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Update: EgyptAir Plane Crash Under The 666 Radar

Posted by addisethiopia on May 20, 2016


***UPDATE: Muslim Pilot Of Flight 804 Converted The Plane Into A Portable Mosque And Said Farewell Before He Crashed The Plane And Slaughtered Everyone

Roughly a week ago, first, it was reported that 16 Ethiopian Christians were beheaded in Libya by Islamic warriors. The next day we heard that ISIS massacred 16 Real Madrid supporters in Iraq café. I asked myself then, “16 here, 16 there…one 6 missing, what should we expect for the 16th of May 2016?” Well, it happened…three days later, but it did happen: EgyptAir plane that made serious of sharp turns before it disappeared became a terrorist target; 66 passengers were”sacrificed” — and the 666 puzzle completed. One unresolved puzzle though, why do plane accidents and crashes always get a more intensive 24-hour Breaking News attention than road and rail accidents and casualties?

Air hostess had posted an image on Facebook of a stewardess with a plane crashing into the sea

Crashed EgyptAir Plane First Traveled to Hotspots Tunisia, Eritrea


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