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Why Do Muslims Hate Jews & Christians?

Posted by addisethiopia on June 9, 2013

ATTENTION! Disturbing footage

This small Ethiopian Orthodox Christian church was burned by 500 Muslim students supported by local Muslim police. This happened four days after local Muslim authorities ordered demolition of the building. They poured gasoline on the building and burned it in broad daylight. The most alarming and disturbing thing is that this is done by the ‘normal’ inhabitants who had lived together with tolerant Christians for many years. It’s disturbing to see men, women, children and elderly come out of their homes to celebrate the burning down of Saint Arsema Orthodox Tewahedo Church

This hateful barbaric act happened in the particular region of Christian Ethiopia where the followers of Islam are in a majority. As predictable as it’s the larger the number of Muslims in the area, the more hostile are Muslims to the non-Muslims living there, so those non-Muslims are forced to move away. More and more Muslims move to the area until it becomes, for all intents and purposes, a small Muslim state. As one Ethiopian Christian victim said with his eyes watering with tears, “They were our friends, our neighbors with whom we shared everything. I never thought that this day would ever come.”

Now, we all ask how this is happening in Ethiopia, a country that is 70% Christian and only 25% Muslim? How could this happen to the land of Ethiopia where Muslims were welcomed and got refugee during their days of trouble and desparation? This is called “biting the hand that feeds you,” and pretty much everyone agrees that’s the worst, most ungrateful form of behavior in existence.

Ethiopian Christians, who have been dominant in their country since the 4th century, are in a state of shock due to the “religious hatred and violence” of their Muslim neighbors.

Christian Ethiopians never retaliate to fight back the Islamic aggression by hating the Muslim population or attacking its mosques. Whereas, Saudi, Egypt, Qatar and Turkey supported Islamists never stop to undermine and destroy Christian Ethiopia by all means.

The black horse of Saudi Arabia maltreats Ethiopians in every Arab Muslim country, their Trojan horses in Ethiopia murder Christians, their religious and political leaders, they set fire to their churches and drive out Ethiopians in their own country.

When they persecute Christians in „their“ 53 Muslim majority countries, we remain silent or say, well, those are their countries they are allowed to do whatever they want, even the United Nations and the Medias may show their indifference – but in one small country of the Ethiopians nobody has the right to bring things that are unEthiopian or anti-Christian. Ethiopians have no other country but Ethiopia, Ethiopians don’t impose their Religion, ideology or culture on others, so, others, specially those who don’t belong to Ethiopia must stop imposing their way of life on Ethiopians

Christians & Jews: Middle East Genocide

We do nothing as Muslims eradicate the last vestiges of Christians and Jews from nation after nation….even the dust cries for justice, and we look away

But all they possess does not suffice for Islamist fanatics. Israel must be blotted from the earth, and the last Christians must be driven out.

This is an old, old story, nearing its end. We shroud it in lies to excuse ourselves from taking a stand, even accepting the preposterous Arab claim that Muslim failures today are the fault of the Crusades, a brief interlude when Christians occupied a coastal strip hardly larger than Israel. In fact, it was the Mongols, then the Muslim Turks, who shattered Arab civilization. And as for conquests, Muslims occupied Spain in all or part for 800 years — and brutalized the Balkans for half a millennium. The Crusades were hardly a burp.

We also accept extravagant claims that “civilized” Arabs rescued the classical texts that formed our civilization. That’s utter nonsense. The Arab hordes that burst out of barren Arabia in the 7th century were composed of illiterates. Conquering at a time when the warring Byzantine and Persian empires had exhausted themselves, the new rulers found that tribal practices didn’t suffice to run provinces. So they took over the existing bureaucracies, staffed by Greek-speaking Christians and Jews. It was those officials who saved the Greek classics for Europe’s future Renaissance — and their descendants designed Islam’s greatest monuments.

Yes, some Arab rulers came to value learning — but the Arab world never produced a Homer, Plato, Sophocles or Thucydides whose appeal transcended their culture.

Islam was a religion spread by war. It was only a “religion of peace” where it had conquered. True, Islam sometimes proved more tolerant of minorities than Europeans, but that was at the zenith of the faith’s power.

There’s yet another illusion of ours — that Islam is gaining strength. Islam is on the ropes. What we’ve seen in the pogroms and outright genocides over the last 150 years has been the spleen of a once-triumphant faith whose practices and values can’t compete in the modern age.

Consider today’s Middle East, apart from Israel. Despite the massive influx of oil wealth, there isn’t one world-class university. Nothing of quality or technological complexity is manufactured between Morocco and Pakistan. Not even Saudi Arabia has first-rate health-care. Research is nil. Patent applications are statistically zero. Women are regarded as lesser beings, wasting half of the region’s human capital. Not one Arab society’s a meritocracy. And corruption cripples all.

A handful of glitzy hotels and shopping centers do not make a civilization (especially when the merchandise is all imported). Should Islamist fanatics succeed in driving all minorities from the region, they’d be left with a human wasteland of comprehensive failure, seething with hatred and uncontainable violence. The self-segregation of the Islamic heartlands would be a tragedy for humanity — but, above all, for Muslims.

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  2. Nebiyu Mesfin said

    I will die for Lord baby !!!

  3. Nebiyu Mesfin said

    I will die for my county baby !!!

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