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Archive for November 24th, 2016

Another Tragedy: African ‘Boat People’ Drowning in Front of A Tunisian Ship – And Afrophobes and Racists Applauding Their Death and Calling for More Genocide

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 24, 2016

I don’t fully trust their twisted version of the story. Here the DailyMail reported about it this way.

Doomed By Their Last Bid To Reach Europe: Migrants Sink Their Own Boat After Crashing It Into The Side Of A Tunisian Fishing Trawler They Mistook For The Coast Guard


  • Video shows migrants drowning after their dinghy comes aside a trawler
  • Human traffickers apparently mistook the trawler for a coastguard ship
  • A voice on board the ship shouts in Italian for the migrants to keep calm

A shocking video has emerged of a dinghy packed with migrants sinking in the Mediterranean after they mistook a Tunisian trawler for a coastguard ship.

The footage appeared on the internet today and comes as the Italian coastguard warned that eight people had died and many more were missing after another migrant boat went down in the Mediterranean.

A shocking video has emerged of a dinghy packed with migrants sinking in the Mediterranean after they mistook a Tunisian trawler for a coastguard ship.

The footage appeared on the internet today and comes as the Italian coastguard warned that eight people had died and many more were missing after another migrant boat went down in the Mediterranean.

It is not clear if the footage is from this week or from the summer but it clearly shows the large white dinghy aiming itself at the ship.

It comes alongside the trawler and, as the migrants desperately try to climb up the side of the fishing vessel, the dinghy capsizes and dozens are thrown into the sea.

Many of the migrants clearly cannot swim and only a handful are wearing lifebelts.

As a man onboard the trawler’s deck shouts in Italian: ‘Calma (Stay calm)’ the situation gets worse and eventually the bodies of people who have clearly drowned can be seen floating on the surface.

The video was uploaded onto Youtube, where a commentator says: ‘The crew were reluctant to help since letting them on board would have been a serious security risk as it would have them outnumbered 10 to 1.

‘The only way to help would be individuals of the crew rappelling down to to the sea line, which would most likely result in their own death as the immigrants would drag them down.’

The Italian coastguard has a policy of escorting to shore any migrants it finds at sea and it is thought those on the migrant boat thought they would be rescued and taken to Italy if their boat capsized next to the ship. They were unaware it was just a fishing vessel operating out of a Tunisian port.

Now here is something valuable for the world, for Africans, in particular, to document and report to The Almighty: Except for two or three of the comments, the vast majority of them is meant to devastate and dehumanize Africans. Mind you, it is the Arabs who are abusing, stealing, raping and murdering them, but the Bogeyman will always remain the African. Well, they’re united in Godlessness and hatred. The governments, the parties and the medias had done a very successful job in conditioning and preparing the unrepentant and easily manipulable folks for future cruelty and genocide – and, everywhere, the level of hatred is rising – and this genocide will be carried out, first and foremost, against us Africans and Christians.

Selected comments:

  • The title implies that they are deliberately sinking their own boat, but it looks more like they accidentally/carelessly capsized it in their frenzy to try and climb aboard the ship.

  • There are people drowned in matter of minutes, and I don’t understand the fucking why their boat was destroyed. This is beyond retarded and tragic.

  • All those excuses just so you can post a video of you watching people drown and sit there do nothing as they die, good job, you’re a piece of human shit.

  • Why would they help parasites survive? I was honestly expecting them to start shooting at the niggers so they died faster

  • lol why this Nigger beasts drown in less than a minute? Swimming is not hard.

  • There is plenty of space in the sea. Better put them there than let them come to europe.

  • LMAO Made my night. Watching African invaders drown while drinking California wine. Yes God is indeed great.

  • Looks like only whitey has been guilted into helping Africans.

  • What is going to happen in 100 years when Europe is majority Arab?

  • True story: Arab slave masters used to castrate their African slaves so they could not reproduce.

  • Looks like worms crawling all over each other

  • Arabs side with blacks and cry to stop racism only when they are in white countries so that they can take advantage!! Back in muslimland they hate blacks much more than whites ever did. WAKE UP!

  • The lifeboat just sitting there on deck while the arabs throw nets at them

  • And nothing of value was lost. Except maybe the clothes.

  • HAHAHAA fucking rats!! i wish i could be there throwing stones at these diving rapists! i watch this beautiful video when i feel sad.

  • People wonder why so many dead fish on the beaches now I know the answer

  • I am in favor of genocide. Either we do it! Or they (including the Jews who lead this genocide against us) do it to us!

  • We must eradicate all of them, what are they good for? Africa is huge and has lot’s of resources. Africans??? Why should we allow them to live (in Europe at least)? They are even more inferior than fucking Arabs (They must go too)! Eradicate em’ all! When they invade Europe, bomb the boats and record the few surviving drown and spread it all over the internet! That will show them that they are not welcome in THE WHITE MAN’S LAND! After we have secured our survival as a people 1488 (removing all non-Whites in Europe) we should colonize the whole of Africa (for the expansion of our race & for the resources we need) and if we need the Africans back in slavery we can do that, they’ve fucked our women and helped destory our culture & people. No more tolerance, we are in a racial war. Either we man up or go extinct! It’s almost like National Socialism isn’t enough, we need National Socialism on steroids!

  • These are people dying. And you /pol/ users and assorted racists are cheering it on. Regardless of your political leanings or views on migrants, you are honestly sick in the head to be praising anyone’s death. You folks make me sad. Raised online in your echo chambers and acting like you have no humanity. You watch people dying and laugh about it. The hate and disease in your souls is terrifying. Thank god none of you will ever be in any kind of position of authority or power in your lives, or at least we can only hope. You don’t know what happiness is.

  • Yall joking and shit….but one thing yall dumbasses dont realize….yall msking jokes about fucking africans and calling them the enemy…when jesus was a black man….sooooo. have fun with that knowledge now racist retarded fucks


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