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BBC-Darling & The Most Trusted Man in Britain Says “Starve Ethiopians!”

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 21, 2013

And if you had been from the world, the world would have loved its own; but you are not from the world, but I have chosen you from the world; because of this the world hates you.” [ John 15:19]

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme,  Sir. David Attenborough said:

”If you were living in Ethiopia, you might be justified in thinking that the natural world is already stopping it by starvation.”

AnthonyHThis guy obviously is Ethiophobic. Everytime he opens his mouth he reveals his hatred for Christians and Ethiopians. Everything he says is absolutely crass in its callousness!

The highly decorated psychopath, David Attenborough, who last year described humans (Ethiopians) as a ‘plague on Earth’, has now gone on record this Christmas season in calling for rich nations of the world to stop sending food aid to starving nations in order to reduce the population of the world.

According to him, rich nations should start with starving poorer nations that have already been decimated by first world global powers (and could be fed with about a week or so of military spending). The problem, Attenborough says, however, comes down to numerous “huge sensitivities” that continue to block the goal of massive population reduction.

Perhaps the most alarming thing to note here is that this evil who justifies his genocide with faulty reasoning is considered a ‘national treasure’ in Britain. Better yet, Attenborough also has 31 honorary degrees from British universities, which is more than any other person. This is in addition to his numerous ‘royal’ titles.

Truly, Attenborough’s comments being met with mainstream media attention in a positive light shows just how far gone the media world is. Ultimately, there is a war on our right to not only have a family and basic necessities, but life itself.

Almost all the people who are obsessed about population – and the ‘naturalists’ and environmentalists who sound off about big families, belong to the class – white, middle class, anguished liberals – who are themselves least likely to have children to excess or to have children at all.

So, actually, Attenborough and the current global elites are the true “plagues”. They know who they are, all of them. They know how millions of Ethiopians have been exterminated through the wars, diseases and famines they’ve created. They sense it their time here on is up Earth, in their advanced ages, they can feel what is awaiting them in the afterlife.

Besides, people are finally waking up to see through the illusion we have been living in for centuries. These evils realize now they can no longer convince the masses to kill ourselves in the wars, the diseases, the famines they constantly create. In their greed and lust for total control they will do what ever they must to get what they want and are revealing the evil they are to the world. The wider world will soon learn that starving our countries has been a plan of long standing. What has happened to Ethiopia in the 1970/1980s, what’s going in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and South Sudan are all part of this diabolic plan of theirs. All mineral rich, jungle abundant (Oxygen bank for Europe) and predominantly Christian countries.

These dark entities are so intoxicated on power and control they are oblivious to the transparency of their lies and corruption. They believe their lives are more worthy than ours. These sick animals are who humanity will be fighting in the near future.

In a rational and humane world, these cowards should also be charged on grounds of racism and genocide when they make it so abundantly clear that they are singling out Ethiopians and other Africans as undeserving of survival.

Mind you, Attenborough never ever opened his mouth to blame Muslims for overpopulation. He can’t spot the islamic scavengers who are breeding fast to feed on the spiritually dying children of the once Great Britain. The Muslims who are abusing and raping his daughters and murdering his soldiers in the streets of London and Bristol. Isn’t it ironic, the British are now being colonized by the very same people they once colonized?

[Psalms 58:1-2]

Do you really speak what is right when silent? Do you judge fairly the children of humankind? No, in your heart you plan injustices; in the land you weigh out the violence of your hands.

BBC Criticised For Giving Extremist Preacher Airtime

The BBC is fast becoming a national disgrace and even a danger to the well-being of the nation


BBC criticised over its “extraordinary” decision to give extremist preacher Anjem Choudary a platform to attack “British values” during discussion about the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.

The BBC is facing a backlash after allowing Anjem Choudary, an extremist preacher, air-time on one of its flagship programmes to discuss the murder of Lee Rigby.

Mr Choudary refused to condemn the killers of the soldier when asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, and said the cause of the murder was “David Cameron and his foreign policy.”

The corporation came under fierce criticism for giving Mr Choudary a platform to air his views, which included him saying consequences of British foreign policy were being seen on the streets of London and that he didn’t believe in democracy.

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