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Muslim Bashes Jewish Man Over The Head With a Food Tray and Tries to Kill Him on Board Ethiopian Jet

Posted by addisethiopia on November 4, 2015

While Urging Other Passengers to Lynch Him After Discovering He Was an Israeli


Muslim bashes Jewish man over the head with a food tray and tries to kill him on board Ethiopian jet while urging other passengers to lynch him after discovering he was an Israeli

A Muslim man has been detained for choking a Jewish passenger on a flight to Ethiopia and urging others to lynch him after discovering the man was Israeli.

The Sudanese attacker realised he was seated behind the Jewish passenger about 30 minutes before the Ethiopian Airlines flight landed in Addis Ababa, on Thursday last week.

He then allegedly lashed out at him – striking him with a metal food tray and screaming ‘Allah Akbar’ and ‘slaughter the Jew’.


US sends warning to Kuwait Airways over discrimination against Israelis

Officials to Protest Arab Airline’s Refusal to Sell Tickets to Israelis

True Ethiopians do respect and love the Jewish people – but those fallen ‘Ethiopians’ (aka Sudanese) are filled with wickedness and hatred like most of their Muslim brothers


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