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Angela Merkel’s ‘Invited’ Muslim Guest Pulls His Pants Down And Starts Washing His Buttocks In A Public Water Fountain

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 16, 2016

My Note: This is disgustingly unbelievable! The racist German minister who insulted African men won’t dare to utter a single word against the Arab barbarians, because of a death threat he immediately gets – unlike non-Muslim Africans.

The following story and the videos teach us why Christians should avoid Islamic restaurants and food stores. Not only is great and devastating the spiritual harm that emanate from eating halal foods, such as meat (sacrificed to non-Christian idol gods), but the sanitation aspect of the whole Islamic culture should also be worrisome.

Will anybody go and eat at the nearby Ahmad’s Pizzeria after watching these videos? I doubt!

This video was said to have been taken recently in Italy and speaks volumes to the situation of Islam in Europe. As I wrote earlier, the President of the Czech Republic said they would never allow Muslims in because they do not integrate and have come to destroy and conquer as they are doing in Western Europe:

For this person, this behavior may be normal where he came from. If not, then he simply does not care. Both are possibilities. Either way, what we know for sure is this man is engaging in anti-social behavior that is both immoral as it is socially destructive.

These Muslims could never integrate into European society. The religions, histories, cultures, and ways of life are too different. This does not even begin to get into the issues of Christian morality and the current state of Europe versus Islamic theology. Surely small numbers of people can come into any society, but a large-scale change as fast as it has been done is nothing but a sure-fire formula for a massive and terrible war.

Look at the history of Eastern Europe for the past 1000 years as an example of this. Eastern Europe is for the most part either Catholic or Orthodox, the people for the most part look similar and possess a shared culture. However, there are enough differences between the people that they will fight bitterly with each other, and union between them is a battle unto itself. To make matters more interesting, take an comparatively similar but different group of people- such as the Germans- and just look at the tension and fighting that has resulted.

People will always fight, but so long as they have a common unifying force which is greater than they are- which was what Christendom did- they will be able to (a) see each other as equals before God and recognizing this (b) will be able to have a better ability to respect each other and get along. It doesn’t mean they won’t fight or even act in terrible ways. It does provide a buffer through which they can express their differences and either stop or mitigate damage to each other. This also applies internally in societies as well, and was the reason for the tripartite division of the “three estates”- Government, Church, and People- for the Church was the barrier that united the government and the people and prevented either from exploiting the other for immoral gain.

Might Is Right, and evil 19th century book by a man calling himself “Ragnar Redbeard.” This book had a significant influence on both Ayn Rand as well asmodern satanism.

What has happened in the West beginning with Martin Luther and the destruction of Christendom was that by eliminating and destroying the rightful place of the Church in society, there is no longer any barrier between potential adversaries. The name of God no longer becomes a rallying point for unity, but a tool used and manipulated by the ambitious to exploit piety for their real philosophy, which is embodied in the philosophy of Machiavelli and encodified in a phrase which became the title of an infamous book- “Might is right.”

This is where the Muslims come in to play. As I have stated before repeatedly, Islam is a religion which darkens the intellects of its followers while at the same time in so doing it makes them easy to exploit by outside persons for gain- that is, until those same Muslims realize they are being exploited and turn on their exploiters. It is an ongoing theme in Islamic history, and the story of every empire and government that has tried to manipulate Muslim violence and Islamic theology for personal use- there is first gains, and later losses that often times result in the other society being conquered by the same Muslims he was trying to exploit.

The Muslim invasion of Western Europe is, as we have been repeatedly saying, an intentional plan put together by certain very ambitious people in business and government to consolidate a new National Socialism by by attacking socialists on the “left” which presenting themselves as the solution on the “right” while they are all at the same time part of the same group. It is like the difference between Coke and Pepsi- the base is the same, just a slightly different flavor that makes you think they are both different.

This Muslim man washing himself in a public fountain is indeed bad, but what this will do is naturally generate anger from the peoples of Europe and America who watch this. They will call out for a leader to stop this madness- a strong leader, a powerful leader, and leader who will use whatever force to stomp out the Muslims. In this way, the Muslims are actually but one part of a larger plan, and that is to pour out a new era of darkness upon Western societyin a way worse than in what happened during the 20th century…


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