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Global Media: Darkness In The Minds of The Producers?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 4, 2012

They accuse, belittle and insult the continent of Africa at will. In the 21st century, they still talk about Africa as if it is a small state, show their readiness to pick every ‘possible’ negative event in the continent and send subliminal messages, beamed at global radio and television audiences. The Western Media which gives very little attention to the fate of African states, continues to devote a large portion of its resources and energy towards painting the great continent of Africa in a negative light. Why is it? Is it because Africans don’t complain much about the past injustices, and are not as loud, aggressive and deadly as South Asians and Arabs? Or is it simply because Africa is the Cradle of Humanity, hence a superior continent?

Yesterday, while Ethiopians and other Orthodox Christians were celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit on the twelve disciples of Jesus on the day of Pentecost, the British monarchy “by coincidence” chose this very day for the celebration of their own version of “Jubilee”, described, Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee – a celebration devoted to monarchy and military might. I have nothing against about their fun and festivities, but it’s amazing to observe that neither Christmas nor Easter get this much public and media attention in ‘New Britain”. There were protests and unsympathetic reactions when the Vatican Pope visited the UK two years ago – a very dangerous sign of ignorance and poor hospitality.

On this very day, 15 people were killed and dozens wounded in Nigerian church attack, and a plane with 153 passengers crashed, killing all 153 people aboard and at least 10 on the ground.

As the ‘real Christian Jubilee’ is about celebrating justice, peace and the equality of all people as created in the image of God, Western Media organizations who commonly employ to specifically dump negative news materials and information when reporting, communicating, or disseminating anything concerning Africa, have used such tragic occurrences like the one in Nigeria to blame, belittle and insult the whole of Africa and Africans. Mind you, Nigeria is one of the 54 member states of the “Commonwealth”, of which 16 belong to the so-called Commonwealth realm.

Minutes after the crash of “Dana Air” in Lagos — way before the cause of the crash has yet not been revealed, the medias immediately pointed their fingers at the incompetence of “Africans”, the incapability of “Africans” to fly a plane, as they’re collectively named.

Mind you, “Dana Air” which began operations in 2008 is privately operated and Indian-owned, and the pilot of the plane was American, the co-pilot Indian – the airliner was recently awarded the title of “Best Safety and Security Conscious Airline in Nigeria” Yet, the whole propaganda machine repeatedly preferred to emphasize on the “bankrupt” and “incompetence” nature of Africans. What to gain?

It’s known that media conditioning shapes, molds, and monopolizes those images, references to Africa are received sometimes with disdain and contempt. Even some western-educated Africans, who have virtually no cultural competence, actually contribute to how Africa is projected globally. Ashamed of their “heritage and historical past” they side with media characterizations projected through such stories and specials, by telling them what they only want to hear.

Listen to this program episode from the Africa-bashing broadcaster, the BBC – WorldHaveYourSay

Listen attentively to the words used by the moderator, notice which self-hating, self-promoting African representatives have been selected to sound off on the program. Shameless!

The cause of the crash is still unknown, yet, this one example proves the denigrated global image of Africans which was put by Europeans for decades is now baring its fruits among many in the West. Despicable comments and their ‘popular’ ratings on many of the blogs and forums – whether it concerns the church bombings, the plane crash, or the reluctance of Black football players heading, in particular to Orthodox Ukraine for the European Championship (Poland and Ukraine host) — you will be able to notice the artificial image which is as dark as the pervasive fear conjured up in the their minds.


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One Response to “Global Media: Darkness In The Minds of The Producers?”

  1. Joseph Biddulph (Pontypridd, Cymru. Proud member of St Dyfrig's Catholic Parish) said

    One solution, apart from, of course, repentance and willingness to learn, is for ignorant white men like me to try and gain more knowledge of the African languages and cultures, as much as the inadequate sources allow. In the 18th century the evangelist John Wesley produced a pamphlet extolling African civilisations as an answer to those whose consistent negativity towards Africa was used to continue to excuse the Slave Trade. The negative image of Africa has been responsible for such things as the gung-ho “civilising” missions, with machine guns, in the later 19th century, and is even exacerbated by Save the Children adverts on TV showing emaciated, invariably African, babies, as if this is the only continent where bad politics produce destitution. A lot of viewers are almost invited to fall in with the evil notion, “It’s their fault for having so many babies – or any at all!” Perhaps I am going too far in rephrasing the Scripture verse “Out of Egypt I have called My son” as “Out of Africa I have called My son” – but I do like to point out that my Catholic religion originated at least partly in the African continent – given the Septuagint Bible translated in Alexandria and set down on a paper made from opened-out African reeds (papyrus), etc. etc. etc. It is also objectionable that media produced in certain western countries whose governments have recently led us all into a massive economic crisis and consistently kill pre-birth children by the hundreds of thousands each year (and think it a virtue) could dare to suggest that African governments have any special capacity for corruption, inhumanity or incompetence. I bet most journalists have a poor enough conception of the political processes in their own benighted lands, let alone having an intimate picture of the scene in Ghana or Burundi or Senegal. Living in Wales, we know how much even the nearby “Provinces” are neglected and misunderstood in metropolitan circles: I imagine the Republic of Gabon or Sao Thome mean about as much to London journals as who won the Eisteddfod and massive factory closures in the South Wales Valleys. Of course, the answer to ignorance and neglect is proper rounded knowledge and natural inquisitiveness – anybody who can help me with this one is quite welcome to get in touch.

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