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Christmas Eve in Berlin: At Least 12 Innocent People Were Sacrificed to Lucifer

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 21, 2016

Then they say, “The LORD does not see this; the God of Jacob does not take notice of it.” [Psalm 94:7]

FILE PHOTO:  A general view shows the the Christmas market of main shopping street Kurfuerstendamm in Berlin, Germany, November 25, 2015.    REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch/File Photo

On New Year’s Eve they executed their satanic plan by invading the famous Catholic Cathedral of Cologne with the intention to attack the Christian landmark, to humiliate and weaken, not only the women, but, primarily, the male population. A POGROM probably waged with the collaboration of sodomite controlled security officials and medias. 

And now, on Christmas Eve, it’s the culmination of their year-long Jihad – a perfect time to express their hatred for Jesus Christ and his peaceful followers through murder and Red Terror – in front of the famous landmark of Berlin – The Protestant Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church which is a memorial Church to peace and reconciliation.

Both attacks were carried out with the intention to struck in the heart of the already spiritually-weakened Catholic and Protestant Germany – ironically, both churches played a crucial role in aiding and accommodating mass Muslim migration into Germany.

The Following Anti-Christian Luciferians Have Blood On Their Hands:

  • Angela Merkel

  • EU Eurocrats

  • The Medias

  • The Police & Security Services

  • Courts & Legal Services

  • Educational Institutes & Technological Research Centers

  • Church Leaders

  • Feminists

  • Sodomites & Pedophiles

—  Merkel Has Blood On Her Hands’ Protests Erupt Outside German Chancellor’s Office

How Many More Atrocities Before Our Leaders Stop Lying To Us And Admit That, Thanks To Their Immigration Policies, Being Mowed Down While Doing Your Christmas Shopping Is Simply The New Normal?


We will do whatever is necessary. That means long-range weapons, short weapons, machine guns, even if this sounds martial.’

These were the words of German politician Klaus Bouillon, a member of Mrs Merkel’s CDU party, in response to yet another slaughter of innocents, this time at a Christmas market in Berlin.

Of course, Merkel wasn’t around to respond to the horror as it unfolded. She was attending an award ceremony to celebrate the International Day of Migrants even as it seemed one of the 1.1 million she has let into the country tore another hole in her people and in Germany’s cultural life.

And this determination to see only good, to hide the truth of what we are facing in 2017, is all-pervasive.

Initially media reports across our state broadcaster, Left-wing political news sites and CNN – reported only a truck crash, 12 killed.

Some pushed hard behind the early information that the truck was registered to and driven by a Polish man.

Hoping against hope the finger of blame could be pointed at Eastern Europeans, at Christendom, and not again at the Muslim community in our midst.

I have spoken to many Eastern Europeans across Europe who all feel pushed out by the migrant invasion from the Middle East. Who all believe England and Europe love Muslims and hate the Polish and Eastern Europeans. Who feel their hard work and ambition to truly integrate are no longer welcome. And it strikes me their feelings are sadly well-founded.

Ironically, a Polish man just trying to do his job was slaughtered in his truck, the first to die in a killing spree designed to strike the West at a time of Christian celebrations and family festivity.

2016-12-19_173150And as we looked in horror at bodies strewn on the floor, thoughts of the believers were punctuated with tweets from the Caliphate encouraging others to rise up and do more of the same.

So now we will place yet more concrete blocks and cops with guns around our Christmas markets. And hope for the best.

But there can never be enough bollards, never enough policemen wielding sub-machine guns.

At Winter Wonderland in London security bag checks that force hundreds to cram together in shuffling queues have simply created another tasty target for the bombers.

In truth, there is no defence against terror.

It is all-pervasive. Suffocating.

And here we are again. Sitting waiting for the next attack – which is highly likely, if not imminent.

Sitting like ducks waiting to be picked off.

Some find comfort in pretending to be Brave. Accepting fate decides, emboldening themselves with the mantra ‘we will not let them win’.

Merkel encouraged her citizens not to be paralysed by fear, standing there preaching with blood on her hands – a woman surrounded 24/7 by security, who never has to go shopping in a crowded market with the nagging fear that this may be the day her number comes up in the terror lottery.

Others reach for a hashtag and tea lights. Probably not with any hope, faith, or remaining belief in humanity; but simply because they aren’t sure what else to do and they know how to do this. After all, we’ve had plenty of chances to practise.

Some say they prefer to have faith in humanity. But this is blind faith. You are closing your eyes to the horror.

Predictably, other weak liberals have slithered out to say they condemn this in the strongest possible terms. Obama says he will stand shoulder to shoulder with Merkel.

Except his shoulders are so slopey nothing ever sticks. And nothing ever gets done.

You will remember Obama’s election campaign saying ‘Yes we can’. And Merkel’s migrant slogan: ‘We can do this’.


Well, my liberal friends — no you can’t. No we can’t.

And what’s more, why should we want to?

I don’t want to live in a world where we have to be endlessly tolerant of those who display no tolerance at all.
Where we have to accept and understand, whilst migrants refuse to learn our language and our ways. Where we lecture employers about equality but bend over backwards for a religion which keeps women segregated and hidden in the kitchen.

Yesterday we got a glimpse. A glimpse of life in 2017. And 2018 come to that. And 2019. And 2020. And it was violent and shameless.

A never-ending procession of atrocities committed by people for whom grievance against the West is a way of life.

And a gradual erosion not just of our freedoms but of life’s little pleasures.

In Ankara the Russian Ambassador was gunned down by a Turkish police officer, killing in revenge for Aleppo, because Allah Akbar – his God is the greatest.

Another heinous act in a country the EU would wish to welcome with open arms. Why? So that it can bring more terror to Europe?

And all the while we are supposed to sit back and watch it happen. To be brainwashed by a media determined to play down the war bubbling up under our feet. To watch from the sidelines as ambassadors are shot, on film, in cold blood. To have the truth neutered, dumbed down, sanitised for multicultural Brits and Liberal Americans.

No wonder an elderly serviceman waiting outside the Court of Justice to see if Marine A would be free told me recently he will be glad to be out of it soon.

Free from watching the country he fought for, the country he loves, go down the pan to the point where our national team is fined for showing respect to our war dead and soldiers who risked their lives to defend us go to jail.

These days the only cultures it’s outlawed to offend are those that are most opposed to ours.

We tiptoe around their sensitivities instead of standing up for our culture, the one they have chosen to join.

Last week thousands of Muslims blocked the streets of London chanting Allahu Akhbar, demanding an Islamic caliphate.

Their leaders congratulated the crowd on amassing so quickly and in such large numbers saying: ‘This gathering today – in a matter of a few hours, hundreds of brothers and sisters coming together – is a sign of positivity and revival, and a sign of victory for Allah.’

It was barely reported.

The vanguard of an army that can hide in plain sight amongst us because our leaders simply do not want to see it.



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