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Saudi Arabia Arrests 53 Ethiopian Christians at Private Worship Service

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 16, 2013

My note: of course, no good-news over the Arabian desert, and, as usual, no word from the Christian-biased mainstream media! CNN, BBC & Co seem to be more concerned about the fate of an Indian rape-victim, gay rights or Burmese Muslim invaders than about the increasing persecution of “fellow” Christians. How ungrateful!

Saudis finances and supports the evil Wahhabi movements across the globe, including Ethiopia, brainwash weak citizens of Ethiopia to murder fellow Ethiopian Christians, kidnap little girls, burn down their Holy Christian Churches, and desecrate Bibles and Icons like the one we see in the above heart-breaking video from the year 2012. All these things are happening to the very same Ethiopian people who once gave asylum and protection to the followers of their Prophet. All soon be in our school books. Well, Christians have in history suffered much persecution and their faith has been strengthened in those times. So, whether they like it or not, many Christians will begin to demonstrate acts of power by faith – many non-Christians will come to faith in the Living God, through witnessing the acts of power, and through experiencing a manifestation of the presence of Eyesus Chrstos, through the Spirit of the Almighty Egziabher. Let’s pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Saudi authorities on Feb. 8 arrested 53 Ethiopian Christians, mostly women, who were attending a worship service in the private, rented home of an Ethiopian believer in Dammam, the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, WEA-RLC has learnt from sources inside the Arab kingdom.

The Christians – 46 women and six men including three church leaders – were arrested at about 10 a.m. last Friday, a close relative of one of those arrested told WEA-RLC. The three church leaders – two of them women – were produced in an Islamic court in Dammam the same day when authorities alleged they were converting Muslims to Christianity, the source added.

Authorities are likely to release two of the Ethiopian Christians who have residential permits on Monday, and the others are expected to be deported.

Dammam, a center for petroleum and natural gas and all commerce in the eastern parts of the kingdom, is a large metropolitan, industrial area and a major seaport. However, religious freedom is not granted to the numerous visitors or expats in the region, like elsewhere in the nation. A Saudi girl who embraced Christianity and fled Dammam in September 2012 was granted asylum in Sweden last month, according to Al-Yaum newspaper.

In December 2011, Saudi authorities arrested 35 Ethiopian Christians, 29 of them women, for “illicit mingling,” after police arrested them when they raided a private prayer gathering in Jeddah. Of those arrested 29 were women, who were subjected to arbitrary body cavity searches in custody



3 Responses to “Saudi Arabia Arrests 53 Ethiopian Christians at Private Worship Service”

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