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Mediterranean: Africans Swimming in the Sea of Death

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 11, 2012

They do this to Africans simply because they want and can!

While the world leaders express their heart-warm congratulations to Libyans on their “historic election” hundreds of Africans are dying in the Mediterranean sea – in the busiest seaway in the world — ignored by passing ships and planes, ignored by the world community.

Mind you, the duty to assist persons in distress at sea is a long-established rule of customary international law. The SAR and SOLAS Conventions were amended to impose for the first time an obligation on States to ‘cooperate and coordinate’ to ensure that ships’ masters are allowed to disembark rescued persons to a place of safety, irrespective of the nationality or status of those rescued, and with minimal disruption to the ship’s planned itinerary

There are a number of States, which are under the above-mentioned obligations. First, the coastal State, in whose SAR zone the vessel was in distress, was under an obligation to coordinate the search and rescue operation and to ensure that a ‘place of safety’ is provided for these persons. The exact limits between the SAR zone of Libya and Italy are not known to the author; however, both States are parties to LOSC, SOLAS and SAR Conventions and apparently they might incur responsibility for their omission to provide assistance to the vessel in distress

Well, they seem to prefer rescuing a stranded penguin to an African

As the so-called “Arab Spring” gave power to the Islamists and their surrogates, thousands of minorities have become the targets of ethnic cleansing throughout North Africa. Off the coast of North Africa, boatloads of people have been streaming out of North Africa, desperately fleeing across the Mediterranean to seek non-Muslim landing spots in Europe.

It is obvious that most of these refugees are blacks. Are they black Muslims? Are they black non-Muslims? Are they trying to flee racism and oppression in the ‘lands’ of the Muslim. It is very shameful, a tragedy that nobody seems to care enough to deal with these questions. These refugees pay thousands of dollars to the Arab ‘boat-dispatchers’ / traffickers to seat on those boats, and I am sure some of them could even afford to have cellphones or barometers to take them on board.

Despite that, at least 1 500 African refugees are known to have lost their lives attempting to cross the Mediterranean in 2011

Europe haunted by fear of African refugees?

According to UNHCR report, an estimated 441,300 asylum claims were recorded in industrialized nations for the year 2011. The number of asylum claims received across all industrialized countries is still smaller than the population of Dadaab, a single refugee camp for Somali refugees in north-east Kenya. The Somali refugee population at Dollo Ado camps in Ethiopia exceeds 150.000, and the capital, Addis Abeba alone accommodates over 200.000 Somalis.

And the country with the highest number of asylum applications in the world is not a European, North American, or Australasian country, but South Africa (not covered by the report), which saw 107,000 claims between January and December 2011.

The world upside down

Peaceful, but desperate Africans who neither terrorize nor kill Europeans are used as scarecrows so that other Africans don’t attempt to come to Europe. Ungrateful, aggressive and murderous and Arabs and Afghans who scare and terrorize Westerners at will are fed with a silver spoon in their own countries, and invited to come to Europe in their thousands. The Fear-factor shaping the way of life rich nations? Or are they showing their powerlessness by killing the voiceless weak, while accommodating terrorists?

Just last week, major donors of the West have offered $16-billion in development aid for Afghanistan (please read the comments here)

The country of origin of the largest number of claimants was Afghanistan, with a 34 per cent increase over 2010 to 35,700. followed by Iraq (23,500).

54 Migrants Die of Thirst in Boat Tragedy off Tunisia

It is with great sadness that UNHCR received the news that 54 people perished attempting the sea journey from Libya to Italy. According to the sole survivor, an Eritrean man, 55 people boarded the boat in Libya in late June. He reported that all the other passengers died of dehydration during a 15 day ordeal.

“This is a tragedy,” said T. Alexander Aleinikoff, Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees. “Fifty four people have lost their lives.”

Fishermen found the survivor off the Tunisian coast last night. They alerted the Tunisian Coast Guard who rescued the man. He was immediately taken to Zarzis hospital where he is being treated for dehydration and exposure.

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