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Baby 2013: I Get So Emotional

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 8, 2013

Every time I think of her!


My Note: This amazing video proves the recent finding that babies could recognize voices, sounds or music they’ve heard while still in their mother’s womb. The video will bring you to tears! It looks like this cute one is almost nostalgic about the “good-old-days” when she enjoyed the voice of her mother from the, warm, comfortable and more peaceful and secured place which is a mother’s womb. Indeed, the results of the study below show that babies are capable of learning at a very young age and that the effects of learning remain apparent in the brain for a long time, and their memories could be stored, as in the emotional baby’s case, until they are 8 months old. 

The mother of the baby said that she sings out loud at home because she was embarrassed to sing in public. When her daughter was 8 months old, she began to notice different emotional reactions depending on the song.

Babies Remember Music They Heard in The Womb up to Four Months After They Are Born

Babies recognised Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star up to four months after birth

Children already recognize the tune of their mother’s favorite soap opera

Babies played music while still in the womb remembered the tune months later when part of the big, wide world.

And the more they had heard Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, before birth, the stronger their recognition afterwards.

What is more, the effect was visible until at least four months of age.

The finding suggests that mothers-to-be who develop a liking for Mozart, Vivaldi or Bach in the hope of boosting the development of their unborn child may not be wasting their time.

Finnish researchers gave 12 pregnant women a CD which and asked them to play it loudly five times a week during the last three months of pregnancy.

They were instructed to destroy the CD after giving birth to ensure any memory of the songs came from pregnancy.

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Connect The Colors

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 8, 2013

Saudi Police Kill Ethiopian, Arrest Foreigners

Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues” [Revelation 18:4]

The Lord is warning of judgment to come to these wicked nations and warns them to leave the country. They’ll soon receive a just retribution  Leave these Godforsaken desert, don’t send / travel to these countries, and never allow their citizens into your country!!!

LazArabSaudi police killed an Ethiopian migrant who tried to flee arrest, authorities said Wednesday, as a crackdown on foreigners working illegally in the kingdom widens with more than 16,000 arrests.

The security sweep comes after seven months of warnings by Saudi Arabia’s government, which has created a special task force of 1,200 Labor Ministry officials who are combing shops, construction sites, restaurants and businesses in search of foreign workers employed without proper permits.

Police have also erected checkpoints to enforce the kingdom’s strict labor rules that make it virtually impossible to remain in the country without official sponsorship by an employer.

Residents said most shops have been closed since the sweep began Monday, with many of the country’s migrants avoiding the streets where they face possible arrest. State-backed Saudi Gazette reported Wednesday that residents are already feeling the brunt of the everyday work the migrants provided, from ritual washings of corpses before burial to food delivery and bagging groceries.

Authorities say that since warnings were issued earlier this year, almost 7 million foreigners in Saudi Arabia corrected their paperwork to accurately reflect their occupation and workplace. The kingdom also issued more than 1 million final exit visas, which ban people from ever returning.

The Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported that authorities detained around 16,500 workers in the first 48 hours of the nationwide crackdown. The newspaper quoted Saudi officials as saying that nearly half of the migrants were arrested near the southern border with Yemen. Another 5,000 had been detained in Mecca, where some Muslims stay on illegally after pilgrimage. Less than 1,000 were detained in the main city of Riyadh.

A resident in the poorer neighborhood of el-Manhoufa in Riyadh told The Associated Press he saw police stopping people outside a mosque after prayers and arresting those who did not have the correct papers on them.

The statement Wednesday by Riyadh police chief Nasser el-Qahtani said security forces killed the African migrant worker in el-Manhoufa a day earlier when he and others tried to resist arrest. Those detained will eventually be deported.

The sweep is aimed largely at creating more job opportunities for the kingdom’s own citizens, who comprise less than half of the country’s work force.


American Christian Parents Who Adopted and Homeschooled African Kids Accused by Qatar of Killing One to Harvest Organs

The Qatari investigative police reports repeatedly suggest that Matthew and Grace could not have had a legitimate reason to adopt children who were not “good-looking” and who did not share their “hereditary traits.” The investigative reports theorize that Matthew and Grace “bought” their children in order to harvest their organs, or perhaps to perform medical experiments on them.

Prosecutors in Qatar have accused an American Christian couple of starving their adopted daughter to death in order to sell her body parts, but a leading U.S. legal advocacy group said they are innocent and that the entire case is based on “faulty science” and misunderstandings by Qatar over interracial adoptions and homeschooling.

If convicted, Matthew and Grace Huang could face the death penalty.

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The Terrifying Picture of What Could Be the Biggest Typhoon Ever

TyphoonTyphoon Haiyan has sustained winds of 134 miles per hour and ferocious gusts of 155 mph and could strengthen over the Pacific Ocean before slamming the eastern province of Samar early Friday, government forecasters said.

It is speculated the storm will be among the strongest to form on Earth, already measuring Category 5 in intensity — the highest on the scale measuring tropical cyclones.



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