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Muslims Bomb Cairo’s Main Coptic Cathedral Killing at Least 25 Including Six Children

Posted by addisethiopia on December 11, 2016

Many of the victims are women and children who were worshipping in the smaller St Peter and St Paul Coptic Orthodox Church attached to the cathedral.

Security sources said at least six children are among the dead as a protest broke out in front of the cathedral.

The blast at St Mark’s Orthodox Cathedral in the Abbassiya area of Cairo took place during Sunday morning prayers near the section designed for female churchgoers.

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The love many has grown cold, callous, sinister and filled with wanton cruelty. Violence grows because we have ceased to see ourselves as human, we look to humanity and scoff. The rejection of Christ is the rejection of humanity, for in Christ is the encompassing of the whole of mankind. In Christ can we “bear also the image of the heavenly.” (1 Corinthians 15:49) The antichrist ideology of Muhammad makes war with this absolute and beautiful truth, that humanity can become one with God, that humanity may participate in his salvation. The idea that mankind has no participation in his own redemption, is a gnostic one, for it essentially preaches that man is so evil, so far away from God, that any bridging with the divine is blasphemy.

To sever mankind with God, is to make God mechanical as a clock, a cold machine lingering somewhere in the heavens; and to place mankind in the place of God. This is why these terrorists are so heartless and are so filled with spite against Christians: their god is as cold as they are, and they hate the ones who say that God is Love. Theodore Shoebat


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