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Barcelona Jihadists Intended to Blow Up Christian Basilica of Sagrada Familia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 21, 2017

The Islamic terrorists who carried out a killing rampage in Barcelona earlier this week had plans to blow up the iconic Catholic basilica of la Sagrada Familia, according to new reports.

The Spanish newspaper El Español has noted that the jihadist cell had a stockpile of explosives at a nearby property in Alcanar (Tarragona) and intended to use three vans to detonate them in three different points of the city in order to inflict the greatest possible damage. An accidental explosion at the Alcanar estate on Wednesday left the terrorists without ammunition and forced them to improvise the vehicle attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, the report states.

They were preparing one or several attacks in Barcelona and an explosion in Alcanar stopped this as they no longer had the material they needed to commit attacks of an even bigger scope,” said Josep Lluis Trapero of Catalonia’s police.

The explosion killed one jihadists and left another in serious condition.

The prime target of the attack was meant to be the Catholic Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) basilica, an enormous neo-gothic structure designed by Spanish artist Antoni Gaudí, which draws huge numbers of visitors and pilgrims each day. Construction of the still unfinished church began in 1882 and is projected for completion in 2026.

According to reports, the terrorists had chosen the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia as their main target because it is a symbol of the city and of the Christian religion, as well as for the massive flow of visitors. During 2016, the church was visited by some 4.5 million people, and more than 20 million people came to view the structure from the outside.

The second bombing objective was La Rambla, which in addition to the continuous flow of pedestrians passing by this emblematic walk, is located next to the Market of La Boquería, one of the most frequented destinations in the city.

The third target has not yet been identified, but investigators suspect it was to be a port area.

Just before 5:00pm on Thursday, one of the jihadists drove a rented van through the city’s tourist hotspot of La Rambla, a pedestrian walkway, mowing down people and even swerving in an attempt to hit as many victims as possible. In the end, the man killed 14 people and injured dozens more in his rampage.

The design of the original attack, including the resources and number of persons involved, has confirmed that the operation was the work of a coordinated jihadist cell, rather than of “lone wolves.”

Them mūzbags, that rabble so rowdy,
Planned to burn the Cathedral of Gaudi.
If the cash now we trace,
It will flow from one place:
The land of the serpentine Saudi.


My Note: It’s Purple Day – Spain and Europe Will Need the Wonderful Warrior Queen Isabella la Católica soon. Sadly, it will take a nuclear bomb and 1 million dead before the western world wakes up and realizes that they are all going to be murdered by these Muslims unless they do something á la Isabella.

In the name of the Father,the Son,and the Holy Spirit.

Finally. We have achieved what we longed for so much. Christianity will remember this day.
Victory is far more pleasing when you have suffered for it. It is our desire that a large cross be erected on the highest tower. It must be seen from the last corner of the city.
Granada is Christian and everyone must know it.


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JUNE 21, 2017 | The Transcontinental Total Solar Eclipse LIVE

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 21, 2017

President Trump to blame„ according to CNN. LOL!


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እንኳን ለደብረ ታቦር (ቡሔ) በዓል በሰላም አደረሰን

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 19, 2017


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The August 21 Eclipse Crosses 7 SEVEN Salems Across America

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 16, 2017

All Within The Center of Totality!


There has been a lot of talk about the Great American Solar Eclipse lately. I would like to share with you a recent discovery stumbled upon while my wife and I drift off comfortably listening to our nightly lullaby of radio talk shows.

We have a nightly routine enjoying our Google Home set to TuneIn Radio– we go…”Hey Google… Play Roswell’s Talk FM” which is Roswell NM 106.5. It’s an interesting station, while we live in NE Florida, it is as close as we can get to that New Mexico town that has that flying saucery feel and the station even has some ufo related event commercials 🙂 It’s been reliable in streaming to our phones even before having the Google Home. We usually kill the lights, pull over the covers, cuddle up and start the night open ear to Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, and then Coast to Coast with George Noory overnight and eventually have Hugh Hewitt wake us very early in the morning. Anyhoo…

Here is what shook out.

Ground Zero

Ground Zero’s topic partly for the night was the eclipse.

The complete episode is here.

It was mentioned on the show that the eclipse starts in Oregon and ends in South Carolina. During the discussions between Clyde and his callers it was stated there was a connection between Salem Oregon and Jerusalem and that it was very strange for Totality of the Eclipse to be starting at that location where there will be events with massive gatherings, partying and camping.

Salem Oregon was brought up several times which left me thinking, I swear, I saw a Salem either in NC or SC while driving Interstate 95 over the years. Maybe it was Winston-Salem or Salem VA. Here we go, out comes the 11pm in bed Google Maps, wife already sleeping to the soothing radio chatter.
I zoomed in on the totality line checking out the little micro towns in South Carolina and started panning west while closing in.

What I found was astounding.

Salem South Carolina was there, and even more strange was it was the SAME EXACT distance away from dead center totality line as Salem in Oregon!!!
Immediately I wanted to notify Clyde via Twitter and not being an avid user I eventually figured it out.


I continued to pan the Google map west along the path of totality. It is when I ran into
Salem Kentucky right in the path is when I lost my breath.


I kept moving west on to Missouri. Sure enough SALEM! Not as dead on and the same distance as the others but IN THE TOTALITY LINE.


Moving west Salem, once again DEAD CENTER in the totality line.


Could not find Salem initially. Seems like it is not on google maps so a simple google search will reveal that town.


What are the chances Salem Idaho is dead center in the path and right next to the popular Oregon events.


Of course Salem Oregon. The location where this all started and is the most popular.


There are so many references to these signs in stars and sky biblical events. It could just be the strangest coincidence ever or one more step to the apocalypse.


[Acts 2:19 ]

And I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke



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ለምትወደው ባሏ ስትል የሾፌሩ ሱሪ እስኪወልቅ እንዲህ የምትታገል ሴት ለካስ አለች

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 15, 2017

ቀኑን ሙሉ ስራ ቦታ በጭንቅላቴ ሲታየኝ፣ ሲገርመኝና ሲያስቀኝ የነበረ ቪዲዮ ነው። በስፔኗ ደሴት፡ በኢቢትሳ ሴትየዋና ባሏ ከአውቶብሱ ሾፌር ጋር የተጣሉበት ምክኒያት አይታወቅም፣ ግን ሾፌሩ ባሏን ሲነካበት ሴትየዋ ዓለም ተናወጠባት መሰለኝ ሾፌሩን በሴትነት ቁጣ ከግራና ቀኝ፣ ከላይና ከታች አጣደፈችው፦


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ሰባት ፍጹም ቁጥር ነው | በፍቅርና አንድነት ሰባተኛ ሆንን፣ እንኳን ደስ ያለን! የኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች ፭፣ ፮፣ ፯ ጊዜ ተመቱ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 14, 2017

ተቀበልንም አልተቀበልንም ፥ ወደድንም ጠላንም፡ ኢትዮጵያ አገራችን የሌላ የማንም ምድር አይደለችም፤ የእግዚአብሔር ምድር ናት። ስለዚህ፡ በምድረ ኢትዮጵያ እየተንከባከበ ለድል የሚያበቁን አንድ እግዚአብሔር እና በቅዱሳን ተራሮቻችን ያስቀመጣቸው የእርሱ መላዕክትና ቅዱሳን ናቸው።

ሰሞኑን በለንደኑ የዓለም አትሊቲክስ ውድድር ያየነው፤ አንድነት፣ ፍቅርና መተሰሳብ ለድል እንደሚያበቃንና ምንም ነገር ሊበግረን እንደማይችል ነበር ያሳየን።

የሆነ ወቅት ላይ የእግዚአብሔር እጅ እንዳለበት ሆኖ ነበር የታየኝ።

ሲያሽሟጥጡብን፣ ሲሳለቁብን፣ ሲተናኮሉን፣ ሲያዳክሙንና ቅስማችንን ለመስበር ሲሞክሩ የነበሩት ተንኮለኛ እባቦች በእግዚአብሔር እጅ ተደቁሰዋል። ከሌላ ጊዜ ጋር ሲወዳደር የተገኘው የሚዳሊያ ቁጥር ብዙም አይደለም፣ ነገር ግን፣ በወገኖች ላይ ቀጥተኛ የሆነ ጥቃት በሚፈጸምበት የዛሬ ወቅት፣ የቴሌቪዥን ካሜራሰዎችና ፕሮግራም አቅራቢዎች ተራችን ሲደርስ ዘወር ማለታቸውንና ሌሎቹን እንቅፋቶች ሁሉ አልፈው ለዚህ መብቃታቸው በእውነት እንደ ተዓምር ነው የሚቆጠረው። እንደ ኪኒያ ሁለተኛ፣ ወይም እንደ ሞግዚቷ እንግሊዝ 6ኛ ከመውጣት ሰባተኛ መውጣታችን እንደ ትልቅ ድል ይቆጠራል።

በሜዳልያ ደረጃ ሰባተኛ መሆናችንም ያለምክኒያት አይደለም፤ ሙስሊሙ ወንድማችን (በኢትዮጵያዊነት) ሙክታርም የአምልኮ ወንድሙን መሀመድ ፋራን መፈርፈሩ ያለምክኒያት አይደለም (ሌላ ጊዜ እመለስበታለሁ)

በቅዱስ መጽሐፍ አቆጣጠር ሰባት () ፍጹምና ሙሉ ቁጥር በመሆኑ ከአንድ እስከ ሰባት ( ፩–፯ ) የተዘረዘሩት ምስጢራተ ቤተክርስቲያንም እንከንና ጉድለት የሌለባቸው ፍጹማን ናቸው።
ሰባት ቁጥር በመጽሐፍ ቅዱስ ሥርዓት ፍጹም ለመሆን ለማወቅ ከዚህ የሚከተሉትን ማስረጃዎች እንመልከት፦

ሰባት ቁጥር ምስጢራት በቤተክርስቲያን፤

በመጽሐፍ ቅዱስና በስርዓተ ቤተክርስቲያን አስተምህሮ ስባት ቁጥር ብዙ ምሳሌ እንዳለው ይታወቃል፡፡ በዕብራዊያን ዘንድም ሰባት ፍጹም ቁጥር ነው፡፡ [ምሳሌ 2416} እግዚአብሔር ከሰኞ እስከ እሑድ ያሉትን ቀናት በሰባት ቁጥሮች ወስኗል ሕዝበ እስራኤል ከግብጽ ባርነት ወጥተው በሲና በርሀ ሲጓዙ ይመሩት የነበሩት በ7 ደመና እንደነበረ ይታወቃል፡፡ [ዘዳ 1321]

ከዚህ ቀጥለንም ለቤተክርስቲያን አስተምህሮ የ፯ ቁጥር ምስጢራትን ምሉዕነትን የሚያስረዱ ልዩ ልዩ ማስረጃዎችን በዝርዝር እንመለከታለን፦

/ ሰባቱ አባቶች

1. ሰማያዊ አባታችን እግዚአብሔር
የነፍስ አባት
ወላጅ አባት
የክርስትና አባት
የጡት አባት
የቆብ አባት
የቀለም አባት

/ ሰባቱ ዲያቆናት

1. ቅዱስ እስጢፋኖስ
ቅዱስ ፊልጶስ
ቅዱስ ጵሮክሮስ
ቅዱስ ጢሞና
ቅዱስ ኒቃሮና
ቅዱስ ጳርሜና
ቅዱስ ኒቆላዎስ

/ ሰባት የጌታ ቃላት /እኔ ነኝ

1. የሕይወት እንጅራ እኔ ነኝ
የዓለም ብርሃን እኔ ነኝ
እኔ የበጎች በር ነኝ
መልካም እረኛ እኔ ነኝ
ትነሣዔና ሕይወት እኔ ነኝ
እኔ መንገድና ሕይወት ነኝ
እውነተኛ የወይን ግንድ እኔ ነኝ

/ ሰባቱ ሰማያት

1. ጽርሐ አርያም
መንበረ መንግሥት
ሰማይ ውዱድ
ኢየሩሳሌም ሰማያዊት

/ ሰባቱ ሊቃነ መላእክት

1. ቅዱስ ሚካኤል
ቅዱስ ገብርኤል
ቅዱስ ሩፋኤል
ቅዱስ ራጉኤል
ቅዱስ ዑራኤል
ቅዱስ ፋኑኤል
ቅዱስ ሳቁኤል

/ ሰባቱ አብያተ ክርስቲያናት

1. የኤፌሶን ቤተ ክርስቲያን
የሰርምኔስ ቤተ ክርስቲያን
የጴርጋሞን ቤተ ክርስቲያን
የትያጥሮስ ቤተ ክርስቲያን
የሰርዴስ ቤተ ክርስቲያን
የፊልድልፍልያ ቤተ ክርስቲያን
የሎዶቅያ ቤተ ክርስቲያን

/ ሰባቱ ተዐምራት

  • ጌታ እኛን ለማዳን በመስቀል ላይ በተሰቀለ ጊዜ የተፈጸሙ ተዐምራት

1. ፀሐይ ጨልሟል
ጨረቃ ደም ሆነ
ከዋክብት ረገፉ
ዐለቶች ተሠነጠቁ
መቃብራት ተከፈቱ
ሙታን ተነሡ
የቤተ መቅደስም መጋረጃ

/ ሰባቱ የመስቀሉ ቃላት

1. አምላኬ አምላኬ ለምን ተውከኝ
አባት ሆይ የሚያደርጉትን አያውቁምና ይቅር በላቸው
ዛሬ ከእኔ ጋራ በገነት ትሆናለህ
እነሆ ልጅሸ እናትህ እነሆት
አባት ሆይ ነፍሴን በእጅህ አደራ እስጥሃለሁ

/ ሰባቱ ምሥጢራተ ቤተ ክርስቲያን

1. ምሥጢረ ጥምቀት
ምሥጢረ ሜሮን
ምሥጢረ ቁርባን
ምሥጢረ ክህነት
ምሥጢረ ተክሊል
ምሥጢረ ንስሐ
ምሥጢረ ቀንዲል

/ ሰባቱ ዐበይት አጽዋማት

1. ዐቢይ ጾም
የሐዋርያት ጾም
የፍልሰታ ጾም
ጾመ ነቢያት
ጾመ ገሀድ
ጾመ ነነዌ
ጾመ ድኅነት

/ ሰባቱ በእግዚአብሔር ዘንድ የተጠሉ ነገሮች

1. ትዕቢተኛ ዓይን ምሳ 166-19
ሃሰተኛ ምላስ
ንፁህን ደም የምታፈስ እጅ
ክፉ ሃሳብን የምታፈልቅ ልብ
ለክፋት የምትፈጥን እጅ
የሐሰት ምስክርነት
በወንድሞች መካከል ጠብን የምታፈራ ምላስ

/ ሰባቱ ፀሎት ጊዜያት

1. ነግህ የጠዋት ጸሎት
ሠለስት (3 ሰዓት ጸሎት)
ቀትር (6 ሰዓት ጸሎት)
ተሰአቱ (9 ሰዓት ጸሎት)
ሰርክ (11 ሰዓት ጸሎት)
ነዋም (የምኝታ ጸሎት)
መንፈቀ ሌሊት (የሌሊት ጸሎት)


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ትውልደ ኢትዮጵያ የታበለው ኢማም በአውሮፓ መስጊዱ የከፋ ጥላቻና ግድያን በመስበኩ ታሠረ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 12, 2017

ይህ እስላማዊ መሪ ትክክለኛ ሙስሊም ያልሆኑትን የሙጥኝ በየቤታቸው እንዲቃጠሉ እና እንዲገድሉ በግልጽ ከሰበከ በኋላ ሰላማዊ ነዋሪዎችን ለግድያ በማነሳሳቱ ክስ ተመስርቶበታል።

በጥቅምት 21, 2016 ስብከት ወቀት ስብዕና የሌላቸው ወይም ጸሎት የማያደርጉ ሙስሊሞች እንዲገደሉ በመጠየቁ ነው አሁን ክስ የቀረበበት።

ትውልደ ኢትዮጵያ የሆነውና ስሙ ያልተጠቀሰው ይህ ኢማም በዙሪክ ከተማ በሚገኝ አንድ መስጊድ ባለፈው ኅዳር ወር ነበር በስዊስ ፖሊስ ተይዞ በቁጥጥር ስር የዋለው።

ግለሰቡ አስጸያፊ የሆኑ የግድያ ምስሎችን በማህበራዊ ድህረገጾች ላይ በመለጠፉና፣ ያለ ሥራ ፈቃድ በድብቅ ሥራ በመሥራቱ በሥራ ላይ በመሰማራቱ ተጨማሪ ክስ ተመስርቶበታል።

አቤት ጭካኔ፤ አቤት አረመኔነት!

ኢትዮጵያ አደራ ይህን ርጉም ሰው እንዳትቀበየው፤ መቅሰፍቱን ያመጣል!

ለማንኛውም ሃጂ ይሁን ወደ ውድ አገሩ ወደ ሳዑዲ ይሂድ!!!



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Christian Refugee Warns Austria Will Look Like Afghanistan in 20 Years

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 11, 2017

An Iraqi Christian refugee has warned lawmakers that Islamic asylum seekers want to take over Austrian society and without legal intervention, they could succeed in two decades.

The Iraqi Christian, using the pseudonym “Maria”, spoke to Austrian television this week describing her personal experiences with Muslim asylum seekers living in Austrian asylum homes where she volunteered as a counsellor.

According to Maria, who fled persecution in Iraq, many Muslim migrants talk to each other about eventually taking over the country, Kronen Zeitung reports.

Religion is the core of every conversation” between Muslim asylum seekers, Maria told interviewer Gerhard Koller. Maria said that Islamic thought was omnipresent in the societies many Muslim asylum seekers had come from.

They do not know otherwise. What do you expect from such people who come to Austria with this ideology in their heads?” she said.

She remarked that many of the Muslims were “astonished” that Austria’s society was so liberal and they were shocked at the principles of religious freedom. “The freedom of religion goes too far in Austria,” Maria said.

She warned that many radical Islamic groups were present in asylum homes, a trend which has also been observed by authorities in Germany.

They tell them that they can quietly live their religion here and that Austria will soon be theirs,” she said.

The former counsellor then gave a warning to Austrian lawmakers saying that countries like Iraq, Egypt, and Syria were moderately liberal societies 40 to 50 years ago but have radically changed. “We used lived in a liberal society,” she said.

I always say that special times need special rules and laws,” Maria claimed and added: “The politicians must intervene, otherwise Austria will be in a maximum of 20 years as Afghanistan is today.”

Maria’s account is similar to that of a German investigative journalist who went undercover in asylum homes across Germany last year. Pakistan-born journalist Shams Ul-Haq said that radical Islamic thought was rife in asylum homes across the country and that radical Islamic Salafists would spread rumours to inflame the anger of migrants in order to recruit them.

France’s foremost expert on radical Islam Gilles Kepel has said there is potential that radical Islamists could lead Europe down a path to “civil war” in which they hope to emerge from the ensuing chaos and assert Islamic dominance over Europe

Selected Comment:

They’re a hostile, foreign occupying army.

We’re letting them stuff our ballot boxes with illegitimate votes as if they’re bona fide citizens, and this will ultimately undermine our efforts to retake our own societies peacefully.

Not that we deserve to, the way we’ve been spitting in the face of the so-called “far right” and freaking out about nonexistent Russian collusion instead of worrying about treasonous “neo liberals” importing bloodthirsty muslim savages into our communities.


My Note: The ungrateful to Christianity Europeans are mocking The Christian Faith, they ignore persecuted Christians in Islamic countries, they help their Muslim useful idiots to persecute and murder Africans and Christians on the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Aden, in the Sahara desert, they’re even planning concentration camps for Africans and Christians in the Egyptian and Libyan deserts – to use them for their sexual perversions (gay „humanitarians„ will be send there by M&M, Merkel and Macron to build sexual salve markets. And, Angela Merkel will open the gates again after the general election in September. Upto 3 million Muslims will be allowed again after she is ‘elected / selected’ again in September), they import millions of Muslims into their countries and let them abuse their innocent sons and daughters. Now, don’t these folks deserve the worst possible wrath is poured out on them? That’s exactely what’s happening to them with with Europe’s Muslim immigration plague. It’s the 3rd Hijira, indeed!

Migrant Crisis Drives Record Rise of Slavery in Europe: ‘Every Town and City’ Affected

The Arabs Spent A Whopping $20,000,000 So That A U.S. Politician Can Marry A Camel Dressed Up In A Muslim Hijab

“‘Hijab’ literally means a covering of a shame”

“If the hijab is the cover for shame it means that men in he Islamic world consider woman a shame so that she has to wrap her head.”


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Arab Muslim Smugglers “Deliberately Drowned” Up To 50 Ethiopian Migrants and Threw Another 180 Migrants into Yemen Sea

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 10, 2017

A smuggler “deliberately drowned” up to 50 Somali and Ethiopian migrants in the sea off Yemen’s coast, the United Nations migration agency said.
The teenage migrants were trying to reach the Gulf countries via Yemen on Wednesday.
In a statement, the International Organization for Migration described the drownings in the Arabian Sea as “shocking and inhumane.”
“The survivors told our colleagues on the beach that the smuggler pushed them to the sea when he saw some ‘authority types’ near the coast,” said Laurent de Boeck, the Yemen mission chief for the International Organization for Migration.


My Note:  The Almighty Egziabher is recording everything. R.I.P Brothers and Sisters!

My Note: These evils will pay the price soon, a very heavy price. What’s more tragic about this tragedy is, these evil Arabs are babysitted, aided and encouraged to execute their evil deeds by the Europeans. They won’t go so far without their help! I followed readers comments on the news about this tragedy over the net, 95% of the commentaries are disgusting. Many even cheer and celebrate the deaths of fellow human beings. Search and read it, very sad!




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R.I.P Glen Campbell

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 9, 2017

I specially enjoy listening to his beautiful music in Autumn.

Glen Campbell, Superstar Entertainer of 1960s and ’70s, Dead at 81

Glen Campbell, the grinning, high-pitched entertainer who had such hits as “Rhinestone Cowboy” and spanned country, pop, television and movies, has died. He was 81.

Campbell’s publicist Sandy Brokaw says the singer died Tuesday morning in Nashville. No cause was immediately given. Campbell announced in June 2011 that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and that it was in its early stages at that time.

Campbell was one of the biggest stars of the late 1960s and 1970s. He sold more than 45 million records, had 12 gold albums and 75 chart hits. He co-starred with John Wayne in the 1969 movie “True Grit” and had a weekly audience of some 50 million people for the “Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour” on CBS from 1969 to 1972.


Glen Campbell, in Memoriam

The inimitable singer Glen Campbell passed away yesterday after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.  He was diagnosed in late 2010, but with the tireless care of his wife Kim, he continued to perform and even filmed a fifteen-month farewell tour that followed the pernicious advance of the disease.  As with many sufferers of Alzheimer’s, his knowledge and facility with music lasted longer than his memories of people, places, or things.  Even after the lyrics to the songs he had sung thousands of times were lost to him, he could still play them.  He could still read the lyrics on a teleprompter.  The man was perhaps the finest guitarist of his time, a fact unknown to his millions of fans who loved his voice and songs.

Before Campbell became a star in his own right, he had sung and played guitar on the records of countless other groups and soloists the 1960s and ’70s: The Beach Boys, Sagittarius, Ricky Nelson, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, etc.  It is a long list of greats.  What many people do not know is that he did not read music but had an auditory eidetic memory.  He would and could hear a song once and know every word, note, and chord.  In studio sessions, when every other musician was reading the music for the first time, he was listening.  After one pass, he would know the song and what he was to do with it.  His vocal range went from a Russian bass C to a Pavarotti D in a natural voice, no falsetto.  He was a very rare talent. 

His first real hit was “Gentle on My Mind” in 1967.  He began performing around Los Angeles with a four-man country band.  After that came a long string of hits, many of them written by Jimmy Webb.  Many of them remain standards to this day.  Beginning in 1969, he toured the country and later the world, now with full orchestras.  From 1969 to 1972, he starred in his own television variety program, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.  Guests on the show ranged from Ray Charles to Tony Bennett.  He first performed at Carnegie Hall in March 1973.  (Buck Owens was the first country singer to perform there in 1966.)  He co-starred with John Wayne in the film True Grit, for which Wayne won an Academy Award.  He worked several times a year in Las Vegas to sellout crowds and continued to perform concerts up until the Alzheimer’s forced him to stop. 

Much of today’s music is without melody or coherent lyrics.  Young people seem not to know the meaning of the word “melody.”  Campbell’s songs were all melodious.  His voice and his brilliance on the guitar were unparalleled.  Roy Clark, a gifted guitarist in his own right, once said when a fan said, “You’re the best guitarist…,” Clark replied, “No, that would be Glen Campbell.”  They worked together often; Clark knew what he was talking about.  For those who worked with him and for him, working with lesser musicians would always be something of a chore by comparison.

Glen will be missed, but his music will live on and may yet be discovered by the youth of a new generation, who find they like memorable melodies and songs that are stories. Rest in Peace, Glen Campbell.



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