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Archive for July 23rd, 2015

Christian Asylum Seekers Hounded Out of Immigrant Housing by Muslim Residents

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 23, 2015

Further proof that where there is Islam there is intolerance, hate, and violence.

Watch the following video from London’s Hyde Park (Speakers Corner). “The Speakers Corner” is an interesting place to observe lots of things – sort of a university inside a park. Notice and memorize the demonic actions of this “normal / moderate” Muslims, register the primitively annoying tactics they use to attack the Christian, and pay attention to the fact that most hecklers are either Sodomites or Muslims – they never allow others their God-given-right to speak or express themselves.

A group of Christian asylum seekers in Sweden were subjected to bullying tactics by Muslim neighbors for wearing the symbol of the cross.

The group consisted of two Christian families who lived in an asylum house of approximately 80 individuals – the majority of whom were Syrian Muslims. Described as “fundamentalist Islamists” by major Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the other residents told the Christians they were not to wear their symbols of faith in the building, and they would not be allowed to use the communal areas while they were in use by Muslims.

After being threatened and harassed on a number of occasions the small group of Christians, which are likely to have been Syrian Christian refugees fleeing the Islamic State, packed and left “fearing for their own safety”. A spokesman for the government migration agency responsible for the centre they had been staying in said:

They dared not stay. The atmosphere became too intimidating. And they got no help… They chose themselves to organize new address and moved away without our participation because they felt a discomfort”.

Remarkably, the incident has not been reported to the police. Instead migration agency officials visited the home to “provide information about Swedish law” to the “fundamentalist Islamists” there in the hope of preventing them from acting unkindly towards Christians again.


— NETHERLANDS: Christian Asylum Seekers routinely threatened and attacked by Muslims

— ITALY accused of bringing in Islamist ‘terrorists’ after Christians thrown into sea

— GERMANY: Christian Asylum Seekers Mobbed by Muslim Asylum Seekers

— NORWAY: Muslim Asylum Seekers Acid Attack a Christian Convert


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UN Official Resigns Amid Scandal Over Handling of Sex Abuse Report

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 23, 2015

French-troops-in-Central-African-RepublicHer resignation comes as the global body faces criticism over how it reacted to the allegations of child sex abuse in the Central African Republic

Flavia Pansieri, the number two at the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva is stepping down for health reasons, UN spokeswoman Vannina Maestracci said.

Her resignation comes as the global body faces criticism over how it reacted to the allegations of child sex abuse in the Central African Republic.

I can confirm that Flavia Pansieri has resigned and she cited health reasons for her resignation,” Maestracci said.

Pansieri, a long time UN worker named to her position three years ago, was informed of allegations of child sex abuse carried out by French soldiers in CAR in the summer of 2014.

A Swedish diplomat working for the commissioner who authored the report was punished for not respecting the body’s protocols.

The UN’s handling of the incident, brought to light by The Guardian newspaper, was widely criticized by aid groups.

The United States and several aid agencies called for the United Nations to carry out a thorough investigation into the sex scandal, and the global body set up an independent commission last month to conduct an internal review.

France is also conducting an investigation.

Maestracci said she could not confirm if Pansieri testified to the UN commission, which is expected to report its findings in September.

Over a dozen French soldiers sent to the Central African Republic to help restore order in 2013 after a coup are accused of sexual abuse of children as young as eight years old who were begging for food.

The soldiers were not under the control of the United Nations.

The UN report also accused soldiers from Chad and Equatorial Guinea, an aid group that saw the report said.

US envoy to the United Nations Samantha Power recently said the claims contained in the UN report on the incident were “very credible and very disturbing.”

Source: (AFP)


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The World’s Most Wanted People-Smuggler

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 23, 2015

የኢትዮጵያን ስም ከመጥፎ ነገር ጋር አያይዞ በመጥራት የአገራችንን ስም ለማጥፋት እንዴት እንደሚቸኩሉና እንደሚደሰቱ ይህን መሰሉ ጽሑፍ ይጠቁመናል። ወንጀለኛውን ግርማይ መልምለውት ቢሆን አያስገርምም!

An Ethiopian called Ghermay Ermias is the dangerous and elusive criminal behind Europe’s migrant crisis

BoogeyManOperation Glauco – it is an ongoing 18-month investigation into Africa’s most organised and ruthless people–trafficking organisation conducted by the Italian Squadra Mobile.

In an impressive feat of detection, the Sicily-based cops have compiled over 700 pages of evidence against the trafficking gang. Veterans of the decades-long war against the Sicilian Cosa Nostra (the Mafia), the investigative squad employed all the same techniques that worked against their traditional enemy — including covert surveillance, witness protection and, above all, mobile phone intercepts.

It is evidence from the phone taps that prove the Colonel’s prison officers are bent. In May of last year, one of the top-dog traffickers was taped boasting about how he bribed the guards in the detention centres. Corrupt officers released their inmates for cash, it turned out, and the traffickers would then hold them to ransom. If their relatives failed to pay up, the migrants were severely beaten, the women raped.

The Glauco operation was launched in the aftermath of a tragedy in October 2013, when a vessel carrying several hundred African migrants caught fire off the coast of Lampedusa and sank. There were 366 fatalities — mostly Eritreans fleeing one of the world’s most oppressive regimes.

Pope Francis called the incident ‘a disgrace’ and a task force was quickly assembled. Within weeks the main culprit had been identified: a multinational criminal enterprise operating in Sudan, Libya and the European mainland; the capo di tutti capi of the people-trafficking gang, an Ethiopian called Ghermay Ermias.

Gerry Ferrara, the Sicilian lawyer charged with bringing Ermias to justice, has successfully challenged some of the most ruthless mafiosi, as well as Balkan and Rwandan war criminals. He ranks his latest foe among the worst criminals he has encountered. ‘Ermias is very famous all over Africa,’ Ferrara says. ‘Everybody knows him but at same time it is very difficult to identify him — where he lives, nobody knows.’



“I’m often suspicious when a single man is identified as the root of the world’s problems. It’s often a gross over-simplification, as if he were a Bond villain. The media obsesses about one man, and the overall problem is not studied or explained properly. It normally suits someone’s agenda to leave it thus.”

“The powers that be setting up a bogeyman for their open borders/destruction of Western civilisation policy. Watch how the EU and its slave governments pretend to hunt this person down and shift the blame onto him and other smugglers. We really are being governed by the most evil people ever and I am fed up with the constant deceit.”



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