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They Don’t Want to See Christian Victors – But Christendom Will Crush Their Satanic Kingdom

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 2, 2015


Petition Asks BBC to Ditch Christian Boxer Tyson Fury From Sports Personality Of The Year Shortlist

A petition which is calling on the BBC to remove the Christian boxer Tyson Fury from its Sports Personality Of The Year shortlist is gaining support.

“Tyson Fury is not a role model,” the petition says as it accuses him of being homophobic.

The devout-Christian gave the glory to God last weekend when he was crowned the new heavyweight champion of the world after beating Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko.

Before the fight he tweeted: “Feeling great, blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ”.

But he’s a controversial character having previously told the Mail on Sunday there were three things that would happen “before the devil comes home”.

He said: “One of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other is paedophilia. Who would have thought in the 50s and 60s that those first two would be legalised?”

In 2013 he was fined £3,000 by the boxing authorities after suggesting opponents were “gay lovers”.

Those statements, and previous quotes deemed to be homophobic, have led to the petition being set up.

Mr Fury does not display “the kind of behaviour that merits inclusion on such a well-respected award programme”, the petition claims.

But responding to the petition the boxer stood by his comments: “I don’t regret anything I’ve ever said. I’m a man of honour and a man of my word, and what I’ve said I stick to through thick and thin.

“Whoever wants to challenge me, let them come and challenge me. Whoever doesn’t like me, I don’t care anyway.

“If you want to give me the award, give it me, and if you don’t – keep it.”

He’s up against Jessica Ennis-Hill, Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton, Chris Froome, Mo Farah, Kevin Sinfield, Adam Peaty, Lucy Bronze, Max Whitlock, Greg Rutherford and Lizzie Armitstead.


1.The world upside down: The British Christian vs The Ukranian Atheist

— Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko: Klitschko accused of cheating minutes before fight after having gloves wrapped in secret

War Between Christendom And The Kingdom Of The Antichrist Is Coming, Christendom Will Become An Empire Again And Dominate The World And Crush The Kingdom Of Satan


The Russian government is telling Turkey to return the most beautiful Church of the Hagia Sofia to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov said:

The Russian side… expect[s] from the Turkish side a friendly step – to return the Cathedral to the hands of the Orthodox church of Constantinople … The Russian side is ready to provide financial assistance and enlist the best Russian restorers and scientists’ aid in the restoration of the ecumenical Christian artefact. Such a step would help Turkey and Islam to show that good will is above politics.

This statement and push by Russia demanding for the restoration of the Hagia Sofia to the Orthodox world, is just another sign that the tensions between Turkey and Russia are in realty of a religious nature, and that the sword of the Church is about to be unsheathed and wielded in a glorious holy war for the Sacred Cross against the enemies of Christ. There are numerous vicissitudes in the current tensions between Russia and Turkey; they descend from centuries of wars between Christians and Muslims, and they are all leading to a holy war.

Since the Turkish F-16 shot down the Russian Su-24 bomber, Russia has dissolved its relations with Turkey. Lieutenant General Sergei Rutskoi has made it very clear that all military relations between Turkey and Russia have been dissolved. Moreover, the idea that NATO will intervene in this rising conflict was emphatically denied by Ivashov, based on a statement from NATO itself that assistance for Turkey is not desirous on the part of European leaders:

NATO’s last council on an ambassadorial level, which was convened on Turkey’s initiative, refused to support it and there was even no general statement, which NATO usually provides. Stoltenberg spoke for himself, which means that NATO’s European members are not burning with desire to help Turkey … Now Russia just has to increase consultations with European countries in a bilateral format … Now Russia just has to increase consultations with European countries in a bilateral format

Religious conflict commences once a people, for the cause of their faith, conquer another’s land. As I have said before, geopolitics is only a means to religion. Turkey shot down the Russian plane in order to protect the oil supply lines that it was providing for ISIS. This is what Putin just said recently:

We have every reason to think that the decision to shoot down our plane was dictated by the desire to protect the oil supply lines to Turkish territory, right to the ports where it is loaded onto tankers… We have received additional information which unfortunately confirms that this oil, produced in areas controlled by the Islamic State and other terrorist organisations, is transported on an industrial scale to Turkey.

Turkey needs land, oil and other resources, not for these things themselves, but as means to a religious end, and that is a universal Islamic empire. Land is not the end, but only a means to an end, and that end is religious domination, either on the part of Christendom or on the part of some other religion. The West has been conquered, not by outside forces, but by internal enemies; by sodomites, by feminists and the rebellion of wretched men and women; by materialists and modernists, by the enemies of the Christian Faith who, in the words of de Maistre, “should be hung like housebreakers!”

Saint_George_1500Christian supremacy has been overthrown by the masses who believe that Christ is inferior to sodomites, by wretched feminists who work for the overthrow of societal order. We look to a camera or a phone and we fixate our lives to these objects as though they are gods, but the Creator of the human eye, more complex than any of these technologies, we treat as though He is only a part of our lives, and not our lives. God is Life; He is the reason for existence, He is existence itself, for without Him, we would have no existence. This is the sentiment for Christian supremacy, and the pillar for empire and domination.

Russia is the most powerful Christian nation in the world. And by Christian I am not talking about a society that is riddled with cults and heresies, I mean a nation that is imbued with the Apostolic Faith, the Church whose lineage can be historically traced back to the Apostles, and ultimately to Christ. A Church whose Founder is historically Christ Himself, and not some novel trend. America is not a Christian nation, it is a secular nation entrenched in the enlightenment philosophy which is just an ideology for rebellion and the anarchy for all evil ideas.

Russia is authentically a Christian nation. Its government is in harmony with a Church of apostolic succession; when the Church needs to fight some evil inundation, such as homosexuality, it will exhort the State to unsheathe the temporal sword and cut asunder the wicked movement, and surely has the Russian obeyed in this measure, and continues to intensify against the demonic sodomite invasion. Russia sees how much ground the sodomites have taken in the US, and they refuse to allow the same to occur in their own country.

In the realm of Faith and morals, the State must obey the Church and exhaust its capacity to destroy any attacks or sinister attempts against the Church or her teachings. Thus, in Russia, they uphold the two swords of St. Peter, the ones held aloft when the Apostle said to Christ, “Lord, look, here are two swords.” (Luke 22:38) The State wields the sword of which Christ told St. Peter, “Put up thy sword into the sheath” (John 18:11).

The sword still remains in the sheathe of the Church, and it can be used at any time when the Church and the State work together to vanquish the forces of darkness. Russia is the nation that is observing this concept more so than any other nation, and here we have wicked politicians, like Carly Fiorna, who want war with this Christian nation. Do you believe such evil? She wants to go to war, not with a nation that is truly pagan and evil, but a truly Christian country that is trying to do right, that is on the verge of abolishing abortion, that is combating the sodomite agenda, that is protecting Christians in the Middle East. This is the nation that this Jezebel of a woman wants to go to war with! What sickness!

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2.The World Upside Down: The Russian Christian vs The Antichrist forces of the Occident & The Orient


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Baaaaaahaha: They Have Goat to be Kidding Us

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 2, 2015

Three amazing stories – funny, but serious. I think it’s time to separate the SHEEPS from the GOATS.

After 33 years, ‘Christmas in Washington’ has been canceled

the-antichristAfter more than three decades and five administrations, “Christmas in Washington,” the celebrity-packed holiday special attended by the first family, won’t be returning for its 34th holiday season.

No, the Grinch didn’t have anything to do with it — at least we don’t think he did.

After last year’s show, hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, TNT announced that it would no longer broadcast the Christmas special, ending a 15-year partnership with veteran producer George Stevens Jr. and his son, Michael. The Stevenses, who had just been ousted as the producers of the Kennedy Center Honors gala, said they were in search of a new broadcast partner.

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Clock Boy’ Ahmed Homesick in Qatar, Wants to Come Back to Texas

GettyImages-492660714-e1445028614713-640x479Within days of demanding a total of $15 million from the City of Irving and the Irving Independent School District, “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed announced in a long distance phone interview from Qatar, he is homesick and wants to come home to Texas now.

In October, Ahmed accepted a fully-funded education scholarship from the Qatar Foundation, an organization with reputed ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, over an invitation to MIT, which is among the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world. The family announced they would relocate to Qatar to accommodate his education, which they did.

Dallas’ KTVT 11 (CBS) interviewed the teen from halfway around the world over Facetime. Now, Ahmed claims he misses Texas. “I want to go back to a place where everyone knows me,” meaning the kids he grew up with. He also hinted a trip to Dallas may be in the works over the Christmas holiday. He told the CBS affiliate he is ready to come home and wants to do so immediately, but insists last week’s armed yet peaceful protest outside the Irving mosque stopped him.

Breitbart Texas reported on the small group outside of the Islamic Center of Irving. The organizer released dozens of names and addresses considered Muslim and Muslim sympathizers over social media. The list, however, was posted on the City of Irving’s website since March with the information of those who signed up to speak for and against the topic of American laws for American courts at an Irving city council meeting.

Ahmed told the TV news outlet: “I was scared because I’ve heard what happened recently with, like, people with guns going to my local mosque,” adding: “…I mean, they have the right to do that but it’s scary because I’m afraid, you know.”

Last week, through West Texas attorney Kelly Hollingsworth, Ahmed’s family demanded $15 million plus apologies in letters that asserted they moved to the Middle East because “threats and fear drove his family from Texas.” However, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne received serious online threats and remains under fire over decisions made by the Irving ISD and Irving police to detain the high school freshman, who, on Sept. 14, brought into school a makeshift clock that resembled a briefcase bomb.

The KTVT reporter pointed out that questioning the teen about the $15 million “was something that nearly ended (the interview).” He captured Ahmed’s metered responses with “eyes drifting off camera” that appeared to look offside “for approval” from someone before answering questions. Ahmed first looked away when asked if he wanted to come back to Texas before answering “yes” with a smile. “Clock Boy” then told the CBS affiliate he was waiting for people to calm down back home before he returned.

In a Christmas season blanketed by the Islamic State attacks in Paris, State Department travel alerts, and Syrian refugees at U.S. borders, sympathy continues to wane for the Islamophobia poster child. Breitbart News reported that the same liberal media that championed the teen’s every move, including his Qatar Foundation-sponsored tour of Education City, lost interest.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette added what little sympathy Americans had for the “Clock Boy” is gone “thanks to a shameless money grab by the teen’s family.” The newspaper added that the Mohamed family’s “departure and subsequent demands make them look like opportunists, or worse.”


President of Mauritania ‘orders penalty shoot-out in 63rd minute’

goat_laughThe president of Mauritania allegedly abused his power by ordering a penalty shootout during his country’s Super Cup final… in the 63rd minute.

It’s reported Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz was so bored in the stands as FC Tevragh-Zeina battled ACS Ksar, that he requested the referee stop the match and settle it with spot-kicks.

Tevragh-Zeina won the farce shootout, but it was a victory overshadowed by outrage.

The Mauritanian federation’s president, Ahmed Ould Abderrahmane, later released a statement in which he tried to shift the blame to “organisational issues”.

He said: “I deny in the strongest terms the intervention of the President of the Republic. The decision was made due io organizational issues in accordance with the presidents and the coaches of the two teams.”



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