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Archive for April 11th, 2014

Atheists Are Children of Ignorance & Disobedience

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 11, 2014

AtheismDelusionThose without faith have no use for God’s commandments.
Many atheists have a particular hatred toward the God of the Bible and some openly blaspheme Him and His ways with vehemence. Their spirit is the same bitter spirit that Satan and his rebellious demons have toward God.
Atheists do consciously embrace a god — and it is “the self“. Unfortunately many of them do not simply reject Christianity and proceed to mind their own. business; they invest their energy in indoctrinating others into their viewpoints.
Atheism is a philosophy that emanates from Satan. It leads to abandoning the true God and to idolizing the self. Furthermore it, at times, supports lifestyles which are dangerous and self-destructive.
That the following Atheist individual took this time of year (Easter) to attack someone who he thought was Jesus proves the above argumentation.
Atheist Man Gustav Potthoff Stabbed Roommate Because He ‘Thought He Was Jesus
A man who tried to stab his roommate with a knife after mistaking him for Jesus has requested an atheist lawyer so he can be represented “by one of his own kind”.
Raymond Hernandez alleges Gustav Potthoff attacked him while he was watching television in the living room of their home.
According to Mr Hernandez, Mr Potthoff threw a glass at him which missed, smashing the wall.
Pontiff, a self proclaimed atheist, then allegedly tried to stab him with a butter knife. Hernandez told investigators Pontiff had thought he was Jesus and wanted to kill him, according to the police report.
He was arrested for aggravated assault shortly afterwards.
“It’s just my human rights and everything else,” Mr Potthoff, 51, told the Orlando County court after requesting an atheist public defender. “I’m allowed to be with someone of my own kind.”
The judge informed Mr Potthoff that if he wants to be represented by an atheist lawyer he would need to pay for it himself, The Orlando Sentinel reported.
“It’s a sacrilegious thing,” Mr Pontiff told the judge as he was sent back to Orange County Jail.



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8 Terrible Armed Conflicts Instigated by the Luciferians since Rwanda

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 11, 2014

Hegelian dialectic:
This, so-called Hegelian dialectic is taken, again and again and again, as a chief method of their manipulation of African societies: They create the PROBLEMS (WARS and CONFLICTS), REACT in a typically theatrical manner (CONFERENCES and TALKS) and come up with the SOULUTION (INTERVENTIONS, SENDINGPEACEKEEPERS”)
8 Terrible Armed Conflicts since the Rwandan Genocide
First and Second Liberian Civil Wars (1989-2003)
  • Deaths: 300,000+

Eritrean – Ethiopian War (1998-2000)
  • Deaths: 150,000 – 300,000

Arab Racist Genocide in Darfur, Sudan (2003 – present)
  • Deaths: 300,000+

Belgium’s Congo Cruelty (1996 – present)
  • Deaths: 5,000,000+

France’s Côte d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast Crime (2002-2011)
  • Deaths: Unknown
France’s Mali Drama (2012–present)
  • Deaths: Unknown
France’s Central African Republic Experiment (2013 – present)
  • Deaths: Unknown

South Sudan Tragedy (2013 – present)

  • Deaths: Unknown



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