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Russia Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses As An “Extremist Organization”

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 21, 2017

Russians Will No Longer Have To Dread The Doorbell

On Thursday, Russia’s Supreme Court ruled that Jehovah’s Witnesses was an “extremist” organization after the justice ministry applied for an order to shut down the group’s national headquarters near St Petersburg, Russian TASS news agency reported. Russian authorities had put several of the group’s publications on a list of banned extremist literature, and prosecutors have long cast it as an organization that destroys families, fosters hatred and threatens lives, a description the organization says is false.

In its lawsuit the Justice Ministry mentioned various violations, exposed by a snap check of the organization’s activities, including those of the federal law on resistance to extremist activities. The Justice Ministry wanted the organization and its 395 local chapters to be declared as extremist and outlawed and its properties to be confiscated.

The Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses told TASS it found this affair very worrisome, because a future decision would concern 175,000 practicing believers. ACJW spokesman Ivan Bilenko said the organization was prepared to seek protection of its rights in courts of any instance.

A court in Moscow on October 12, 2016 warned Jehovah’s Witnesses over what it ruled was extremist activities. Under Russian legislation the religious organization in question is to be closed down if it fails to eliminate the exposed violations within the required deadline or if new evidence of its extremist activities come to light. The Moscow City Court on January 16, 2017 upheld the warning over extremism handed to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Selected Comments:

Excellent move. JW are both extremist and anti-Christian. They are a subversive group, controlled by Freemasons, designed to control people and destroy true Christianity. Now for Islam…..

But sadly the the worst (((parasites))) remain.. Islam

Good Russia being a Christian nation has every right to boot out blasphemers of Christ

I wish Russia could do the same to islam, but i don’t think Russia would. There are too many muslims in Russia. The real extremist are the ones that bless your neck with a sword in your own blood. Most likely muslims will soon be converted to Orthodox Christians after War in Syria is over.

Yes islam should be banned all over the globe. But we all know jehovas witness is an american sect, and therefore possibly spies.

They should label Islam as an “Extremist Organization”. Islam and Muslims are 1000000X more extreme and violent than the Jahovas Witnsses crackpots.

Both are cults. They do not believe in the divinity of Christ.

Russia is an orthodox nation, the JW refuse to bow before Russia and exist in their own enclaves. The expulsion of the JW cult is a stepping stone to flush all foreign religions out of Russia

This is what happens when religious groups open their doors to freemasonry ,and hence ,intelligence agency manipulation. Its such a shame for the vast majority of these faithful honest believers.

What was that other US-origin religious organisation that was pressured by the Russian government? Office raids and stuff? And also had links with the CIA? Oh yea, Church Of Scientology!


Four Dangers of the Jehovah’s Witnesses


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