared a “sensitive urban zone” or ZUS, were from migrant backgrounds.

Selected Comment:

Dear Mr Moslem you’re being arrested for breaking the law = riots

Dear Mr Moslem you’re being deported for entering Europe illegally = riots

Dear Mr Moslem you are not entitled to those benefits = riots

etc, etc, etc

Dear Mr Moslem we have now enacted laws that will silence the host population from criticising you and protect you = peace

Dear Mr Moslem we have enacted laws that will push you to the front of the housing list, the front of the benefits list and the front of the health service list…peace.

Dear Mr Moslem I note your objection to European national flags being waved and European culture being celebrated, I am busily attempting to show these acts as racist and hate-crimes that should be abolished…peace.

Can anyone see a pattern emerging?



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