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“No More Blue Eyes And Light Hair!” Muslim Researcher Brags About Commiting Genocide Of German People

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 17, 2016

On German State-Funded Television

My Note: By looking deeper into her it could be revealed that this woman is demon possessed; her eyes, her voice… Just released and scary as hell! End Times Demons are everywhere!

This video significantly irritates me.

I’ve been saying it over and over here, but Merkel is planning a total genocide of the German people by demographics. Merkel & Co. have alluded to it. The average (instead of Joe) “Mohammed on the street” has said it. Now you have a major Islamic researcher, highly respected in her field, saying outright ‘we are going to destroy you completely from your culture down to your biological makeup.’ Not only that ,but she is saying it on a taxpayer funded television station– a German equivalent of PBS or C-SPAN.

Listen to her words. “No more blue eyes.” “No more light hair.”

I’m not going to even bother discussing “what ifs,” because you don’t even need a brain to see this is truly, horribly, and unconscionably racist, and that nobody is getting prosecuted over this comment, but rather applause. Yet this is the same Germany which, under Merkel’s government, has gone to excessive lengths to prosecute people who protest against the refugees for simply voicing the opinion that they are a problem.

Germany is a nation that has been steeped in sin, idolatry, and rebellion for a long time. It actually goes back to the early years of German history. Most people do not know this, but Christianity took root very early in Germany- except it was Arian Christianity. While Arius was and Egyptian and most of the conflicts that we read about took place in Egypt the Holy Land, Greece and Anatolia, it is not discussed that Germany was a bastion of the Arian heresy for centuries, and whose greatest ministers spreading that heresy were the Gothic peoples- both the Visigoth and the Ostrogoths. The Visigoth peoples, who later relocated to Spain, persisted in their heresy in spite of much fighting from the Church until about the year 711, when the Muslims invaded. In completion of their heresy, the remaining Arians mass converted to Islam.

As far as the German heartland is concerned, it took many centuries of missionary work from many good and holy men and women to convert that land- centuries of world. Think about it like this. If Germany became Arian around the year 350 (under the heretic Ulfias), and German did not really start becoming a non-heretical nation until about the year 750 under Pepin the Short (who was also a son of Charles Martel), then it was 400 years of missionary work to root out this heresy.

Four hundred years ago at this time New Amsterdam did not even exist, and the Pilgrims who landed in Massachusetts were still in England.

There was also, most famously, the entire Protestant movement that came out of Germany and which went on to spread a large number of heretical ideas all throughout Europe and the world. This has continued in modern times not only through the funding of heretical sects, but also through many other bad ideas propagated from the same nation- socialism, positivism, quasi-Christian philosophies, secularism, and atheism. These are the same problems which, in combination with other issues, aided in creating the conditions during the 20th century for the First and Second World Wars.

And as always Christian apostasy is fulfilled in Islamization, so it begins that Muslim refugees now invade Germany and, barring any obstacles, will likely result in the Islamization of German society in several generations.

Now, Germany certainly has earned what is happening to it, because it is tasting the fruits of its rebellion. At the same time, do we give up on Germany in spite of, to the contrary, the fact that is does have a long Christian history and did do many good and holy things?

Even if Germany does “get what it deserves,” that still leaves the other nations of Europe, especially those in Eastern Europe, to clean up the mess. Would you or I like to be responsible for, possibly the Islamization of Poland, Slovakia, or Ukraine because we “gave up” on Germany because we were upset, even deservingly so, with them?

Something I have learned over the years is that helping people is often times not just for the benefit of the other person, even though that is (or ought to be) the first motivating cause for action. Rather, when we help others, we ultimately help ourselves, and sometimes in ways that we do not realize at the time, only at a later point, or sometimes not even ever until our deaths when we will see our lives in full review.

The same goes for forgiveness. We forgive others because, as a first cause, it is the good, moral, and right thing to do because God Himself has commanded it. At the same time, by forgiving others, we also bring forgiveness for our own sins:

But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions. (Matthew 6:15)

As far as Germany is concerned, a much as I am very frustrated with that country because of her obstinate attitudes towards sin and the only recent “wake up” among her people, I am also NOT going to nurse a grudge against her. Germany’s rise or fall affects us all and even more importantly, those who comes after us. It would not be merely foolish, but criminally negligent to ignore Germany’s sufferings at the refugee situation because the effects would not only directly impact us, but it would also affect the countless numbers of people yet unborn, and most importantly, whose souls might be in jeopardy because of our choices today.

By the way, Ms. Kaddor is known well among the Muslims. After all, five of her students joined ISIS. Personally, I don’t believe she was as horrified as she said she was.

Seriously, what more will it take for people to understand that if you are a “native European,” you are being targeted for extinction?



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