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You Serpents, You Generation Of Vipers, How Can You Escape The Damnation Of Hell?

Posted by addisethiopia on October 7, 2016

Brother Is Tortured And Forced To Listen To His Sister, 17, Being Gang-Raped After Being Kidnapped By Pakistani Muslim Gang And Refusing To Convert From Christianity

  • Muslim gang targeted the family home of a Christian family in Pakistan
  • They kidnapped a brother and a sister after they refused to covert to Islam
  • The brother Arif was then tortured and the sister Jameela was gang raped
  • Arif managed to escape and return to his family but Jameela is still missing


A brother has been tortured and forced to listen to his 17-year-old sister being gang-raped after they were kidnapped by a Muslim gang in Pakistan after refusing to convert from Christianity.

The British Pakistani Christian Association say they have been assisting the family in Kasur in the east of the country following their ordeal.

According to the charity, the Muslim gang targeted the family home, which was a mud house in a small village, knowing that they were Christian and threatened them with guns, sticks and metal poles.


Christians Targeted As Al-Shabab Claims Attack That Killed 6 In Kenya

The Somalia-based Al-Shabab, through its Andulus radio station, claimed responsibility. The station quoted an unnamed al-Shabab official saying: “It was a well-planned attack which targeted Christian members in Mandera.”


Muslims Turn Quiet Apartment Building Into Horror Film- Attack, Rob, And Try To Rape Their Neighbors, Then Have Massive Stabbing Brawl And Scatter Blood All Over The Walls And Floor

This video was made by an average man who witnessed his once quiet apartment building turn into a horror film scene after Muslims moved in. He documents how after months of harassment, in the most recent act, these Muslims stabbed each other in a massive brawl and scattered blood all over the walls

In his words (taken from his
Facebook post):

Usually I stay out of most discussions about [Muslims], but we’re really running out of patience here. So, from the beginning: I live in a small city in the heart of East Frisia. It was always quiet around here, the proportion of [Muslims] was relatively low and those that were here were quiet and friendly.

A few months ago, Syrian [Muslims] moved into the apartment block our family lives in. They were generously received and nobody in the house had any prejudice. Then, around 6 weeks ago: The first negative incident. Our daughter (12 years old) as well as the two small daughters of our neighbors (6 and 9) were sexually harassed, pushed against the wall of the stairway and kissed against their will, as well as touched inappropriately on their breasts and butt. Obviously we contacted the police and filed a report.

After the [Muslims] were invited to to the police for questioning things were quiet again. For a while.

Shorty after the incident my daughter came home from playing, horrified and told me that the [Muslims] did clear sexual gestures towards her.

They smirked at her and ran their tongue between two fingers. We also reported this incident to the police. After the refugees received their second warning it was quiet again.

But for 3 weeks, the silence has been broken again. Every weekend the [Muslims] riot. During late hours drugs and alcohol regularly lead to brawls and stabbings. Last night they rioted again, kicked in my door and the entire stairway was full of blood (see video).

Right about now our understanding for these people has run dry. And our beloved police is obviously powerless. The children in the apartment building are always scared, they don’t dare to walk out their own flats. It’s outrageous that nothing is done against this.


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