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Mosul Archbishop: When Western Evil Is Fused With Arab Stupidity Nations Die

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 26, 2014

2019-08-13_150422.png“We Instilled Culture in the Muslims, But They Sold Us Out”

In a TV interview, Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Nikodimos Daoud, the diocese of Mosul and the Kurdistan region, said that the Christians had instilled culture in the Arabs and Muslims, but “they sold us out for nothing.” Baghdad, he said, is ruled by mafias, as the result of the “mistaken policies” of the U.S. and the West. “When Western evil is fused with Arab stupidity, nations die,” said the archbishop, in the Mayadeen TV interview which aired on August 18, 2014.

Here are some excerpts:

We don’t even have knives. How can we defend ourselves if we don’t have weapons of any kind? When those [ISIS] takfirists come to get you… They reject the other, and say that they want to die in order to get their 72 virgins and eternal boys. We don’t have concepts of this type. We have pens, paper, culture, and knowledge. We don’t have anything to fight with. A Christian cannot live where law does not prevail. We can only live in a place governed by law. Where there is no law to protect us and guarantee our rights, we cannot live, because we have no weapons, and we were not brought up – by our religion, society, and family – on the culture of blood, killing, and plunder.We don’t have such a culture, you have to understand this. The others do have this culture. Now we must defend ourselves against these beasts. They are beasts. We are not beasts. We represent true humanity. We do not know how to slaughter. We do not know how to kill. All we know is how to write and how to instill culture in those around us – just as we instilled culture in the Arabs and Muslims in the past, when they came here as conquerors… I don’t know if we should call them conquests or raids.When they entered our lands, we – the Syriac Christians in particular – instilled culture in them. History will curse us for educating them and for translating books for them. We have been instilling culture in them to this very day, but they sold us out for nothing. The countries for which we were willing to die spat us out.

[…]I used to live in Australia, but I returned because I missed Mosul, but the Mosul I had missed drove me out, humiliated me, and damaged my honor and the honor of my flock. What is left today of my love for this land? I say this with tears in my eyes.Why did we come to Kurdistan? We have come for one reason and one reason only: There is law here. People, you have to realize that there has been no law in Iraq for 10 years. Baghdad is ruled by mafias: looting, plundering, oppression, militias, and sectarianism…

All this is the result of the mistaken policies of the U.S. and the West. When Western evil is fused with Arab stupidity, nations die. So here we are, dying before the eyes of the world.


We will never agree to live as dhimmis, as I have said time and again. A dhimmi is a slave. We are not, and will never agree to be, dhimmis. Anyone who agrees to be a dhimmi is better off dead. We don’t want to be anybody’s dhimmis. God created us free, and free we shall die.

Christians in the Middle East Now Face Eradication

ONE OF the greatest crimes in history is happening right now. Yet it is something almost nobody will discuss. No European capital has been brought to a standstill by a march expressing outrage. There are few calls for war-crimes trials of the perpetrators.

The crime is the wholesale eradication of Christianity from the continent that gave it birth. Across the Middle East, with the exception of Israel, Christians are in the process of being ethnically and religiously cleansed. It is a genocide and a crime not just against humanity but against our civilization. Even under the tyrannies of Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad there was a degree of religious tolerance in Iraq and Syria towards minorities.

Certainly there was a tolerance not present in Saudi Arabia, Iran or other hardline theocracies in the region.

In recent weeks I have spoken to people who got this order. One woman received a call at her family home in Mosul the night that IS arrived. They told her and her family to leave their house because they were Christian. If they did not they would be killed. They fled that night.

Some fleeing Christians sought sanctuary in the few remaining Christian villages but they were then overrun in turn. IS has cut off the heads of Christians including the children in Christian families they have captured. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled in their path. Those who have not been able to leave – including some of the elderly and disabled – have been forced to convert. Some have. Others chose martyrdom.

Earlier this month when the Yazidi sect faced eradication at the hands of IS the world rallied to do something but in the face of the eradication of Christianity the Christians of Iraq stand alone. Even the churches in the West remain largely mute. Our politicians do nothing.



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