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Google Deploys Wi-Fi Balloons in Africa and Asia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 2, 2013

My Note: Whether going online, using a PC, smartphone, tablet or digital TV, we users can no longer assume we have a healthy life style. In fact, we should assume we have absolutely no guarantee to remain fit and healthy. Technology is good when it’s wisely used, and the focus is to improve the quality of life of the people. But, does rural Africa really need Computer and Wireless technologies? Are they their priorities? Some years ago a ‘One Laptop Per Child’ Initiative was launched in Africa by Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, Nicholas ‘Negroponte’. This initiative was criticized by some experts who argued that providing deworming for school age children, or school lunches, or helping with teacher salaries, were more efficient than donating a computer to help improve education. A year ago, it was heralded that rural Ethiopian kids hacked Google’s android software (Motorola). Now, Google wants to deploy Wi-Fi ballons. What’s Google up to? Google daughter, Motorola has just unveiled a ‘tattoo’ microcircuit to identify individuals. The company is working on a hi-tech tattoo (a kind of biological stamp) that could replace ALL our passwords: Motorola reveals plans for ink and even pills to identify us all. “Mark of the Beast?” This is another disturbing aspect. Additional reason to be concerned? Africans, in particular, should demonstrate their skepticism about this sort of plan — as history teaches them to question the intentions and motives of globally-operating technological companies that use their continent for all sorts of evil experimentation.

Adolf Hitler once said, “The greatest and most ruthless decisions will have to be made. A barbaric measure for the unfortunate who is struck by it, but a blessing for his fellow man and posterity, the passing pain of a century can and will clearly redeem millenniums from sufferings.” Though talking about the Jewish Holocaust, Hitler could well have been speaking of the African AIDS Holocaust. With the introduction of HIV, this current biological warfare against Africans is the latest on a long list of genocidal programs designed to kill off the original seed. Could this be one of their updated “smart” moves to target Africans with electromagnetic radiation? To control the populations?

GoogleWorld2Google Inc. is deep into a multipronged effort to build and help run wireless networks in emerging markets as part of a plan to connect a billion or more new people to the Internet.

These wireless networks would serve areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia to dwellers outside of major cities where wired Internet connections aren’t available, said people familiar with the strategy.

The networks also could be used to improve Internet speeds in urban centers, these people said.

Google plans to team up with local telecommunications firms and equipment providers in the emerging markets to develop the networks, as well as create business models to support them, these people said. It is unclear whether Google already has lined up such deals or alliances.

A Google spokeswoman declined to comment.

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Google Inc has its fingers in the following pies:

  • Mobile phone software (Android)

  • Smartphone creation (Nexus)

  • Advertising

  • Search

  • Community grants

  • Government application/contracts

  • Imaging software

  • Website development

  • Green energy development

  • Payment processing

  • Social Networking (Google +, etc.)

  • Video sharing

  • Business/Enterprise applications

  • Office software

  • Web and social analytics software

  • Cloud computing

  • Blogging software

  • 3D Modeling

  • Online security

Wi-Fi Health Dangers & Radiation Health Effects

Wireless Internet routers or Wi-Fi modems use dangerous electromagnetic radiation to send their signals to your computer through walls. If you have a wireless Internet router set up in your home or office (or WiMax, Blue Tooth, Air-Port Extreme, Air-Port Express, Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, Linksys and other wireless network devices) you are receiving massive EMF exposure, and living or working in a dangerous soup of radiation.

These antenna radiation patterns have been shown to lead to numerous health problems

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Looming Health Crisis: Wireless Technology and the Toxification of Humanity

mobile-radiation2As a multitude of hazardous wireless technologies are deployed in homes, schools and workplaces, government officials and industry representatives continue to insist on their safety despite growing evidence to the contrary. A major health crisis looms that is only hastened through the extensive deployment of “smart grid” technology.

A growing body of medical studies is now linking cumulative RF exposure to DNA disruption, cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, and autoimmune diseases. Smart meters significantly contribute to an environment already polluted by RF radiation through the pervasive stationing of cellular telephone towers in or around public spaces and consumers’ habitual use of wireless technologies. In the 2000 Salzburg Resolution European scientists recommended the maximum RF exposure for humans to be no more than one tenth of a microwatt per square centimeter. In the United States RF exposure limits are 1,000 microwatts per centimeter, with no limits for long term exposure.[4] Such lax standards have been determined by outdated science and the legal and regulatory maneuvering of the powerful telecommunications and wireless industries

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In the following informative video. Dr. Barrie Trower, a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service, explains about the health effects of WiFi and other forms of microwave radiation.

Mr. Trower came out of retirement because he was concerned that the microwave frequencies and intensities to which children are exposed in schools are similar to those used for microwave weapons.


Physics Proves Existence of Centralized Global Control Network

Forget the word conspiracy when it comes to explaining how globalization or centralized control turns the world into an extremely unstable environment where centralized management is possible, and where a sneeze from one of the controllers will end up shaking half of the world. Furthermore, forget about the “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” labels to insult people who believe in something that physics has proven to exist.

Call it the New World Order, the Old World Order, the cabal of mad Anglo-Saxon men who want to control it all, or simply call it the product of self-organization. What matters is that the existence of a global network of corporate control has been proven beyond all doubt. A study titled The Network of Global Corporate Control, was the first complete analysis of complex economic networks that looked at economics as one would look at a swarm of birds, insects or brain connections to understand how a small group of people indeed control what happens in the world.


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