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The Black Moon & Children of The Crescent Moon

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on September 29, 2016

For the second time this month, earthlings of the Western Hemisphere will experience a special event involving our moon. Earlier this month, we got our full moon — the Harvest Moon. And this Friday, on the final day of September, a Black Moon will appear in the sky for the first time since March 2014.

In anticipation of the rise of a black moon, children of the crescent moon in pakistan threaten to wipe out India with a nuclear attack stating “We will annihilate India!”. I wonder whether the Kenyan lady who a couple of days ago predicted a deadly destruction for New York City (unless she meant today’s train crash) was dreaming of New Delhi. The masters of the de-population agenda had something in their planning when they permitted Pakistan to possess Nuclear weapons.

On the other hand, children of the Crescent moon, aka rapefugees, are busy hammering each other and disturbing the peace of their host nation.


September 25, 2016

A mass brawl has erupted at a tented camp for migrants in Germany, with Albanians and Pakistanis fighting each other with sticks and irritant sprays.

It took police several hours to quell the violence between some 400 migrants at Calden, near Kassel in central Germany, German media report.

Fourteen people were injured, three of them police officers. It began with an argument in the camp’s canteen.

Pedophilia + Intolerancía

September 27, 2016

Jakarta — the capital of the largest Muslim nation in the world — and Barry Soetoro’s, aka Barack Hussein Obama, favorite place — could elect a Christian as its governor is so unthinkable to some they’re going to great lengths to try and stop it.

To Australia’s north, the city of 10 million people will next year go to the polls.

The problem is the progressive, anti-corruption front runner is a Christian with Chinese heritage, and it is causing ripples throughout the city.

ABC News filmed evidence of that during a sermon at the Al Furqon mosque in central Jakarta, where the cleric Alwi Wahid’s message was clear.

“Be careful on the judgment day — God will ask you, why did you choose the infidel as the leader, while I have warned you not to. Believers should not choose a non-Muslim as their leader,” he said.

He went on to tell the Jama’ah there would be “bad consequences” for those who vote for a non-Muslim.

“We will learn. We are just 71 years independent, I think we are more advanced if you compare [us] to the United States of America.

September 27, 2016

German police shot and killed an Iraqi refugee at a shelter in Berlin after he tried to attack an Afghan man who allegedly sexually abused his eight-year-old daughter.

September 28, 2016

In Berlin, 50 asylum seekers from Syria and Chechnya on Wednesday night rampaged through the security office and attacked the staff.

Strange: The same Crescent Moon & Star constellation I was talking about in the above video could be identified on the lights of the police car. See the original image here



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