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Archive for August 17th, 2016

A Glimpse into a Potential Horrific Scenario Surrounding 9/11, 2016

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 17, 2016


Another Benghazi — another 9/11? A horrible scenario (we hope the writer is wrong) for the days to come, beginning, perhaps, around September 11, 2016:

1) Turkey plans to Stab Putin in the back.

2) Turkey will seize the nukes, but only after every one of the Marines guarding them has been killed.

3) Turkey has the codes to use those nukes already given to them by someone from our government.

4) Turkey will use a “US” marked F-16 to nuke the Russian military port in the Black sea, while simultaneously striking Russian bases in Syria with other “US” aircraft and Nukes.

5) Turkey will then invade Syria, Cyprus, and Greece, while Isis launches an attack into Jordan.

6) Erdogan will claim direct ancestry to Mohammed and announce only he is the Caliph of the New Muslim empire, and ISIS will swear allegiance to him.

7) This will all happen in the next few months before the election.

8) Bill Clinton will die of “natural” causes before the election, Hillary will be forced to quit.

9) Trump will be eliminated from the race by an unlawful act.

10)The US election will be suspended because of World War III.

11) Europe with explode into chaos when Muslim immigrants start mass executions that will make what happened to the yazidis seem like a dry run.

12) Jerusalem will be nuked by Turkey.

13) Nationwide BLM riots will strike the US in October.

14) the US economy will fall apart from forces without and within.

15) Russian hackers will delete as many bank and financial records worldwide as they can in the space of 24 hours before they use nukes to destroy the electrical grids of the US, Europe, and of course Turkey.

16) China will nuke Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and The Philippines, before invading most of asia.

17) Australia will be zorched by EMP’s, so will New Zealand.

18) India and Pakistan will go nuclear.

19) Iran will nuke what’s left of Israel before they hit Saudi Arabia.

20) Saudi Nukes will erase Iran.

US Nuclear Weapons in Turkey at Risk of Seizure by Terrorists, Hostile Forces

Islamist Nightmare Scenarios


Nightmare No.1: Nuclear attack on the West Status: Could easily happen in 21st century

Bad as 9/11 was, it made a previously unlikely nightmare scenario far more real: If the terrorists had a nuclear weapon, they would clearly use it immediately against a western city. As soon as they get such weapons, they will be used. Apocalyptic stateless terrorists cannot be deterred, as terror states like the Soviet Union were.

And nuclear weapons continue to spread. Now the butchers of North Korea have nuclear weapons. While their impoverished people starved to death in a state-caused famine, these butchers spent billions to construct nuclear weapons to threaten the free countries of South Korea and Japan. And the aggressive, Jew-hating, fascist state of Iran seems to be next. Who is going to stop every genocidal tyrant, Islamic fascist, and murderous armed group on the planet getting nukes?

Only America tries to stop this. The UN does nothing. China, Russia and Pakistan help it along. The rest of the world will not take this issue seriously until a western city is destroyed.

Nuclear attack on the West will mean the end of the Islamic world

The Islamists are playing with fire. If their attacks go too far – if there are WMD attacks on western cities – if the west starts to feel an actual existential threat – the Islamists may receive nuclear retaliation. They really are playing with fire.

And no, saying that does not mean I want that to happen. This is why this page is called “Nightmares”.

  • The New Arab Way of War by Peter Layton: “there have been many instances in Western history where patience has been exhausted suddenly and merciless, ruthless responses undertaken. The Arab way of war could yet reap this whirlwind for the Middle East if attacks by assassins go too far. History suggests this line will not be known, or even articulated, until after it is crossed.
  • Postmodern War by Victor Davis Hanson – It is extremely difficult for America to fight this enemy in this age of global news, but: “In our present context, all our concern about American combat casualties would vanish should there be another mass murder similar to 9/11. Like ancient man, postmodern man is hardwired to survive, and thus really will use his full arsenal when faced with the alternative of extinction. Should we lose the stock exchange or the White House, there would be almost no calls for restraint against states that harbored or aided the perpetrators”
  • The “Belmont Club” by Richard Fernandez has some analysis of how the world will respond if there is nuclear attack by Islamists:
    • Are suicide attacks the ‘ultimate weapon’? says that Islamism’s features – suicidal, cannot be deterred, committed to our destruction no matter how we appease it – are strategic weaknesses because they force its enemies to engage in total war against it. Unless it is defeated, Islamism will eventuallyforce some country into using nuclear weapons against it. – “The natural outcome of the kamikazes was the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. Nothing else would do. … And the eventual reaction of nuclear-armed Israel, Russia and India to the unlimited slaughter of their populations does not bear thinking upon. And it will not be surrender, but rather something else.”
    • Et in Arcadia Ego Sum – Islamism forces its enemies to fight to the death, since it explicitly tells them they will die if they surrender.
    • The Three Conjectures (and postscript):
      1. Conjecture 1: Terrorism has lowered the nuclear threshold.
      2. Conjecture 2: Attaining WMDs will destroy Islam. “A catastrophic outcome for Islam is guaranteed” [once Islamists acquire WMDs].
      3. Conjecture 3: The War on Terror is the ‘Golden Hour’ – the final chance. “It is supremely ironic that the survival of the Islamic world should hinge on an American victory in the War on Terror, the last chance to prevent that terrible day … It follows that the War on Terror must not fail. Not if mankind is to live; not if the Muslim world is going to survive.”
    • More discussion here and here.

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WAR?? TURKEY Threatens US: “Give Turkey Your Nuclear Weapons at Incirlik Air Base or We Will Take Them!”

Here’s something the American establishment media isn’t touching with a ten-foot pole…

The leading Islamic newspaper in Turkey – and official government mouthpiece – has Tweeted the announcement that the United States must give Turkey its NUCLEAR WEAPONS at Incirlik air base or Turkey will take them.

This is CONFIRMED by the Washington Point and other news media through their reporters Tweeting too as shown below:

This information is being broadcast on television inside Turkey.

This could be the single most important news story of all our lifetimes and it is developing very fast. If Turkey tries to proceed, it means immediate war with the United States and NATO.


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