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If You Want To Love As God Loves Then You Need To Learn To Hate As God Hates

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 30, 2016


God is love, and there is no darkness within Him. He is perfect in His being because all existence is found in Him and nothing can be found without Him. Everything that was, is, and every will be is found in God because there can be nothing outside of God. As true love is a reflection of God’s nature, the more perfect the love is the more perfectly it reflects God. To the contrary, evil is not merely the absence of God, but it is the perversion of love away from it reflecting God’s intended purpose for it as He created it. One might say, in a simple way, that a basic definition of evil is the use of something outside of the purpose for which God created it- in other words, to abuse it.

This raises an interesting point among many, and something I was thinking about throughout this week and while I was in line for Confession. For if to love something is to use it in accordance with its created purpose, and to hate something means to abuse it, then to hate something that is being abused is to love it because one desires it to be restored to is proper usage.

This is important because it is the basis for one of the least discussed topics in church today because of the simultaneously “controversial” nature of it. This topic is the capacity of God to hate.

Now one might ask “How can God hate if He is love?,” and this is a legitimate question, especially since many Americans have been very poorly catechized during the past 100 years. Regardless of denomination, and especially if you live in the United States, you most likely have been taught a “milk toast” variety of Christianity that has the trappings of religion but lacks in the essential substance. Like a bowlful of ice cream for a meal, we have fed ourselves the desert part of the meal without eating our meat, potatoes, and vegetables- the stuff that constitutes the less-tasty but very nutritional and healthy part of the mean.

I mean by this that Christianity today has become a religion for many people that is little different than a feel-good club, where “love” is defined in terms of varying degrees of license (depending on the sect) and the theological, moral, and spiritual reasons for the prohibitions enforced in years past are ignored in the name of “progress” and “tolerance,” but for the real fact that most common people do not understand what Christianity teaches, and that some of the more educated people either understand and do not like the teachings (so they choose to ignore them) or they are inclined to evil and choose to distort them for personal gains.

However, God is eternal and He does not change- EVER. As such, the fact that God in the Bible makes is very clear that he not only hates certain actions, but also even certain people on account of their actions should make us realize that if we believe the Bible is the word of God and is to be believed, given that this hatred is spoken about in both the Old and New Testaments, it is something that we must take seriously for the sake of our own souls.

There are many verses which describe this hatred, and I have listed a few below:

You must not do the same for the Lord your God, because every abhorrent thing that the Lord hates they have done for their gods. They would even burn their sons and their daughters in the fire to their gods. (Deuteronomy 12:31)

The boastful will not stand before your eyes; you hate all evildoers. (Psalm 5:5)

The Lord tests the righteous and the wicked, and his soul hates the lover of violence. (Psalm 11:5)

I have forsaken my house, I have abandoned my heritage; I have given the beloved of my heart into the hands of her enemies. My heritage has become to me like a lion in the forest; she has lifted up her voice against me— therefore I hate her. (Jeremiah 12:7-8)

The Lord God has sworn by himself (says the Lord, the God of hosts): I abhor the pride of Jacob and hate his strongholds; and I will deliver up the city and all that is in it. (Amos 6:8)

I have loved Jacob but I have hated Esau (Malachi 1:2-3)

Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, love what is good. (Romans 12:9)

Yet this is to your credit: you hate the works of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. (Revelations 2:6)

Without going into too much detail, one will notice that the unifying theme for all of them, as mentioned above, is these actions or person who commit certain actions do so in contradiction to the commands of God. If this is put into the discussion about love, then the reason they are hateful is because they do not reflect the love of God. God hates them because they are against who He IS- they are a perversion of His majesty and are not worthy of Him.

This is why God hates sin- because it is perverted and perverting, distorting not only the object or behavior but also the person who participates in it. It is why sin is so serious an offense against God, because if as Christians the purpose of our existence, as the Baltimore Catechism so wonderfully states is to know, love, and serve God, and to be content with Him in this life and eternally happy with Him in the next, it is incumbent for our salvation that we root out all that does not reflect God in us and become as much like Him as we can with each action. Indeed, God wants this not only because it brings Him honor, but more importantly because of His love for us, since if God created us a certain way for a certain end, which must be love, than the only way we can truly love God and ultimately be happy with ourselves and Him is to become the men we were created to be. Sin distorts and destroys that perfection, and it sets up obstacles to salvation that if not managed and removed can cast a man into hell.

So if we love God, then we need to demonstrate both sides of love. That is the side which reflects God’s love in one part, and the other part which reflects God’s righteous anger and hatred against all that is opposed to Him because it is perverse and evil.

This hatred is a holy hatred that runs from God’s grace because it is a hatred of sin. That said, you will almost never hear Christians today talk about hatred at all as holy because they have been so taught that all hatred is evil. Now most hatred is truly unrighteous- a perversion of God’s love- and as such that is correctly called evil. But to say that all hatred is evil is an evil is because it is an indirect rejection of God’s love and even an affront to it because it gives a metaphysical equivalency to hatred with good- if nothing can be hated, then all must be called good or at least, morally neutral- and this is simply not true. Good exists, and evil exists, and evil is to be hated as good is to be loved. Indeed, if Christians do not hate, they place their souls in a state of potential danger, for they will inevitably call evil good and good evil.

Across the world today it is plain that evil is rising up all around us in such a quantity, boldness, and openness that has never before been seen in human history. While times and evils have not changed, the tools for instituting, imposing, and disseminating that same evil over larger numbers of people in shorter time is unprecedented, and its effects are visible. It has been building up for centuries and increased rapidly during the 20th century and now is getting even worse in the 21st. There are the obvious sins such as willful murder, slavery, and physical abuse, but now there are new evils that have destroyed and are threatening to destroy civilizations long term. These sins I speak about are those which people are afraid to talk about today and include but are not limited to abortion, sexual perversions, and “interreligious dialogue.”

Abortion speaks for itself, as this crime has murdered tens of millions of children before they were even born- more than all of the people killed in all of the conflicts of the 20th century- and this is just the ones we can count, since it does not include the effects of the abortion “pill,” other contraception, and outright infanticide. We say we love children so much, yet so many people are so quick to scream about abortion being “MY RIGHT”- as though a man has a right to rip apart his own child with pliers, or burn him with a saline solution because it is MY RIGHT.

Sexual perversion is another major problem, and as Our Lady of Fatima said, most souls who go to hell do so on account of sexual perversions. The list for this is incredibly numerous. There is cohabitation, premarital sex, “hooking up,” prostitution, masturbation, adultery in deed, adultery in thought, the use of contraception in marriage, sodomy, homosexuality, and today even bestiality and pedophilia. It is nearly impossible to avoid running into some kind of sexual perversion because everything is open today, and yet at the same time it is in many parts of the world a criminal offense or at least, a social offense to criticize any of these behaviors, at which you might find yourself attacked, in jail, or dead.

Interreligious dialogue (and I speak less of the type between fellow Christians) is another seldom noticed evil, but a grave one because it disguises something evil under the appearance of good. It is good that people of different religions can talk to each other, but the fact remains that there is only one name under Heaven by which men can be saved, and that is of Jesus Christ. Buddha, Muhammad, or Shiva cannot save you- only Jesus because He is the way, the truth, and the life, and nobody can go to the Father except through Him.” To have dialogue without conversion to the true Faith is evil because it denies the other person the chance for salvation, and what could be more evil than that?

All of these actions above and the many, many other sins which happen are evil, but there is one more issue- the people who commit them.

Sins do not happen by accident. Indeed, one of the defining characteristics of sin is that man abuses his free will to choose evil, and God permits this because He is love and He allows us to choose our actions. As such, while sin exists in the world, it needs to have a person that by choice allows it to work its perverse effects. Without a “doer”, the sin is rendered ineffective because there is none to effect its effects.

This is why God says in the Bible that He hates not only sin, but certain people on account of the fact that they are immersed in sin. He does not hate them for their person- no, God loves them because they are made in His image and likeness. Why He hates them is because they have given themselves over to sin, willfully rejecting God and as a result, love. They are wicked because they are choosing wickedness, and they are evil because they have elected freely to reject God’s perfection, which is love, and instead have chosen perversity. They are evil by their own designs- nobody made them do this.

God hates them because, as I understand, He really does not want to hate them. As it says so many times in the Bible, if these men would amend their ways and return to God, He would forgive them of their sins, pardon them, and bring them back into His house:

The word that came to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying, “Stand in the gate of the LORD’S house and proclaim there this word and say, ‘Hear the word of the LORD, all you of Judah, who enter by these gates to worship the LORD!’” Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, “Amend your ways and your deeds, and I will let you dwell in this place. “Do not trust in deceptive words, saying, ‘This is the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD.’ “For if you truly amend your ways and your deeds, if you truly practice justice between a man and his neighbor, if you do not oppress the alien, the orphan, or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place, nor walk after other gods to your own ruin, then I will let you dwell in this place, in the land that I gave to your fathers forever and ever. (Jeremiah 7:1-7)

Perhaps the greatest story of this in the New Testament is the parable of the prodigal son. He threw away all his fortune on a dissolute life, only to return to his father and beg his forgiveness, at which his father immediately forgave him and re-accepted him into his home:

When he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have food to spare, and here I am starving to death! I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired servants.’ So he got up and went to his father.

But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.

The son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’

But the father said to his servants, ‘Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate. (Luke 11:17-24)

Now, can one not imagine that the Father was angry at his son for what he did? Could one even imagine that the father hated his own son? Yes, on account of what he did, but not account of his nature. If he hated him on account of his nature, he would not have accepted his son’s sincere apology. This is immediately disproven because the father embraced his son and accepted him back in. The hatred of his son, if there was, was on account of his choice to sin, not on account of his nature.

I say all this because as we see our culture and indeed, the entire world collapsing and burning around us, we become angry at what we see happening and at those who do it, but then we are reluctant, even immediately stop ourselves from saying that we hate the people who are doing it. “Oh no, we don’t hate them, we just hate what they are doing,” is the common response.


The dictionary definition of hate is to feel “intense and/or passionate dislike.”

Tell me, is there any reason not to feel intense and/or passionate dislike for these people, again, on account of what they do and NOT their person? While they are many from may backgrounds, they are united in their commitment to sin and persist in sin. They revel in cheating, lying, stealing, and hurting others for the sake of pleasure or profit. They earn their daily bread at the exploitation of others. They teach evil ideas that lead men’s souls to hell, and they rejoice while doing it. They are the same people who will not listen to reason, but as the ancient Israelites did, they murdered the men and women God sent to them to help them amend their wicked ways.

Christians need to take a lesson from this- hate is a part of human life as much as love is, and the two are related. If a man truly loves something, he must hate that which is opposed to it. That includes both the deed as well as the ones who commit the deed. And at the same time, we are also commanded to love them, and to pray for them, for part of that love is indeed the hatred against them, as a zeal for the salvation of their souls in spite of their actions.

There is much unrighteous hatred in the world. But there is also the holy kind of hatred. And it must not be discarded because to do so is to reject the love of God, which is itself hateful.

Do you want to love as God loves? Then learn to hate as God hates.



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Another MEDITERRANEAN TRAGEDY: It’s Only Africans and Christians They Drown Out

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 29, 2016

Forty Children Drown as Shipwrecks Claim up to 700 – Again, Mostly Eritreans / Ethiopians

Do we witness such tragedies occurring at the Aegean sea? Do we hear reports Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Afghanis or Pakistanis dying on sea in such a tragic way? No! No way! It’s Africans they are drowning out, it’s Christians they are murdering. The ‘EurArabians’ are working hard filtering out Africans and Christians to accelerate the ‘Only Muslim’ takeover of Europe. Remember, it was on this very day, 29 May 1453 that the Orthodox Christian capital, Constantinople fell to the Muslim Turks.

I talked to a nice danish lady the other day, who told me that she stopped eating fish from the Mediterranean sea.

A week of shipwrecks and death in the Mediterranean culminated Sunday with harrowing testimony from migrant survivors who said another 500 people including 40 children had drowned, bringing the number of feared dead to 700.

Brought to safety in the Italian ports of Taranto and Pozzallo , survivors told the UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) and Save the Children how their boat sank on Thursday morning after a high-seas drama which saw one woman decapitated.

“We’ll never know the exact number, we’ll never know their identity, but survivors tell that over 500 human beings died,” Carlotta Sami, UNHRC spokeswoman, said on Twitter.

With some 100 people missing after a boat sank Wednesday, and 45 bodies recovered from a wreck that happened Friday, the UNHCR said it feared up to 700 people had drowned in the Mediterranean this week.

Giovanna Di Benedetto, Save the Children’s spokesperson in Sicily, told AFP it was impossible to verify the numbers involved but survivors of Thursday’s wreck spoke of around 1,100 people setting out from Libya on Wednesday in two fishing boats and a dinghy.

“The first boat, carrying some 500 people, was reportedly towing the second, which was carrying another 500. But the second boat began to sink. Some people tried to swim to the first boat, others held onto the rope linking the vessels,” she said.

According to the survivors, the first boat’s Sudanese captain cut the rope, which snapped back and decapitated a woman. The second boat quickly sank, taking those packed tightly into the hold down with it.

The Sudanese was arrested on his arrival in Pozzallo along with three other suspected people traffickers, Italian media reports said.

“We tried everything to stop the water, to bail it out of the boat,” a Nigerian girl told cultural mediators, according to La Stampa daily.

“We used our hands, plastic glasses. For two hours we fought against the water but it was useless. It began to flood the boat, and those below deck had no chance. Woman, men, children, many children, were trapped, and drowned,” she said.

Those who survived told mediators the dead included “around 40 children, including many newborns”, La Repubblica daily said.

I saw my mother and 11-year old sister die,” Kidane from Eritrea, 13, told the aid organisations. “There were bodies everywhere”.

A bout of good weather as summer arrives has kicked off a fresh stream of boats attempting to make the perilous crossing from Libya to Italy.

Italian news agency Ansa said some 70 dinghies and 10 boats had set off over the past week.

Migrants interviewed by La Repubblica in Sicily told the daily a new “head trafficker” called Osama had taken control of departures from Libya’s beaches and was offering “cut-price” deals of 400 euros for the boat journey to lure in new customers.



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Elderly Christian Woman Stripped Naked and Paraded Through Streets by Mob

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 27, 2016

SHE could be my mother, our mother, your mother, her mother, his mother, their mother!!!


The 300-strong mob of Muslim men in rural Egypt also burned down seven homes belonging to Orthodox Coptic families, over rumours of an affair between a local Christian man and a Muslim woman

A 70-year-oldChristian woman has been stripped naked, beaten and paraded through the streets by a mob of around 300 Muslim men in a village in southern Egypt.

The mob also burned down seven homes belonging to Christian families, according to an unusually outspoken statement issued by the local Orthodox Coptic church, after rumours circulated in the village that a Christian man was having a relationship with a Muslim woman.

The violence started at around 8pm on 20 May, and the local diocese said it was two hours before police responded, by which point the mob had already dispersed.

The woman who was stripped naked was reported to be the mother of the man involved in the rumoured affair. She has since met with church leaders, the Diocese of Minya and Abu Qirqas said.

The violence is representative of the tensions between the two religions in the province south of Cairo, where extra-marital affairs between Muslims and Christians are strictly taboo.

But it appears the Coptic church has finally had enough of what they say is unfair treatment from the authorities over such cases. Christians only make up around 10 per cent of Egypt’s population, the majority being Muslim.

And speaking in an uncharacteristically candid TV interview on Wednesday night, Minya’s most senior cleric Anba Makarios said the response if it had been a Muslim man having an affair with a Christian woman “would not have been anything like what happened”.

He said police had been warned the day before of threats towards the Christian family from villagers, yet gave the mob “ample time” to do whatever they wanted.

No one did anything and the police took no pre-emptive or security measures in anticipation of the attacks,” he said. “We are not living in a jungle or a tribal society. It’s incorrect for anyone to declare himself judge, police and ruler.”

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The Muslim World is a Permanent Refugee Crisis

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 25, 2016

It’s never going to stop unless we shut the door


Forget the Syrian Civil War for a moment. Even without the Sunnis and Shiites competing to give each other machete haircuts every sunny morning, there would still be a permanent Muslim refugee crisis. 

The vast majority of civil wars over the last ten years have taken place in Muslim countries. Muslim countries are also some of the poorest in the world. And Muslim countries also have high birth rates.

Combine violence and poverty with a population boom and you get a permanent migration crisis.

No matter what happens in Syria or Libya next year, that permanent migration crisis isn’t going away.

The Muslim world is expanding unsustainably. In the Middle East and Asia, Muslims tend to underperform their non-Muslim neighbors both educationally and economically. Oil is the only asset that gave Muslims any advantage and in the age of fracking, its value is a lot shakier than it used to be.

The Muslim world had lost its old role as the intermediary between Asia and the West. And it has no economic function in the new world except to blackmail it by spreading violence and instability.

Muslim countries with lower literacy rates, especially for women, are never going to be economic winners at any trade that doesn’t come gushing out of the ground. Nor will unstable dictatorships ever be able to provide social mobility or access to the good life. At best they’ll hand out subsidies for bread.

The Muslim world has no prospects for getting any better. The Arab Spring was a Western delusion.

Growing populations divided along tribal and religious lines are competing for a limited amount of land, power and wealth. Countries without a future are set to double in size.

There are only two solutions; war or migration.

Either you fight and take what you want at home. Or you go abroad and take what you want there.

Let’s assume that the Iraq War had never happened. How would a religiously and ethnically divided Iraq have managed its growth from 13 million in the eighties to 30 million around the Iraq War to 76 million in 2050?

The answer is a bloody civil war followed by genocide, ethnic cleansing and migration.

What’s happening now would have happened anyway. It was already happening under Saddam Hussein.

Baghdad has one of the highest population densities in the world. And it has no future. The same is true across the region. The only real economic plan anyone here has is to get money from the West.

Plan A for getting money out of the West is creating a crisis that will force it to intervene. That can mean anything from starting a war to aiding terrorists that threaten the West. Muslim countries keep shooting themselves in the foot so that Westerners will rush over to kiss the booboo and make it better.

Plan B is to move to Europe.

And Plan B is a great plan. It’s the only real economic plan that works. At least until the West runs out of native and naïve Westerners who foot the bill for all the migrants, refugees and outright settlers.

For thousands of dollars, a Middle Eastern Muslim can pay to be smuggled into Europe. It’s a small investment with a big payoff. Even the lowest tier welfare benefits in Sweden are higher than the average salary in a typical Muslim migrant nation. And Muslim migrants are extremely attuned to the payoffs. It’s why they clamor to go to Germany or Sweden, not Greece or Slovakia. And it’s why they insist on big cities with an existing Muslim social welfare infrastructure, not some rural village.

A Muslim migrant is an investment for an entire extended family. Once the young men get their papers, family reunification begins. That doesn’t just mean every extended family member showing up and demanding their benefits. It also means that the family members will be selling access to Europe to anyone who can afford it. Don’t hike or raft your way to Europe. Mohammed or Ahmed will claim that you’re a family member. Or temporarily marry you so you can bring your whole extended family along.

Mohammed gets paid. So does Mo’s extended family which brokers these transactions. Human trafficking doesn’t just involve rafts. It’s about having the right family connections.

And all that is just the tip of a very big business iceberg.

Where do Muslim migrants come up with a smuggling fee that amounts to several years of salary for an average worker? Some come from wealthy families. Others are sponsored by crime networks and family groups that are out to move everything from drugs to weapons to large numbers of people into Europe.

Large loans will be repaid as the new migrants begin sending their new welfare benefits back home. Many will be officially unemployed even while unofficially making money through everything from slave labor to organized crime. European authorities will blame their failure to participate in the job market on racism rather than acknowledging that they exist within the confines of an alternate economy.

It’s not only individuals or families who can pursue Plan B. Turkey wants to join the European Union. It’s one solution for an Islamist populist economy built on piles of debt. The EU has a choice between dealing with the stream of migrants from Turkey moving to Europe. Or all of Turkey moving into Europe.

The West didn’t create this problem. Its interventions, however misguided, attempted to manage it.

Islamic violence is not a response to Western colonialism. Not only does it predate it, but as many foreign policy experts are so fond of pointing out, its greatest number of casualties are Muslims. The West did not create Muslim dysfunction. And it is not responsible for it. Instead the dysfunction of the Muslim world keeps dragging the West in. Every Western attempt to ameliorate it, from humanitarian aid to peacekeeping operations, only opens up the West to take the blame for Islamic dysfunction.

The permanent refugee crisis is a structural problem caused by the conditions of the Muslim world.

The West can’t solve the crisis at its source. Only Muslims can do that. And there are no easy answers. But the West can and should avoid being dragged down into the black hole of Muslim dysfunction.

Even Germany’s Merkel learned that the number of refugees is not a finite quantity that can be relieved with a charitable gesture. It’s the same escalating number of people that will show up if you start throwing bags of money out of an open window. And it’s a number that no country can absorb.

Muslim civil wars will continue even if the West never intervenes in them because their part of the world is fundamentally unstable. These conflicts will lead to the displacement of millions of people. But even without violence, economic opportunism alone will drive millions to the West. And those millions carry with them the dysfunction of their culture that will make them a burden and a threat.

If Muslims can’t reconcile their conflicts at home, what makes us think that they will reconcile them in Europe? Instead of resolving their problems through migration, they only export them to new shores. The same outbursts of Islamic violence, xenophobia, economic malaise and unsustainable growth follow them across seas and oceans, across continents and countries. Distance is no answer. Travel is no cure.

Solving Syria will solve nothing. The Muslim world is full of fault lines. It’s growing and it’s running out of room to grow. We can’t save Muslims from themselves. We can only save ourselves from their violence.

The permanent Muslim refugee crisis will never stop being our crisis unless we close the door.


If a man foolishly keeps drinking poison and is going to die from it, should everyone have to take a drink? If a man chooses to believe evil things that will get people killed, including himself, do all people have to share the consequences? There is no sane or rational reason why we should invite evil into our countries to destroy us. There is nothing in our religions or culture that demands suicidal folly from anyone.„

REPORT: Migrants Committing Disproportionately High Crime In Germany While Media And Govt Focus on ‘Far Right’ Thought Crimes


A massive, migrant crime wave is surging across Germany according to figures buried in a new report released by the country’s Interior Ministry. The data reveals that without migrants considered, crime rates in Germany would have remained roughly static since 2014. But, in fact, the country recorded an extra 402,741 crimes committed by migrants.

While much of this criminality concerned illegal border crossings, German authorities instead talked up a “record surge” in crimes by “right wing radicals”.

Concerning statistics from the 135-page report reveal that 70 per cent of pickpocketing, one of the crime types on the rise, was committed by non-Germans. Of this figure, 34 per cent was committed by recent asylum seekers, with the rest committed by “non-Germans”.

Foreign nationals are thought to account for around 11 or 12 per cent of the total population of Germany, but were over-represented in every area of crime.

Illegal immigrants and asylum seekers account for around 2.5 per cent of Germany’s population, but were also massively overrepresented.

Amongst total offences, non-Germans accounted for 27.6 percent while illegal immigrants and asylum seekers accounted for 5.7 percent. Of homicides, the figures are 29.3%/8.2%, and of sexual assaults, the figures were 20.5%/4.8%.

In all of these cases as well as those indicated in the chart below, non-Germans and illegal migrants outstripped their proportions of crime to their representation in German society.

Non-Germans accounted for 38 per cent of all robberies, 38 per cent of thefts, and 43 per cent of thefts that involved a level of aggravation such as assault or force.

They accounted for 40.2 per cent of burglaries, 43.5 per cent of shoplifting, and a whopping 75.7 of pick pocketing or purse snatching.

In the chart below, non-Germans are in light red while asylum seekers and illegal migrants are in deep red.

nd of migrant crimes specifically, Syrians top the list of migrant crimes that are not related to border controls, with a total of 10,348 individual offences in 2015. They also led assault cases among migrants, with 3,186 offences in 2015.

Thefts were most committed by Albanians, with 6,689 offences and Algerians coming close with 5,611. Algerians almost tie with Serbians when it comes to fraud. Balkan nationals were accountable for 2,834 cases, barely above North Africans’ 2,774.

Algerians top the list for smuggling goods (2,449) and also top the list for drug selling offences (976).

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Has Hillary Clinton Sold Her Soul to Babylon?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 25, 2016

How corporate America bought Hillary Clinton for $21M

Follow the money.” That telling phrase, which has come to summarize the Watergate scandal, has been a part of the lexicon since 1976. It’s shorthand for political corruption: At what point do “contributions” become bribes, “constituent services” turn into quid pro quos and “charities” become slush funds?

Ronald Reagan was severely criticized in 1989 when, after he left office, he was paid $2 million for a couple of speeches in Japan. “The founding fathers would have been stunned that an occupant of the highest office in this land turned it into bucks,” sniffed a Columbia professor.

So what would Washington and Jefferson make of Hillary Rodham Clinton? Mandatory financial disclosures released this month show that, in just the two years from April 2013 to March 2015, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state collected $21,667,000 in “speaking fees,” not to mention the cool $5 mil she corralled as an advance for her 2014 flop book, “Hard Choices.”

Throw in the additional $26,630,000 her ex-president husband hoovered up in personal-appearance “honoraria,” and the nation can breathe a collective sigh of relief that the former first couple — who, according to Hillary, were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001 with some of the furniture in tow — can finally make ends meet.

No wonder Donald Trump calls her “crooked Hillary.”

A look at Mrs. Clinton’s speaking venues and the whopping sums she’s received since she left State gives us an indication who’s desperate for a place at the trough — and whom another Clinton administration might favor.

First off, there’s Wall Street and the financial-services industry. Democratic champions of the Little Guy are always in bed with the Street — they don’t call Barack Obama “President Goldman Sachs” for nothing, but Mrs. Clinton has room for Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice and their 10 best friends. Multiple trips to Goldman Sachs. Morgan Stanley. Deutsche Bank. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. UBS Wealth Management.

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Movie exposing secrets of how Clintons became rich after quitting the White House to be shown on eve of Hillary getting her party’s nomination

Mohammed Al-Amoudi, a billionaire businessman who lives in Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia donated between $5 million and $10 million to the Clinton family foundation


Another donor, Sheikh Mohammed H. Al Amoudi, an Ethiopian immigrant to Saudi Arabia, has donated between $5 million and $10 million, including while Mrs. Clinton served in the State Department. Mr. Al Amoudi has built an empire of construction, agricultural and energy companies across Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia. He also has endowed a breast-cancer institute at the government-run King Abdulaziz University and is a participant in Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Food Security Program.

His U.S. lawyer, George Salem, said his client “is a private Saudi citizen, and not a government official in Saudi Arabia.” He said there was “nothing inappropriate” about the donation, which was to fight AIDS in Ethiopia.

They dearly love Hillary in Arabia…

Persian Gulf Sheikhs Gave Bill & Hillary $100 Million

Clinton Foundation Donors

Now, who let the dogs out?


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6 African Countries That Are Hostile Toward Black People

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 23, 2016


Arabs hate black people. And that is not from today, it is in their blood

1. Morocco

Travelers to Morocco often describe the stunning landscape with mountains, deserts, valleys, and uninterrupted miles of beaches on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. What’s often overlooked is the way Black people are treated in the country.

In a 2010 article, author Smahane Bouyahia reports that Blacks in Morocco — natives, immigrants from elsewhere in Africa, and African-Americans — are often targets of racial discrimination.

In Morocco, and north Africa, there is a serious problem of racism towards Black people. Called ‘Black Africans,’ they are considered descendants of slaves and labeled ‘hartani’—literally, ‘second-rate free men’—or even worse, ‘aâzi’—which translates to ‘bloody Negro.’ Blacks in Morocco, be they students, migrants from the south of the Sahara or others, are constant victims of discrimination,” Bouyahia wrote.

In 2012, French cable news channel, France 24, reported that a Moroccan newsweekly magazine published an article about sub-Saharan Africans coming into the country. The title of the article was “Le péril noir,” the black peril, or the black menace.

France 24 also displayed the cover page of another Moroccan magazine, written in Arabic, with an image of what appears to be African immigrants standing in front of a building under the title caption: “The black crickets invading Morocco’s north.”

One student highlighted in Bouyahia’s article described his experience studying in Morocco:

Often, when I’m just walking down the street, people will call me a “dirty Black man” or call me a slave. Young Moroccans have physically assaulted me on several occasions, for no reason, and passers-by who saw this didn’t lift a finger to help me. All my friends are Black and they have all had similar experiences. Even the girls get insulted in the street. To avoid getting hurt, I now try to ignore the insults. But if someone starts to hit me, what can I do? I have to defend myself.”

2. Algeria

Many migrants from sub-Saharan Africa moved to Libya to find jobs, but because of that country’s current crisis, more of them are making homes in other countries, such as Algeria.

In Algeria’s city of Boufarik, hundreds of migrants live in area known by locals as “the African camp” or “the camp of the Blacks.”

With the increase of sub-Saharan migrants in the country, Algerians are becoming openly racist, accusing them of being dirty, jobless and spreading diseases. Local media outlets are also playing an important role in the increase of racism against the migrants.

With the increase of sub-Saharan migrants in the country, Algerians are becoming openly racist, accusing them of being dirty, jobless and spreading diseases. Local media outlets are also playing an important role in the increase of racism against the migrants.

The daily Al-Fajr (The Dawn) published an article declaring, “Thousands of Africans invading the streets of the capital,” and blaming them for “spreading epidemics and other social ills, such as trafficking in counterfeit money.”

3. Libya

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi had for many years allowed guest workers to travel from all over Africa to find work in Libya. However, during the 2011 Libyan civil war, rumors began to surface that sub-Saharan mercenaries paid for by Gadhafi were being used to attack demonstrators in Libya’s towns and cities.

Although several NGOs found no evidence of such mercenaries, the rumors were followed by gruesome attacks on the country’s many Black African migrant workers. But animosity toward Black immigrants did not begin with the civil war.

In his 2011 article, Beyond Mercenaries: Racism In North Africa, Tom Little writes:

In spite of evidence showing widespread violence against migrant workers trying to escape the turmoil, the foreign press suggested that these attacks were regrettable but to be expected given the atrocities committed by [Gadhafi’s] mercenaries. Few, however, picked up on the fact that these attacks are symptomatic of a racial prejudice that is deeply rooted and widely spread throughout North Africa and the wider Arab world.”

4. Mauritania

Since it gained its independence from France in 1960, Mauritania has struggled with ethnic tension between the Afro-Mauritanians and so-called Arab-Mauritanians.

In 1989, thousands of Black Mauritanians were forced to flee to neighboring Senegal and Mali. They were reportedly forcibly deported by the Mauritanian military, according to an interview given to NPR by Souleymane Sagna, an aid worker in the country.

The situation of those Black Mauritania was quite particular, in that very often people are moving during a conflict, but in the case of the Negro Mauritanians, there have been many militarily deported through military trucks to Senegal and Mali,” she said.

Today, although Mauritania officially abolished slavery for a third time in 2007, making it punishable by up to ten years in prison, the practice still exists.

In the northwestern African country, Arab Muslims—called the Bidanes, still hold Haratine (enslaved Africans) as property. An estimated 90,000 Mauritanians remain essentially enslaved, as previouslyreported by Atlanta Blackstar.

5. Tunisia

Tunisia, like its other Arabic neighbors in North Africa, has a significant Black population as well as migrant workers from sub-Saharan Africa, although their exact numbers are unknown. They are noticeably absent in up-and-coming neighborhoods, and are largely found living in cheap, overcrowded structures in run-down areas such as La Goulette.

In 2004, Tunisian journalist Affet Mosbah wrote for Jeune Afrique, describing the difficulties of being Black and Tunisian. She talked of the widespread custom of calling Black Arabs “oussif” or “abid,” Arabic terms that refer back to Black slaves common in the Middle East until the beginning of the 20th century.

Mosbah explained that this custom is so embedded in the culture that Tunisians call their Black friends by these offensive names, insensitive to how offensive they are.

6. Egypt

While traveling in Egypt, its good to note that Black Egyptians and immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa face daily incidents of racism and prejudice.

Reuters reporter Cynthia Johnston reports in her article, Egypt’s African Migrants Dodge Rocks, Fight Racism, that migrant workers from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sudan, Cameroon, Niger and Chad have suffered daily abuse at the hands of Egyptian Arabs. Some have been stoned, shouted at, spat on and even stabbed at as they go about their business in the streets, according to her article.

Several media outlets reported a December 2005 incident, where Egyptian riot police brutally attacked a camp of Sudanese refugees in Cairo who were protesting their treatment. In front of television cameras, at least 23 refugees were killed, and hundreds of others were injured, arrested, imprisoned or deported. There was little public protest.

Black Africans report verbal harassment and negative language, such as being called “oonga boonga” orsamara [black], as well as physical attacks in the streets by the public and even by Egyptian law enforcement officials, reports Michael Curtis, writer for Gatestone Institute, a New York international policy think tank.

Blacks are being stopped for random identity checks on the basis of skin color, and have faced arbitrary roundups, he continued.

In a 2011 article on, the author reports that southern Sudanese women are routinely targets of verbal public abuse. Carloads of Arab men drive by them, hanging out of windows, shouting catcalls, or making loud demands for sexual favors.

Although Nubians are among the indigenous inhabitants of what is now considered modern Egypt, they are not spared discrimination based on skin color.

Nada Zeitoun, a Nubian filmmaker from the upper Egyptian city of Aswan, was denied service at a pharmacy in central Cairo in 2013 because the pharmacist said he “didn’t accept money from Black hands.”

Text Source

Osama Bin Laden said to the Sudanese-American novelist Kola Boof in Morocco in 1996 “All African women are prostitutes, and the whole race of African men are abeed [slave] stock. Your people are like rats plaguing the earth” –[Kola Boof, Diary of a Lost Girl, p. 167]

A comment posted on Youtube:

African men , it’s time to take back your Continent. You have for too long allowed non Africans too much free reign to not only attack yourselves but African children and women. Some of you are even audacious enough to fight against fellow Africans on behalf of non Africans. There are Africans that have been practising islam for more than a thousand years without any shame. The energy some of you spend oppressing your women and children turn it on your real enemies, mainly, so-called arabs, europeans, asians and orientals.


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Antichrist Turkey Only Sends Retards and Criminals, Keeps Educated Refugees

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 22, 2016

European officials are accusing Ankara of foul play within the EU-Turkey refugee deal, claiming that Ankara is not allowing qualified Syrian refugees to leave the country. 

Top EU officials have expressed anger at Turkey’s selective approach to sending Syrian refugees – currently living in the country – to Europe, according to Spiegel magazine.

They insist that most refugees coming from Turkey under the “one in, one out” deal are people with “severe illnesses” and a “low educational background,” stressing that it is Turkish officials who are exclusively in charge of selecting candidates for leaving for the EU.

The hasty deal between the EU and Turkey includes a controversial refugee exchange scheme. Under the plan, Syrian refugees on the Greek islands are being returned to Turkey, while EU countries are taking asylum seekers currently living in the country.

At an internal EU meeting, a representative of Luxembourg said that the list of departing refugees proposed by Turkey overwhelmingly “contained [people] with serious medical cases or refugees with very low education.” The same tendency was reported by German Deputy Interior Minister Ole Schröder to the corresponding committee of the Bundestag, the lower house of the parliament, according to Spiegel.

During the same meeting, representatives of Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg reportedly told the assembly that over the past weeks Turkish authorities have repeatedly been rejecting exit applications filed by Syrian well-trained engineers, doctors and other professionals, who could successfully integrate into European societies.

Under the controversial migrant deal, Brussels has given Ankara exclusive rights to select refugees permitted to leave the country and re-settle into the EU. Previously, the UNHCR, which was in charge of this procedure, has been “officially informed” by Turkish authorities that Syrian academics will “no longer be allowed to travel to Turkey,” Spiegel wrote.

UN officials and rights groups have criticized the deal pointing out that deporting migrants from Europe en masse contradicts international regulations. Serious concerns also arise from fear that it could leave Syrian refugees unprotected in Turkey, and at risk of being sent back to a war zone they have escaped from.

Turkey itself is subject to international criticism for systematic human rights violations, including the ongoing crackdown on Kurds and suppressing media freedoms, undermining Brussels’ assurances that it could be a safe haven for those deported from Europe.

Meanwhile in Germany – which championed the Turkey pact and has taken in over 1.1 million refugees –56 percent of people described the deal as “rather bad,” compared to 39 percent rating it “rather good,” according to April’s poll by ARD Deutschlandtrend.

Notably, only 17 percent said Turkey could be a trustworthy partner, while 79 percent said it could not. In the meantime, France, the UK, the US, Greece and Russia are trusted more, the poll data showed.


12 MILLION Turks say they’ll come to the UK once EU deal is signed

Turkey Facing Inquiries for Oil Smuggling

Christian Refugees in Turkey Hide Their Religion in Fear


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Are Muslim Countries More Violent?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 21, 2016


Most recent civil wars have taken place in Muslim countries, and a large majority of the victims are Muslims. This is not a “clash of civilizations.” It is a battle within the Muslim world.

Interstate wars — wars between nations — are now rare, and civil wars are now largely concentrated in an arc from Central Africa to the Caucasus. As you can see in the map below, in most of the countries in this conflict zone, Muslims are in a majority. Smaller armed conflicts occur in 30-odd countries more widely spread over the globe.

War and civil war have decreased — leaving, primarily, fighting in Muslim countries

As the Human Security Report and books by Joshua Goldsteinand Steven Pinker have compellingly argued, war around the world has been declining, both within and between countries. There’s been a recent uptick in violence, particularly in Syria, but the violence in Syria doesn’t match what we saw in Korea and Vietnam.

The remaining civil wars — which scholars define as armed conflicts that claim more than 1,000 battle deaths in a calendar year — are fewer in number but more concentrated geographically, as we show in a recent article in Research & Politics. Although armed violence has been declining overall since the end of the Cold War, violence has spiked since 2011 — particularly in Muslim countries.

In 2012, there were six civil wars worldwide. All took place within Muslim countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. Of the nine rebel groups in these conflicts, seven had an Islamist ideology.

While 2012 was an extreme year, a large majority of all civil wars in the past decade have taken place in Muslim-majority countries. That’s recent. It wasn’t true during the Cold War, when Muslim countries were no more likely to host civil wars than other nations.

But since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, civil wars have declined sharply in most parts of the globe — although less so in Muslim countries. Many of the civil wars that ended after the end of the Cold War were stimulated by rivalry between the two superpowers.

And so even though civil wars among Muslims have increased in the past few years, the decline of other types of conflict is the main reason why the global map of conflict is increasingly influenced by Islamist insurgencies and civil wars in Muslim countries.

Muslims are mainly fighting one another, not the West

While attacks on non-Muslims understandably get more Western media attention, the vast majority of Islamist insurgencies are fighting governments in Muslim-majority countries. In fact, over the past three years, more than 90 percent of the victims in all civil wars are in Muslim countries — particularly in Syria, but also in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Even if the civil war in Syria were to end tomorrow, the victims of civil war would overwhelmingly be found in Muslim countries — even though Muslims make up a little less than a quarter of the world’s population.

The picture is almost equally grim if we look at other forms of violence. Since the Cold War, Muslim countries have hosted more than their share of the world’s interstate wars, genocides, political killings of unorganized civilians, conflicts among groups and factions that don’t involve a government, government political terror and the death penalty. Countries with Buddhist-, Hindu- and Jewish-majority populations also see more than their share of several of these kinds of violence. But these are majority religions in fewer countries, and their conflicts are generally smaller. Accordingly, they account for much less of the globe’s violence.

Both Islam and Christianity are proselytizing religions, and many have suggested that as a result, Christians and Muslims may clash. But what we’re seeing is mainly a series of serious conflicts within the Islamic region, although they have ripple effects in other countries.

Only a minority of the world’s Muslims are living amid civil wars

Let’s be clear: Not all of the world’s Muslims live in countries with civil war. In fact, most of them do not. Among the 10 countries with the largest Muslim populations, only three — Pakistan, Nigeria and Iraq — saw civil war in 2014. (That’s the last year for which the Uppsala Conflict Data Program has data.)

The other seven — including Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and Egypt, four of the five countries with the world’s largest Muslim populations — haven’t faced civil war for a decade or more. They may not necessarily be peaceful — certainly countries such as India and Egypt have seen their share of turmoil that has turned violent at times — but that violence hasn’t been sufficiently severe to be defined as a civil war, an armed conflict with at least 1,000 battle-related deaths in a calendar year.

Why are we seeing so much violence among Muslims?

With the world’s conflicts steadily becoming fewer and less bloody, why is the Muslim world lagging behind? Potential explanations abound. Here are a few.

First, most of these countries continue to struggle with the arbitrary borders imposed during and after the colonial era. Territorial conflicts often take a long time to resolve. A second possible reason is the Middle East’s strategic importance — both because of its location between East and West and its abundant oil wealth, which invites major powers to get involved, for good or ill. Over the past 15 years, several military interventions replaced relatively stable dictatorships with unstable semi-democracies where civil war still rages. The Arab Spring, which was at first a nonviolent popular uprising, wasn’t successful in toppling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, leading to the chaos and humanitarian disaster we see today.

Some critics of Islam say that it is innately more violent than other religions. But all religions include elements of violence as well as peace. What varies over time is how prominent people — both religious and political — emphasize different parts of the message.

[Many observers note that Muslim countries score lower than average on political development, notably the status of women. And except for oil wealth, most Muslim countries are doing poorly on economic and social development as well. Several studies have shown that, after correcting for these factors, Muslim countries are no more violent than others.

But should we control for something that may conceivably be part of the explanation? If the religion is influencing development, then we cannot control for the level of development in an analysis of the effects of that religion. The research puzzle becomes how to assess the net effect of religion — on development as well as on violence.

Whatever the reasons, it’s useful to keep in mind that while there is an understandable fear of Islamist terrorism in Europe, terrorists have found the vast majority of their victims closer to home. The violence now roiling many Muslim countries warrants serious political concern.


Islamic Extremists Killed 27,000 People In 52 Countries In 2015

9 of 10 Worst Countries for Persecution of Christians Have 50% or Greater Muslim Populations

Islam’s Religious War with Everyone

MUSLIM APARTHEID: What the U.N. Wants Hidden


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Update: EgyptAir Plane Crash Under The 666 Radar

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 20, 2016


***UPDATE: Muslim Pilot Of Flight 804 Converted The Plane Into A Portable Mosque And Said Farewell Before He Crashed The Plane And Slaughtered Everyone

Roughly a week ago, first, it was reported that 16 Ethiopian Christians were beheaded in Libya by Islamic warriors. The next day we heard that ISIS massacred 16 Real Madrid supporters in Iraq café. I asked myself then, “16 here, 16 there…one 6 missing, what should we expect for the 16th of May 2016?” Well, it happened…three days later, but it did happen: EgyptAir plane that made serious of sharp turns before it disappeared became a terrorist target; 66 passengers were”sacrificed” — and the 666 puzzle completed. One unresolved puzzle though, why do plane accidents and crashes always get a more intensive 24-hour Breaking News attention than road and rail accidents and casualties?

Air hostess had posted an image on Facebook of a stewardess with a plane crashing into the sea

Crashed EgyptAir Plane First Traveled to Hotspots Tunisia, Eritrea


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Don’t Be A Fool

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 18, 2016

Don’t be a fool

Don’t give your nights to someone else

While giving days to those that really love you

Don’t be a fool like me

And give your life to someone else

While faking love to those who really love you


Why couldn’t I have realised

The gravity of telling lies

Who’s weight now shoes upon your faceless mound

I know your heart now and before

But I won’t do it anymore

Trust in me and fall in love again


Listen to these charms

Cos’ baby I’m not fooling

And fall into these open arms of love

Listen to these charms

Cos’ baby I’m not fooling

And fall into these open arms of love

Listen to these charms

Cos’ baby I’m not fooling around

And fall into these open arms of love

[Saxophone Solo]


Why couldn’t I have realised

The gravity of tears in eyes

Who’s weight now shoes upon your faceless smile

I broke your heart now and before

But I won’t do it anymore

Trust in me and fall in love again

Why couldn’t I have realised

The gravity of telling lies

Who’s weight now shoes upon your faceless mound

I know your heart now and before

But I won’t do it anymore

Trust in me and fall in love again


Listen to these charms

Cos’ baby I’m not fooling

And fall into these open arms of love

Listen to these charms

Cos’ baby I’m not fooling

And fall into these open arms of love

Listen to these charms

Cos’ baby I’m not fooling around

And fall into these open arms of love

And fall into these open arms of love

And fall into these open arms of love


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