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European Pathology Hasn’t Changed

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 3, 2016


After the Hitler and Stalin disasters, Europeans swore “Never Again!” over and over again. Never Again to the Holocaust and Stalin massacres, but also to the many occasions of mass bloodshed that began with the wars of the Reformation.

And yet, today we can see Europe’s boastful old narcissism again.

It is a troubling and ominous sight.

I don’t mean to pick on Europe — there are plenty of mad political movements in the world. But Europe has been the source of all major international wars for centuries. Maybe it was only the Industrial Revolution that made Europe so destructive. But its neurotic repetition compulsion goes back at least to the invention of the printing press, which made mass political movements possible.

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad,” said the Greeks, and they were right. The very same signs of severe mental pathology seem to show up before every major bloodletting in history. If you look for historical patterns, you can see the signs long before mass violence breaks out again. Today, the most stunning example of pathology is visible in the suicidal policies of the European Union, a grossly dysfunctional family if ever there was one.

Many historians consider World War I to be the greatest disaster of the 20th century, because it killed a whole generation of highly educated men, who could have given constructive political and cultural leadership for decades to come. World War I itself was triggered by a century of tit-for-tat Franco-German wars, and it led directly to Hitler and the Cold War.

The war brought Lenin to power in Russia, followed by the first Marxist Terror. Hitler’s rise was driven by a desire to take revenge for WW I. Without WW I the world would have been spared much suffering.

Every European disaster echoes the previous one, which is why the historical pattern looks so neurotic. Europe’s propaganda line changes, but it always comes down to the same old narcissistic grandiosity, the same glorious rhetoric of Empire. Today the European Union is seriously intent on taking over the world via bureaucratic imperialism, using a network of international “laws” that nobody has ever voted for. Euro-imperialism is the reason behind the global climate fraud.

Not surprisingly, in the end the Eurocracy serves no one but itself. The elite helped to ruin viable economies on its own Mediterranean shores, simply in pursuit of a glorious new euro currency; the EU has knowingly imported 50 million easily radicalized Muslims; and Euromedia have fallen back into their bad old habits of viciously scapegoating anybody who stands in the way of their fantasy life. Europrop is no different from the imperial propaganda of Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler, or Stalin. Only the designated scapegoats change.

(See this website for excellent coverage of the German media).

America and Israel are Europe’s favorite scapegoats today — putting Germany into that old mood of arrogant superiority — but scapegoating is a primitive emotional defense mechanism, which can be directed at any target. The psychology of scapegoating empowers demagogues — it’s practically the definition of demagogy. Which what makes Europolitics so neurotic today.)

For 70 years American power helped to hold back Europe’s mood swings, by protecting the Continent from Soviet aggression. Europe responded to Uncle Sam’s free ride by cannibalizing its own defense capabilities, to buy more welfare votes to keep the Left in power.

As a direct result, today the EU is utterly helpless in the face of Putin’s new imperialism. The end of the Cold War and the rise of Jihad has ripped the lid off that leaky old pressure cooker. The EU is defenseless without the U.S., and the Obama administration has systematically pulled down all the West’s strategic defenses.

This story will not end well.

Historians still argue why WW I ever started, because they can’t figure out any sane motivation. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914 was the act of a madman, but it never posed a strategic danger. Nobody benefited from war; instead, Europe ruined itself. The French had cheered on generations of anti-German propaganda, and the Germans hated the French just as much, while the Brits tried to pit the other powers against each other.

But even today nobody knows why the two opposing alliances suddenly went to all-out war, leading to millions of deaths. WW I followed the usual mass propaganda campaign, nationalistic scapegoating, and revanchisme (revenge campaigns), repeating all the old Franco-German wars. But that is not a rational reason for a world war.

The world wars followed a purely neurotic compulsion to do what was never done before, covered up with delusional propaganda slogans. Just like today.

Why is this neurotic history relevant today? Because Merkel’s collapse before the “Syrian rapefugee” invasion is simply not explainable on sane and rational grounds. Recent news reports say that 90% of the phony “Syrian” refugees were men, mostly of military age. We hear that news now, but Merkel has an intelligence apparatus to tell her long before the invasion happened. And yet — she acted completely shocked, helpless, and self-destructive.

This is not rational.

Jihadists are not just after trendy sex. They are doctrinaire killers, slave-takers, torturers and terrorists, who will quickly impose brutal Shari’a slavery on as many women as possible. The police in Germany, Norway, and Sweden are acting helpless. In Norway the cops retreated before a mob engaged in mass rape of a ten-year-old boy, the most shameful European surrender to sadistic barbarism since you-know-who.

The Jihad invasion is an obvious return to the psychology of the Hitler Jugend, who were also young, easily indoctrinated males, happy to die for Der Fuehrer. Jihadists kill and die for Allah, but the mindset is similar. Jihadists are stuck in pre-modern times, in the glorious war theology of the 7th century desert.

If Angela Merkel doesn’t know that, she is grossly ignorant.

Turkey was probably a major power behind the overwhelming wave of jihadist immigrants. But there is reason to think that the EU, which has been trying to dilute its own native populations by mixing in some of the least adaptable immigrants, was also behind the biggest Trojan Horse in history.

The European Union, which generates constant peace-and-love propaganda, is a complete and utter fraud. Nobody in the Eurocracy is actually elected by voters. European voters are completely helpless, and national parliaments are constantly yielding power to the appointed bureaucracy in Brussels. All EU propaganda consists of barefaced lies. This is a mass psychiatric problem — self-delusion being the biggest sign of neurosis.

Reality distortion is always the key. Narcissistic grandiosity is simply the boastful lie that such people tell themselves to compensate for nagging feelings of inferiority. Badly depressed people have the opposite problem: They are cruelly self-critical. True psychotics suffer from extremely disturbing auditory hallucinations, and paranoids suffer from a host of delusional suspicions. But they all suffer from a distorted sense of reality.

T.S. Eliot wrote that “Humankind cannot bear too much reality.” But how can you help more than 300 million people who are constantly indoctrinated in the newest grandiose-narcissistic-imperialistic dream of the ruling class? Narcissists only improve when they finally realize that they keep running into the same brick wall, over and over again. It’s very hard to change individual narcissists, and when a whole media culture turns into a narcissistic cult…

Massive delusion via the media is always the first sign of a European disaster in the making. The musical Cabaret takes place in the Weimar Republic before Hitler, when Europe went through the same kind of self-loathing and self-sabotage that we saw in “multiculturalism.” But the disease goes back before the French Revolution, which was also preceded by a cultural breakdown. Marquis de Sade wrote several of his books around the time of the French Revolution.

When Europe sneezes, America catches cold. Our university campuses are full of Eurosocialist propaganda artists pretending to be professors. Barack Obama and his fellow leftists are just as deeply indoctrinated: Eurosocialists verging on old-style Leninists. Obama has never really known any normal people, which is why he still believes exactly what he believed eight years ago.

Our media are mental plague carriers. While journalists used to learn their craft by doing it, today they first have to go through cult indoctrination at Columbia or Harvard. Which is why we have actors wearing trenchcoats instead of television news anchors, and a grandiose narcissist in the White House.

The European Union was founded by French bureaucrat Jean Monnet. It began as a free trade area, becoming a great economic success.

But prosperity was never good enough for the bureaucracy. In some half-hidden way the EU has charted a path to a new European Empire, the old, delusional dream of making Europe a great power again.

All for the sake of world peace, of course.


Angela Merkel Diagnosed by Psychoanalyst as ‘Narcissistic’, Verging on ‘Mental Breakdown’


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