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UK: Somali Family on Benefits Handed Keys to £2million Luxury ‘Council’ Home a Stone’s Throw From Where Tony Blair Used to Live

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 7, 2012

My note: “ It looks as though someone is inciting anger and hatred as a tool to instigate societal persecution of “Outsiders” – and what a smart way to use Somalis this way. Isn’t the terrorist ONLF headquartered in London, after all. Perhaps, members of the group are also well accommodated in a similar lavish manner to arm poor Somalis to slaughter each other back ‘home’. How sickening!”

The council-owned property Georgian townhouse, underwent £100,000 worth of renovations in 2011, including creating two new bedrooms.

The occupants of the house, a Somali family of 10, on housing benefit and income support told The Sun: ‘We are from Somalia. I don’t know how we got the house. We were lucky.’

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One Response to “UK: Somali Family on Benefits Handed Keys to £2million Luxury ‘Council’ Home a Stone’s Throw From Where Tony Blair Used to Live”

  1. Joseph Biddulph (Pontypridd, Cymru. Proud member of St Dyfrig's Catholic Parish) said

    In the usual manner, the article is instructing readers how to think, and gives no sort of economic or social analysis to help us understand how the situation came about. The fact that the family is Somali is fairly irrelevant, though given prominence, and notice also the snide implications of “family of 10” – a standard Western anti-family attitude where almost any manifestation of human reproduction is regarded as an evil. Because this insidious xenophobia is so widespread in the British media we are, alas, too insensitized even to notice it, and on one occasion even sincere Christians setting up a pro-life, Christian-values party were so corrupted and perverted by this anti-culture that they set about a migration restriction policy as one of the first topics to be debated in policy formation! My policy is to substitute in such items the word “Jews” for such terms as “Migrants, asylum-seekers”, etc., and see how the article looks then – very much like something from 1930’s Germany, perhaps? Somalis, having black faces, are of course an easy target in the UK – what really upsets the xenophobe is somebody who is “white” and looks “just like us” – that would never do, although the words “Pole”, “Bulgarian” , “Eastern European” can be made in the hands of certain editors to carry some of the same implications. We must remember that the duty of the tabloid editor is not to try and explain the roots of economic injustice, or encourage the readers through democratic political action to demand action from their political representatives, or through truly inclusive trade union participation, but to set one section of society in paranoid anxiety against another, and to whip up animosity against the poorest and most vulnerable, while spreading a comforting miasma of racial and social superiority to their targetted readership – this apart from the corruption of sexual morals systematically carried out over the last decades. I would not like to be a tabloid editor on the Day of Judgment, unless I had ample opportunity first to reflect and repent. But perhaps they too are victims of a negative and vicious substitute for intellectual development, in which case they are as innocent as the rest of us who, hardly aware of it, are subtly influenced by the same unChristian and anti-Scriptural local culture. It is very difficult, when such attitudes are almost fashionable, to try and reason against them, but I feel that all people of good will ought at least to try whenever the opportunity arises.

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