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Mediterranean: Murderers of African ‘Boat People’ Will Now Get Visa Access into Europe

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 23, 2016


Europeans Reward Muslims for their terrorism and lawlesness –and Muslims reward back European generosity by blowing them up and themselves.

Yesterday it was Turkey, Today it’s Tunisia, and Tomorrow will be Egypt, Algeria and Libya who will be granted visa access by the doomed Antichrist EU.

The time for these satanic NWO technocrats is running out, they don’t seem to hide their intention anymore. They preach as good what the Lord calls evil and vice versa – they disgracefully continue doing the same evil again and again.

It’s obvious by now what lies behind their lunacy is their luciferian mission to destroy the Judeo-Christian civilization through mass Islamic immigration. The Islamization of Christian nations plays an essential role as their tool.

Muslim mass immigration into the EU is enabled by the Euromediterranean (Eurabia) Process, adopted in Barcelona 1995 – later to become the Union for the Mediterranean.

It has now given advanced status with visa facilitation for Muslims into the EU to Morocco, and Tunisia and Jordan – with Egypt, Algeria and Libya to follow. Connect the dots: Those who were let to perish in the Mediterranean waters were undesired Africans, and mostly Christians. Unofficial estimate for 2016: Perhaps, up to 20.000 Africans were MURDERED in the Mediterranean.

Eyes on South Sudan (Ethiopia): Why are there very few refugees in Europe and North America from a war-torn state of South Sudan? Why are European states sending their soldiers (“peacekeepers”) to this young mineralrich nation? The Luciferians are even forcing Japan to send its soldiers there (the 1st time outside Japan since the end of WWll – for that  it got a warning call with the Earthquake)

Despite EU’s silence on the current devastating state of human rights violations in Turkey, there are calls to list Erdogan’s Turkey as a state sponsor of terrorism. Turkey’s Support for IS terrorists is proven, Turkey’s envolvement in other countries: Russia (Chechnya), China (Xinjiang), Israel/Gaza (Hamas), Yugoslavia (Bosnia), Serbia (Kosovo), Georgia (Pankisi), Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood); aggression against neighbors (invasion and occupation of Cyprus, violation of Greece’s airspace, blockade of Armenia); and denial of genocides against Christian Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians is also undeniable.

When we come to Tunisia, Tunisia has produced more Islamic State jihadis than any other nation on earth, with 7,000 ISIS militants hailing from the terror infested country, yet EU big wigs are intent on allowing its citizens more lenient access into Europe, while, at the same time, “failed asylum-Seekers” in Europe (probably Africans) will be deported to the hell-holed deserts of North Africa – as The Express reported:

EU To Grant Terror-Ridden Tunisia ‘ambitious’ Visa Access In Desperate Migrant Deal

FAILED asylum seekers will be expelled from the European Union and sent to Tunisia under a controversial new policy that could ultimately result in more North Africans moving to the Brussels bloc.

The terror-riddled country is set to take in thousands of rejected refugees in return for more lenient visa regulations for its own citizens.


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