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Why Africa: Lightning kills 22 students, 1 teacher in Uganda

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 30, 2011

What’s going on in Africa?

Local police spokeswoman Zura Ganyana said Wednesday that 51 students between the ages of 7 and 16 were injured Tuesday. She said the teacher who died was visiting the Runyanya primary school, about 160 miles (some 260 kilometers) west of Uganda’s capital.

Zombo education official John Ojobi says another school 200 miles (some 320 kilometers) northwest of Kampala was also hit by lightning Tuesday, injuring 37 students and two teachers.

Meteorology experts say school buildings are being hit because they don’t have lightning conductors and are built on high ground.

In the past few weeks, lightning strikes around the country have killed at least 38 people.

Local media reported that a further 21 pupils were burned after lightning struck at a second school in Zombo district, around 380 kilometres north of Kampala. Police could not confirm the incident.

Ms Nabakooba could not provide an exact figure for the total number killed by lightning in recent weeks, but local newspaper The Daily Monitor reported a total of 28 killed and scores injured in the past week, including Tuesday’s incidents.

Uganda is experiencing unseasonably heavy rainstorms and concern about the number of recent lightning strikes has prompted politicians to demand an official explanation from government

Eleven people were killed by lightning in two communities in northern Nigeria during torrential rains, Red Cross and local officials said Wednesday.

Eight peasant farmers were killed and another 12 injured on Tuesday during a thunderstorm outside Balanga village in Gombe State.


We see it, we hear it, we feel it, yet, we know nothing about it

The Mystery of Lightning

As common as lightning is, it still sparks considerable confusion among scientists.

Many of the basics are understood, but researchers admit they don’t really understand how lightning gets from there to here. And they’re totally baffled by lightning’s link to X-rays, a discovery made back in 2001.

“Nobody understands how lightning makes X-rays,” says Martin Uman, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Florida. “Despite reaching temperatures five times hotter than the surface of the sun, the temperature of lightning is still thousands of times too cold to account for the X-rays observed.”

That said, Uman added, “It’s obviously happening. And we have put limits on how it’s happening and where it’s happening.”

In new research, Uman and colleagues have taken a step forward in their understanding:

As lightning comes down from a cloud, it moves in steps, each 30 to 160 feet long. In this “step leader” process, X-rays shoot out just below each step millionths of a second after the step completes, the researchers learned.

The finding, based on lightning created in a lab and detailed online this week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, could eventually lead to better predictions of lightning.

“A spark that begins inside a thunderstorm somehow manages to travel many miles to the ground, where it can hurt people and damage property,” said Uman’s colleague Joseph Dwyer, a professor in the department of physics and space sciences at Florida Institute of Technology. “Now, for the first time, we can actually detect lightning moving toward the ground using X-rays. So just as medical X-rays provide doctors with a clearer view inside patients, X-rays allow us to probe parts of the lightning that are otherwise very difficult to measure.”

But challenges remain.

“From a practical point of view, if we are going to ever be able to predict when and where lightning will strike, we need to first understand how lightning moves from one place to the other,” Dwyer said. “At present, we do not have a good handle on this. X-rays are giving us a close-up view of what is happening inside the lightning as it moves.”

The lab research will continue, and one thing they want to look into: whether lightning strikes to airplanes could produce X-rays harmful to passengers.


Source: LiveScience


Lightning, Thunder and Rain

In ancient times, most religious scripture taught that lightning bolts were missiles thrown in anger by their gods.9 In China, Taoist scripture regarded the rainbow as a deadly rain dragon.10 In Confucius scripture, the goddess of lightning, Tien Mu, flashed light on intended victims to enable Lei Kung, the god of thunder to launch his deadly bolts accurately.11

Since rain is so necessary to life, ancient people pondered what caused it. Some tried to stab holes in the clouds with spears. The Vedas (Hindu scripture) advised to tie a frog with its mouth open to the right tree and say the right words and rain would fall.

Our Bible also talks about rain, lightning and storms. But it contains none of these superstitious ideas found in the other so- called scriptures. The Judeo-Christian Bible taught that earth’s weather followed rules and cycles. Genesis 8:22. “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

Job stated (28:26): “God made decrees [rules] for the rain. And He set a way for the lightning of the thunder:” Centuries later, scientists began to discern the “rules for the rain” that Job talked about. Rainfall is part of a process called the water cycle. Here’s how the cycle works. The sun evaporates water from the ocean. That water vapor rises and becomes clouds. This water in the clouds falls back to earth as rain, collects in streams and rivers and makes its way back to the ocean. That process repeats itself again and again.

About 300 years ago, Galileo discovered this cycle. But amazingly the Scriptures described this cycle centuries before. The prophet Amos (9:6) wrote that God “calls for the water of the sea. He pours them out on the land.” How did Amos know this? He wrote as he was moved by the Spirit of God.

Actually, scientists are just beginning to fully understand God’s “decrees or rules for the rain.” Since 68 BC it was thought that somehow thunder triggered the rainfall. Now scientists are beginning to realize that as stated in Job 28:26, it is lightning that triggers the rain to fall. Job knew this 3,000 years ago. Certainly his writings were inspired of God (2 Peter 1:21).


Source: BibleToday.Com





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Konso Cultural Landscape of Ethiopia inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 28, 2011

Konso Cultural Landscape (Ethiopia), is a 55km2 arid property of stone walled terraces and fortified settlements in the Konso highlands of Ethiopia. It constitutes a spectacular example of a living cultural tradition stretching back 21 generations (more than 400 years) adapted to its dry hostile environment. The landscape demonstrates the shared values, social cohesion and engineering knowledge of its communities. The site also features anthropomorphic wooden statues – grouped to represent respected members of their communities and particularly heroic events – which are an exceptional living testimony to funerary traditions that are on the verge of disappearing. Stone steles in the towns express a complex system of marking the passing of generations of leaders.

There are now 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ethiopia

Source: Unesco

The following Konso Myth talks about Waga, the creator:

The first man was born with all limbs and organs that we have, but even though he could see, he was in other ways completely paralyzed, unable even to breathe. Waga’s wife asked him if he could give the man some medicine to make him speak. The God replied that he had none, but he would bring the man some breath, which he did. Now the man began to move, speak, and till the soil. When he died Wage took his breath back again.

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UAE: Two Suicides of Ethiopian Women in One Day

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 26, 2011


The epidemic of suicides of migrant workers in the UAE continues unabated: on June 13, UAE papers reported about two suicides of Ethiopian migrant workers.

At 4pm on June 11, police rushed to a house in Ras al-Khaimah where a 29-year-old Ethiopian maid attempted to end her life by overdosing on pills. She was taken to the hospital in time. Just 12 hours following this suicide attempt, an 28-year-old Ethiopian woman jumped to her death from the third floor of a building in the Mussallah area in Sharjah. The report also mentions the death of a 50-year-old Indian man who “fell” to his death from the 11th floor of a building al-Khan area in Sharjah.

Recently the suicide of a migrant worker who jumped to his death from Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, has shed light on this alarming phenomenon. Among Indian migrants alone, 26 have committed suicide in 2011. Migrant workers are often driven to suicide as a result of poor working conditions, abusive employers and heavy debt due to exploitation of recruitment agencies.

Source: Gulf News


O God, do not remain silent; do not turn a deaf ear, do not stand aloof, O God!






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The Amazing Prophecies of Dimitry Tarabich

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 22, 2011

Below are extracts from prophecies attributed to a righteous Serbian layman, Dimitry Tarabich. He was an illiterate, but clairvoyant layman who lived as a hermit in the 1850s. It appears that these prophecies were written down by his godfather, a priest called Fr Zacharias. Although we lack the sources to vouch 100% for their authenticity, they are surely of interest to the reader, who may wish to reflect on them and pray for the rest of the souls of those concerned. We thank Georgios Alexandrou for bringing them to our attention.

You see my godfather, when the world starts to live in peace and abundance after the Second Great War, it will all only be a bitter illusion, because many will forget God and worship only their own human intelligence. And do you know, my godfather, what human intelligence is, compared to God’s will and knowledge? Not even one drop in the ocean.

Men will build a box and there will be some kind of device with pictures inside it, but they will not be able to communicate with me who will already have died, even though this picture device will be as close to this world as hairs on the human head are to each other. With the help of this device, people will be able to see everything that is happening all over the world.

People will drill wells deep into the earth and dig out gold (another name for oil is ‘black gold’), which will give them light, speed and power. The earth will shed tears of sorrow, because there will be much more gold and light on its surface than in its interior. The earth will suffer because of these open wounds. Instead of working in the fields, people will dig everywhere, in good and bad places, but the real power will be all around them, not being able to tell them: ‘Come on, take me, don’t you see that I am here, all around you’. Only after many years will people remember this real power and then they will realise how foolish it was to dig all those holes. This power will also be present in people, but it will take them a long time to discover it and use it. Thus, people will live for a long, long time, unable to know themselves. There will be many learned men, who will think that they know and can do everything because of their books. They will stand in the way of this realization, but once men have this knowledge, they will see what kind of delusion they had been under from listening to their learned men. When that happens, people will much regret that they had not discovered that knowledge before, because it is so simple.

They will believe that their illusion is the truth, although there will be no truth in their heads. Here at home (in Serbia) it will be the same as all over the world. People will start to hate clean air, divine freshness and all divine beauty and will be concealed in rankness. Nobody will force them to do that, but they will do it of their own free will. Here in Kremna (in Serbia) many a field and home will be abandoned, but then those who have left will return to find healing by breathing fresh air.

In Serbia it will be impossible to tell men from women. Everybody will dress in the same way. This calamity will come to us from abroad, but it will stay with us the longest. A groom will take a bride, but nobody will know who is who. People will be lost and become more and more senseless day by day. Men will be born, not knowing who their grandfather and great-grandfather were. People will think that they know everything, but they will know nothing.

The whole world will be contaminated by a strange disease and nobody will be able to find a cure. Everybody will say I know, I know, because I am learned and intelligent, but nobody will know anything. People will think and think, but they will not be able to find the cure, which will be obtained only with God’s help, all around them and inside themselves.

People will travel to other worlds to find lifeless deserts, and still, God forgive them, they will think that they know better than God himself. There, except for the eternal peace of God, they will see nothing, but they will sense with their hearts and souls all of God’s beauty and power. People will drive in machines on the moon and the stars (planets). They will look for life, but life similar to ours will not be found. It will be there, but they will not be able to understand it and see that it is life.

One who goes there, God forgive him, not believing in God, as it is proper for an honourable and decent person to do, will say on his return: ‘Oh, you people, who mention God’s name with doubt, go there where I was, then you will see what God’s mind and power are.

The more people know, the less they will love and care for each other. Hatred will be so great between them that they will care more for their different devices than for their relatives. People will trust in their devices more than their closest neighbours.

Among people of a nation far to the north, there will appear a little man who will teach men about love and compassion, but there will be many Judases and hypocrites around him, so that he will have many difficulties. None of these hypocrites will want to know what real human grace is, but his wise books will remain, and all he says, and then people will see how self-deceived they were.

Those who read and write different books with numbers will think that they know the most. Those learned men will live by their calculations and they will do and live exactly as the numbers tell them. Among those learned men there will be good and evil men. The evil ones will do evil deeds. They will poison the air and the water and spread pestilence over the seas, rivers and the earth, and suddenly people will start to die of various illnesses. The good and wise will see that all this effort and hard work are worthless and that it leads to the destruction of the world, and instead of looking for wisdom in numbers, they will start to seek it in prayer.

World War III

When they start to pray more, they will be closer to God’s wisdom, but it will be too late, because the evil ones will already have ravaged the whole earth and men will start to die in great numbers. Then people will run away from the towns to the country and look for the mountains with three crosses, and there, inside, they will be able to breathe and drink water. Those who escape will save themselves and their families, but not for long, because a great famine will appear. There will be plenty of food in the towns and villages, but it will be poisoned. Many will eat it from hunger and die immediately. Those who fast to the end will survive, because the Holy Spirit will save them and they will be close to God.

The greatest and the angriest will strike the mightiest and the most furious. When that horrible war starts, woe to the armies that fly in the skies. Those who fight on the earth and the water will be better off.

Those who wage this war will have scientists who will invent different, strange cannonballs. We will not fight in this war, but others will do battle overhead. Burning people will fall from the sky over Pozega (in Serbia). Only one country at the end of the world, surrounded by great seas, as big as our Europe, will live in peace, without any trouble. Not a single cannonball will explode on it or over it. Those who run and hide in the mountains with three crosses will find shelter and be saved, but not for long, since a great famine will appear. Food will be everywhere in the towns and villages, but it all will be poisoned. In order to feed themselves, many will eat everything and will die immediately. Those who fast and have endured fasting will survive because the Holy Spirit will preserve them and they will be closer to God in the time of great famine and perdition.

At that time, far away in the Russian mountains, a young man named Mikhail will appear. He will have a bright face and his entire appearance will radiate mercy. He will go to the nearest monastery and ring all the monastery bells. To those who gather around him there, he will say; ‘You forgot who I am, that I did not die, but am alive’. Mikhail will go everywhere, but mostly he will live in Constantinople. Let him who has ears hear’’.



Additional reading…




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የበግ ለምድ የለበሱ ነጣቂ ተኵላዎች

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 16, 2011

አባ በዝብዝ ካሣ (አፄ ዮሐንስ) ለደጃዝማች ኃይሉ እንዲህ አሏቸው፡

አባቶቻችን ሲጋደሉላት በኖረችው አገራችን ላይ የሠፈሩትን ቱርኮችና ግብጦች ካገራችን ለማስወጣት ከኔ ጋር እንደመተባበር ፈንታ ከእነሱ ጋር ተሰልፈው እኔን ለመውጋት መዘጋጀትዎን ደርሼበታለሁ። ይህ ምኞትዎና ሐሳብዎ ደግሞ እኔና እኔን የመሳሰሉ የኢትዮጵያ ቆራጥ ልጆች እያለን አይሳካልዎትም። የአባቶቻችንና የጀግኖቻችን አጥንትም እሾህ ሆኖ ይወጋዎታል።

የግብጽ ዋናው ዓላማዋ የቀይ ባሕርንና የአባይን ወንዝ አካባቢ ጭምር ለጥቅሙዋ ማዋል ነበር። ለዚህም ዓላማዋ መሳካት ሃይማኖትን ሽፋን አድርጎ ደጋፊን ማብዛትና ተቃዋሚንም በመጀመሪያ እርስ በርሱ ማፋጀት ነበር።

ግብጦች ቢመጡ በመጀመሪያ የምንዋረደው እኛ ነን። ከዚህም ቀደም ቱርኮች ወደ አገራችን ሲገቡ ያደረሱት ጥፋትና በደል ተወርቶ አያልቅም። የአረመኔነት ሥራ ነው የሠሩት።” (ዮሐንስ፡ በ ታላቁ ማሞ ውድነህ፡ ፲፱፻፹፭ ዓ.መነበብ ያለበት መጽሐፍሌላ ጊዜ እምለስበታለሁ)

በዐሥራ ስድስተኛው ክፍለ ዘመን ቱርኮች በቀይ ባሕር አካባቢ ማተኮር ከጀመሩ በኋላ፡ የኢትዮጵያውያን መከፋፈልና የእርስ – በርሱ ግጭትም እየከረረና ሥር እየሰደደ ነበር የመጣው። በተለይም ቱርኮች በሰሜንና በምሥራቅ ኢትዮጵያ እጃቸውን አስገብተው የለኮሱት እሳት ኢትዮጵያን እስካሁን እየለበለባት ነው።

በአባቶቻችንና በእናቶቻችን ላይ ይህ ነው የማይባል ጭካኔ የተሞላበት በደል ሲፈጽሙ የነበሩት ቱርኮች አሁን ደግሞ መልካቸውን ቀየር እያደረጉ ወደ ውዲቷ አገራችን በመግባት ላይ ናቸው። ይህም፡ በቀላሉ የማንመለከተው አሳሳቢ ጉዳይ ነው። ቱርክ ጎረቤታችን አይደለችም፡ ቱርክን ከኛ ጋር የሚያዛምዳት ምንም ነገር የለም። የቱርክኛ ቋንቋ፡ የቱርክ ባሕል ወይም የእስላምና እምነቷ ለሕዝባችን የሚጠቅመው አንዲት ቅጣት ነገር የለችም። ቱርክ ገና አዳጊ አገር፡ ግማሹ ሕዝብዋም ከኢትዮጵያ ባላነሰ በከፋ ድህነት የሚሮርባት አገር ነች። ቱርክ ባገሯ በሚገኙት ንዑስ ሕዝቦች፡ ክርስቲያኖችና ኩርዶች ላይ አድሎና በደል የምትፈጽም አገር ነች። ይህ ሆኖ ሳለ፡ ባሁኑ ወቅት፡ ቱርክ በመካከለኛው ምስራቅ ከሚገኙት የቀድሞ ቅኝ ግዛት ሕዝቦች ጋር በመተባበር ብሎም የመሪነቱን ሚና ለመጫወት በመንጠራራት ላይ ትገኛለች። ቱርክ፡ የቀድሞዋ ወዳጇን፡ እስራኤልን መተነኳኮል እና ማስቆጣቱን መርጣለች።

መጽሐፍ ቅዱስ፡ አንዳንዴ “Sythian” (እስኩቴስ)እያለ የሚጠራት ቱርክ፡ እና ሕዝቧ፡ በመላው ዓለም እንደ መቅሰፍት የሚላኩ

ኃይሎች መሆናቸውን አሁን ሁላችንም የምንታዘበው ነገር ይመስላል።

... 1950ቹ ዓመታት የሰሜን አውሮፓ አገሮች ከሁለተኛው የዓለም ጦርነት በኋላ በደረሰባቸው የኗሪዎች ወይም የሠራተኞች እጥረት ሳቢያ፡ አገሮቹ መጀመሪያ ከደቡብ አውሮፓ፤ ከጣሊያን፡ ስፓኝ፡ ፖርቱጋል እና ግሪክ ሠራተኞችን ወደ አገሮቻቸው ማስገባት ጀመሩ። ከዚያም፡ ልክ አሁን ሳዑዲ አረቢያ ኢትዮጵያውያን ሠራተኞች ይላኩልኝ እንደምትለው፡ አውሮፓውያኑ፡ በተለይም ጀርመን፡ ኢትዮጵያውያን ሠራተኞችን ግርማዊ ቀዳማዊ ኃይለሥላሴ እንዲልኩላቸው ጠየቁ፡ ነገር ግን ንጉሡ እኔ ሥራ አጦች የሉኝምበማለት የአሻፈርኝ መልዕክት ስለላኩና፡ እግዚአብሔርም ስላልፈቀደ፡ እነዚህ የአውሮፓ አገሮች ቱርካውያን ሠራተኞችን በሚሊየን ወደአገሮቻቸው ለማጉረፍ በቁ።

በዓለም ሕዝቦች ላይ በታሪክ ይህ ነው የማይባል ከፍተኛ ጭካኔ እና በደል ሲፈጽሙ የነበሩት እነዚህ የአውሮፓውያን አገሮች አሁን ውስጣዊ ሰላሙን አጥተው ለሚያረካ ኑሮ ሊበቁ ያልቻሉት፡ መቅሰፍቱ በቱርኮች እና በአረቦች አማካይነት ስለመጣባቸው መሆኑን እየተረዱት ነው። ገና ብዙ ጣጣ እንደሚጠብቃቸው አካሄዳቸው ያስታውቃል። ለስፓኝ እና ለፖርቱጋል፡ በስተደቡብ ሞሮኮና ማውሪታኒያ ተመድቦላቸዋል። ለፈረንሳይ፡ በስተደቡብ አልጀሪያ ተመድቦላታል፡ ለጣልያን፡ በስተደቡብ ሊብያና ቱኒስያ ተመድበውላታል፡ ለግሪክ፡ በስተደቡብ ግብጽ ተመድባታለች፡ ለተቀረው አውሮጳ፡ በስተደቡብ ቱርክ ተመድባላቸዋለች። አንድ የ ሁኔታ ክፍል (Situation Room) ከፍቶ ሁሉን መታዘብ ነው።

ወደኛም ዘወር ስንል፡ ያሁኑ ከዳተኛና አመጸኛ የኢትዮጵያ ትውልድ ከፈጣሪው ከእግዚአብሔር ያገኘውን ተወዳዳሪ የማይገኝለት ፀጋ ተቀብሎ ለመኖር አሻፈረ በማለቱ፡ ጥሩውን ከመጥፎው ለይቶ ለማየት እየከበደው ነው፡ ቀጥተኛውን መንገድም መርጦ ለመጓዝ አልተቻለውም፡ ሦስተኛው ዓይኑ እየታወረ ነውና።። ይህን የተረዱትም እባብ ጠላቶቹ፡ መሸፈኛ ቆዳዎቻቸውን እየቀያየሩ ና ወደኔ፡ ነይ ወደኔ እያሉ ሊያታልሉት ሲሞክሩ ይታያሉ።

ከግራኝ መሃመድ ሰይጣናዊ የጥፋት ዘመን አንስቶ ቱርክ በኢትዮጵያ ላይ የጥፋት ተልዕኮዎችን በመያዝ ሕዝባችንን ስትፈታተን መቆየቷን፡ ወደ አገራችንም ለበጎ ነገር ገብታ እንደማታውቅ ያሁኑ ትውልድ ደግሞ ደጋግሞ ሊያውቅና ሊያሳውቅ ይገባል። በተለይ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሕጻናት ይህን ታሪካዊ ትምሕርት በየቤቱ፡ በየትምሕርት ቤቱ መቅሰም ይኖርባቸዋል።

በተለይ፡ ሕጻናት፡ ምክኒያቱም የኢትዮጵያ ታሪካዊ ጠላቶች በአሁኑ ጊዜ ትኩረቱን እያደረጉ ያሉት በሕጻናቱ ላይ ነውና። ልጅህን 7 ወይም 8 ዓመት እስኪሞላው ስጠኝ ከዚያ ውሰደው የፈለግከውን ማድረግ ትችላለህየሚለውን አባባል በደንብ የተረዱት እነዚህ የእፉኝት ልጆች፡ ለጨቅላ አያሌው እና ለጣፋጭ አየለች በመርዝ የተቀመመ ከረሜላቸውን ኑና ምጠጡ በማለት ላይ ይገኛሉ።

ባሃይለሚባለው መጤ የእስልምና እምነት አምባሳደር ለመሆን የበቃችው እህታችን፡ የውጭ ሰው አግብታ ወደ አገራችን ከተመለሰች በኋላ የኢትዮጵያውን ሕጻናትን ህሊና ለማጠብ ፀሀይየሚል የሕፃናት ፕሮግራም በብሔራዊው ቴሌቪዥን በማቅረብ ላይ ትገኛለች።

ኢትዮጵያዊ መልኩንና ማንነቱን ቀይሬአለሁ የሚል ወገን ከቱርኩ እና ከአረቡ የከፋ ድርጊት ሊፈጽም እንደሚችል እንዴት ተሳነን?

ኢትዮጵያን በመሳሰሉ አገሮች ውስጥ ከፍተኛ እንቅስቃሴ በማድረግ ላይ የሚገኝ አንድ የ ቱርክ ድርጅት አለ፡ ይህም ጉለን እንቅስቃሴተብሎ የሚታወቀው ነው። ይህ እንቅስቃሴ በቱርኩ ኢማም፡ በ ፋቱላ ጉላንነው የተጀመረው። ይህ እንቅስቃሴ ምስጢራዊ በሆነ መልክ ለመስራት ቢነሳሳም፡ ተልዕኮው ወይም ዓላማው ምን ሊሆን እንደሚችል አሁን እየታወቀ ነው።

ከቱርክ ውጭ በመላው ዓለም እስከ 10 ሚሊየን የሚጠጉ ተከታዮች እንዳሉት የሚነገርለት ይህ የ ጉላን እንቅስቃሴ፡ የቱርክ መንግሥት አባት በሆኑት በ አታቱርክ መሪነት ጸረእስላም፡ ዘመናዊ እና ዓለማዊ ለመሆን የበቃችውን የቱርክ አገር ቀስ በቀስ ወደ እስልምና ለመለወጥ እየተቻለው ነው። 20% የሚሆነው የቱርክ ነዋሪ የዚህ እንቅስቃሴ አባል መሆኑም ይታወቃል። ቱርክን በማስተዳደር ላይ ያለው የኤርዶዋን እስላማዊ ፓርቲም (AKP) በዚህ ድርጅት የሚደገፍ ነው። ይህ ድርጅት እስከ 25 ቢሊየን ዶላር ያህል ንብረት አለው።

የአሁኒቷ ቱርክ መንግሥት መስራች የነበሩት ሙስጠፋ ከማል አታቱርክ የእስልምና ጠላት ነበሩ። በአንደኛው የዓለም ጦርነት አካባቢ፡ በብዙ ሚሊየን ክርስቲያን አርመኖች እና ግሪኮች በቱርክ መንግሥት በጭካኔ ከተጨፈጨፉ በኋላ፡ ቱርክ የምትባል አገር ከምድር ካርታ ልትጠፋ ጥቂት ነበር የቀራት። ነገር ግን አገሪቱ ለኦርቶዶክሳውያን ግሪኮችና አርመኖች እንዳትመለስ እንግሊዝና ጀርመን እንቅፋት ሆኑ። በአንደኛው የዓለም ጦርነት የኦርቶዶክሳዊዋ ሩስያ ተባባሪ የነበረችው እንግሊዝ ሩስያን በመክዳት ከውጭ በኩል ለማድከም የኦርቶዶክስ ክርስትና ጠላቶች የሆኑትን ኃይሎች መርዳት ጀመረች። ከኦስትሪያሀንጋሪ ሌላ የቱርክ ተባባሪ የነበረችው ጀርመን ደግሞ በሩሲያ የኮሙኒዝም አብዮት እንዲፈነዳ በማድረግ ሩስያን ከውስጥ ለማድከም በቃች። ይህ አመቺ ሁኔታ ስለተፈጠረ ነበር ቱርክ የምትባል አገር ልትመሠረት የቻለችው። ባጠቃላይ፡ ምዕራባውያን ኮንስታንቲኖፕል በእስላም ወራሪዎች እንድትያዝ ከረዱበት ጊዜ አንስቶ እስካሁን ድረስ፡ በባልካን፡ በካውካስ ሆነ በግሪክና በሩስያ እንዲሁም በግብጽና በኢትዮጵያ፡ ኦርቶዶክስ ክርስቲያኖች ላይ ጥቃት በማድረስ ላይ ይገኛሉ። ይህን ሰይጣናዊ ድርጊት በጥሞና መከታተል ይኖርብናል።

ከምዕራቡ ዓለም ድጋፍ አግኝተው ስልጣን ለመያዝ የበቁት ከማል አታቱርክ፡ ቱርክ አገራችው ልትዳብር እና መሠረቶቿም ሊጠነክሩ የሚችሉት ከእስልምና ርዕዮተ ዓለም ለመላቀቅ ስትበቃ ብቻ መሆኑን በመገንዘብ፡ እስላምና አረብ በሆኑ ነገሮች ላይ ሁላ ትግሉን ጀመሩ።

ስለዚህም፡ ለምሳሌ፡ የቱርክኛ ቋንቋ በዐረብኛ ፊድል መጻፉ ቀርቶ በላቲን እንዲተካ፤ ቀን መቁጠሪያው ከእስልምናው ወደ አውሮፓዊው የግሪጎሪያን ካላንደር እንዲቀየር፤ እስላማዊ አለባበሶች እንዲከለከሉ፤ መስጊዶች እና መድረሳዎች እንዲፈራርሱ፡ አድርገው ነበር፡ ከማል አታቱርክ። በተለይ ቱርክ ከእስራኤል ጋር የጠበቀ ግንኙነት እንዲኖራት ታላቅ አስተዋጽኦ ያበረከቱት እኝህ የቱርክ መሥራች ነበሩ። ለዚህም ነው ቱርክ ላለፉት 30 ዓመታት በልጸግ በልጸግ ለማለት፡ ሰላምና መረጋገትን ለማግኘት የቻለችው። (ዘፍ. 122-3)

80% በሚሆኑ የዘመኑ ቱርኮች ተወዳጅነት ያላቸው አታቱርክ ስለ እስልምና የሚከተሉትን ተናግረው ነበር፡

  • It is claimed that religious unity is also a factor in the formation of nations. Whereas, we see the contrary in the Turkish nation. Turks were a great nation even before they adopted Islam. This religion did not help the Arabs, Iranians, Egyptians and others to unite with Turks to form a nation. Conversely, it weakened the Turks’ national relations; it numbed Turkish national feelings and enthusiasm. This was natural, because Mohammedanism was based on Arab nationalism above all nationalities.

  • Those who use religion for their own benefit are detestable. We are against such a situation and will not allow it. Those who use religion in such a manner have fooled our people.

  • If our religion did not conform to reason and logic, it would not be the perfect religion, the final religion.

  • I am not leaving a spiritual legacy of dogmas, unchangeable petrified directives. My spiritual legacy is science and reason. … What I wanted to do and what I tried to achieve for the Turkish nation is quite evident. If those people who wish to follow me after I am gone take the reason and science as their guides they will be my true spiritual heirs.

  • The evils which sapped the nation’s strength had all been wrought in the name of religion.

  • Islam, this absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin Arab, is a rotting corpse which poisons our lives.

David Lloyd George: ስለ ሙስጠፋ ከማል አታቱርክ ይህን ተናግረው ነበር፡

The genius of our century – centuries rarely produce a genius. Look at this bad luck of ours, that great genius of our era was granted to the Turkish nation.”

የአሁኗ ቱርክ በፈጠነ መልክ እየተለወጠች ነው፡ ወደ እስልምናው እየተመለሰች ነው፡ አምባገነን የፖሊስ አገር ለመሆን እየበቃች ነው፡ ነፃነት እየጠፋ ነው፡ መብት እየተረገጠ ነው፡ ገለልተኛ የሆኑ ጋዜጠኞች፡ ተቃዋሚዎች፡ በተለይ ክርስቲያኖች በየቀኑ በደል እየተፈጸመባቸው ነው።

ለማንኛውም በኢስታንቡል ከተማ የሚገኘው እና አታቱርክ አውሮፕላን ማረፊያተብሎ እስከ አሁን የሚጠራው ዋናው የአውሮፕላን ማረፊያ ስሙን ቀይሮ ሌላ ስም ከተሰጠው፡ ቱርክ ወዴት እያመራች እንደሆነ ለማወቅ እንበቃለን ማለት ነው። ይህን ማድረጋቸው የማይቀር ነው፡

የታላቁ ከማል አታቱርክ ጠላት የሆነው የ ፋቱላ ጉለንእንቅስቃሴ፡ የአታቱርክን ቅርስ ለማፈራረስ ቆርጦ ተነስቷል፡ ቀስበቀስም ይህ ተልዕኮው እየተሳካለት ነው። ድርጅቱ የዜና ማሰራጫዎች፡ የትምህርት ተቋሞች፡ ባንኮችና የሕይወት ዋስትናዎች ባለቤት ነው። በቱርክኛው ቋንቋዘመን‘ (ከኢትዮጵያኛ የተወሰደ ነው) ተብሎ የሚጠራው ታዋቂ ጋዜጣ የዚሁ ድርጅት የፕሮፓጋንዳ ዋና ሰሌዳ ነው። እንቅስቃሴው እስከ 30የሚጠጉ ዩኒቨርስቲዎችን በመላው ዓለም የማቋቋም ዕቅድ አለው። የገንዘብ ምንጩ ከየት እንደሆነ ግን በትክክል አይታወቅም። ድርጅቱ ዕጽ ነክ ከሆነ ንግድ ጋር የተያያዝ የገቢ ምንጭ እንዳለው አንዳንድ ምንጮች ይናገራሉ።

ይህ ድርጅት ልክ እንደ አሜሪካዊው ጎጂ የአምልኮት እንቅስቃሴ እንደ ሳይንቶሎጂዓይነት መዋቀር ያለው ይመስላል። ተልዕኮውም፡ እስልምናን እንደ መሣሪያ አድርጎ በመጠቀም፡ ኃብትን አካብቶ ሥልጣን ላይ መውጣት ነው። ይህንንም ዓላማውን የሚያራምደው፡ እንደነ ኦሳማ ቢንላድን ወደ ቀይ የጦር ግንባር ሄዶ በመዋጋት ያዙኝ ልቀቁኝዓይነት የጦር ስልት በመጠቀም ሳይሆን፡ ዓለማዊ መንግሥታት በዘረጉለት የነፃነት ጎዳና ላይ በመንሸራሸር ደካማ የሆኑትን የህብረተሰብ ክፍሎች፡ በተለይም፡ ህጻናትን ለስለስ ባለ መልክ ቀርቦ በእጁ ስር ማስገባት ነው።

ኢማም ፋቱላ ጉለን በተለያየ ጊዜ ባደረጉት ስብከታቸው፡ እንቅስቃሴያቸው፡ ቱርክን ወደ እስልምና ሙሉ በሙሉ መቀየር፡ ብሎም እስላማዊ የሆነ አንድ የዓለም መንግሥት የማቋቋም ዓላማ እንዳለው አልደበቁም። በቅርቡ ዊኪሊክስ የተባለው የሕዋ ሰሌዳ ፤ የፋቱላ ጉለን ድርጅት በተለይ ህጻናት ላይ ትኩረት ማድረጉን አሜሪካውያንን እንዳሳሰባቸው ጠቁሞ ነበር።

አንድ የአሜሪካ ኢምባሲ ሠራተኛ በ2005 .. ይህን አሳሳቢ ጉዳይ አውስቶ ነበር፡

We have multiple reliable reports that the Gülenists use their school network (including dozens of schools in the U.S.) to cherry pick students they think are susceptible to being molded as proselytizers,” U.S. Embassy officials in Ankara said in a 2005 report.

And we have steadily heard reports about how the schools indoctrinate boarding students,”

ሙሉው ሪፖርት እዚህ ይገኛል

በተጨማሪ፡ የአሜሪካ ፌደራል የምርመራ ቢሮ(FBI) ኢማም ፈቱላ ጉለን ላይ ክትትል በማድረግ ላይ ይገኛል

... 1999 ኢማም ፋቱላ ጉለን የእንቅስቃሴያቸውን ዓላማ የቱርክ ቴሌቪዥን ባቀረበው ስብከታቸው ላይ እንደሚከተለው በግልጽ አስቀምጠው ነበር፡

You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers … until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this. If they do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads, and Muslims will suffer everywhere, like in the tragedies in Algeria, like in 1982 [in] Syria … like in the yearly disasters and tragedies in Egypt. The time is not yet right. You must wait for the time when you are complete and conditions are ripe, until we can shoulder the entire world and carry it … You must wait until such time as you have gotten all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institutions in Turkey … Until that time, any step taken would be too early—like breaking an egg without waiting the full forty days for it to hatch. It would be like killing the chick inside. The work to be done is [in] confronting the world. Now, I have expressed my feelings and thoughts to you all—in confidence … trusting your loyalty and secrecy. I know that when you leave here—[just] as you discard your empty juice boxes, you must discard the thoughts and the feelings that I expressed here.


When everything was closed and all doors were locked, our houses of isik [light] assumed a mission greater than that of older times. In the past, some of the duties of these houses were carried out by madrasas [Islamic schools], some by schools, some by tekkes [Islamist lodges] … These isik homes had to be the schools, had to be madrasas, [had to be] tekkes all at the same time. The permission did not come from the state, or the state’s laws, or the people who govern us. The permission was given by God … who wanted His name learned and talked about, studied, and discussed in those houses, as it used to be in the mosques.”

The philosophy of our service is that we open a house somewhere and, with the patience of a spider, we lay our web to wait for people to get caught in the web; and we teach those who do. We don’t lay the web to eat or consume them but to show them the way to their resurrection, to blow life into their dead bodies and souls, to give them a life.” [1]

ለድርጅቱ ሰይጣናዊ ተልዕኮ ከዚህ የበለጠ ምንም ማስረጃ ሊኖር አይችልም።

በነገራችን ላይ፡

ይህ ድርጅት ትምህርት ቤቶችን በመላው ዓለም ከፍቷል። ሩስያና ኡዝቤኪስታንን በመሳሰሉት አገሮች እንቅስቃሴው በጥብቅ የተከለከለ ነው፡ እንደ ጎጂ አምልኮት ተመዝግቧል። ኔዘርላንድስም የእንቅስቃሴውን በሮች በማጥበብ ላይ ይገኛሉ። በኢትዮጵያ አራት የእስላም ትምህርት ቤቶችን (ዘመናዊ መድረሳዎች)ከፍቷል። መቼም፡ በኦርቶዶክስ ክርስቲያኖች ላይ ጭፍጨፋ ሲያደርግ የነበረውን የኦቶማን ቱርክን ስርዓት እንደገና ለመጥራት ቆርጦ የተነሳው ይህ እንቅስቃሴ ወደ ከፈታቸው መድረሳዎች ልጆቹን የሚልክ የክርስቲያን ወላጅ አለ ብየ አልገምትም። ግን ሙስሊሞቹስ? የክርስቶስን ብርሃን እያዩ ከክርስቲያን ወገኖቻቸው መማር ይሻላቸዋል ወይስ የተሳሳተውን የሙሃመድ ትምህርት አጥብቀው በመያዝ በ ጉለን እና በ ባሃይ በኩል ወደ ጨለማው ዓለም መሄድ?

ለአራት መቶ ዓመታት ያህል፡ በኢትዮጵያውያን የክርስቲያን ፍቅር እና ቻይነት በሰላም እና በፍቅር ለመኖር በቅተው የነበሩት ኢትዮጵያዊ ሙስሊሞች መጤ ከሆኑት ጂሃዳዊ ትምሕርት ቤቶች ተመልምለው በመውጣት ኢትዮጵያን ወይስ ቱርክ እና ሳውዲ አረቢያን ሊያገለግሉ የሚበቁት? ይህን በቅርቡ ያሳዬን።

[1] Turkish channel ATV, June 18, 1999


PDF ለማንበብ ይህን ፋይል ያውርዱ

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ምስጢረ ጰራቅሊጦስ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 12, 2011

በስመአብ ወወልድ ወመንፈስ ቅዱስ አሐዱ አምላክ አሜን።

ዘንድሮ የጰራቅሊጦስ (ጰንጠቆስጤ) በዓል በኦርቶዶክሳዊት ተዋሕዶ ቤተክርስቲያናችን ሰኔ ፭ ቀን በመላው አብያተ ክርስቲያናት ተከብሮ ይውላል። ከጌታ ዘጠኙ ዐበይት በዓላት አንደኛው የጰራቅሊጦስ በዓል ነው። ይህ በዓል በኦሪቱ በዓለ ሠራዊት ይባላል። የእሸት በዓል ማለት ነው። ከፋሲካ ሰንበት በኋላ እሑድ በሃምሳኛው ቀን ላይ ስለሚውል በዓለ ሃምሳ ተብሎ ይታወቃል። ይህንን ዕለት ጽርአውያን በቋንቋቸው ጸንጠቆስጤ ይሉታል። የሃይማኖት ስም አይደለም። በዘመናችን በተለይም እንደ አውሮፓውያን ዘመን አቆጣጠር ከ ፲፱፻፮ ዓ.ም ጀምሮ በዚህ ስም ራሳቸውን የሰየሙ ቡድኖች የሃይማኖታቸው መታወቂያ በማድረግ ሲጠሩ ይሰማል። በመጽሐፍ ቅዱሱም ሆነ በጥንታዊት ቤተክርስቲያን ታሪክ በጰንጠቆስጤ ስም የሚታወቅ የሃይማኖት ድርጅት አልነበረም አይታወቅም።

ቤተክርስቲያናችን ይህን በዓል የምታከብረው መጽሐፍ ቅዱስንና ትውፊተ ሐዋርያትን መሠረት አድርጋ ነው። በግብረ ሐዋ.፪፥ ፩ – ፳፪ ተጽፎ እንደምናገኘው አይሁድ ከመላው ዓለም ተሰብስበው በዓለ ሃምሳን ሲያከብሩ ጰራቅሊጦስ የተባለው መንፈስ ቅዱስ ድምፁን እንደ አውሎ ነፋስ እያሰማ ጸጋውን እንደ ባዘቶ በእሳት ላንቃ አምሳል ከፍሎ ከፍሎ በጸሎት ጽሙዳን ለሆኑት መቶ ሃያ ቤተሰብ አድሏቸዋል። (ሐዋ.፪፥፲፬–፲፭) ሐዋርያትም ከሦስቱ ክፍላተ አህጉር ለመጡት አይሁድ መንፈስ ቅዱስ በገለጸላቸው ቋንቋ ለማስተማር በቅተዋል።

በሚያውቁት በአንድ የዕብራይስጥ ቋንቋ ላይ ሰባ አንድ ቋንቋ ስለተጨመረላቸው እንደ ልባቸው የክርስቶስን አምላክነትና ትንሣኤውን ያለ ፍርሃት መስክረዋል። በተገለጸላቸው ቋንቋ ለሰው ሁሉ ስላስተማሩ ሰሚዎቹ ተአምራቱን በማድነቅ የእግዚአብሔርን ታላቅ ሥራ በልሳኖቻችን ሲናገሩ እንሰማቸዋለንበማለት ተገርመዋል። የመንፈስ ቅዱስን ሥራ የተጠራጠሩ ሰቃልያን ክርስቶስ አይሁድ ግን የመንፈስ ቅዱስን ጸጋ ለጉሽ ጠጅ ሰጥተው ማፌዝ ስለጀመሩ ቅዱስ ጴጥሮስ ነቢዩ ኢዮኤል በምዕራፍ ፪ ከቁጥር ፳፰—፴፪ የተናገረውን ትንቢት በመጥቀስ በተግሳፅ አሳፍሯቸዋል። ኢዮኤል የተናገረው ትንቢት ለአንድ ጊዜና ለመጨረሻው በዘመነ ሐዋርያት ተፈጽሟል። መንፈስ ቅዱስ ከዚያን ጊዜ ጀምሮ በቤተክርስቲያን አድሮ ለምእመናን እንደ ሃይማኖታቸው ጽናት፥ እንደ ምግባራቸው ቅንነት ጸጋውን ሲያድል ይኖራል። የመንፈስ ቅዱስ ጸጋ በጥምቀተ ክርስትና በሜሮን ሲሰጥ በመጠኑ ነው። ምዕመናን ጸጋው እየተጨመረላቸው እንዲሄድ በገድል በትሩፋት ተወስነው የክርስቲያንን ተግባር እየፈጸሙ ሲሔዱ ጸጋው እየተጨመረላቸው እንዲሄድ በገድል በትሩፋት ተወስነው የክርስቲያንን ተግባር እየፈጸሙ ሲሔዱ ጸጋው እየተጨመረላቸው ከነጽሮተ ሥሉስ ቅዱስ፥ ከከዊነ እሳት ማዕረግ ለመድረስ ይበቃሉ። በዚህን ጊዜ እንደሐዋርያት በጥላቸው በልብሳቸው ሕሙም መፈወስ፣ ጋኔን ማውጣት፣ ሙት ማንሳት

ይቻላቸዋል። ቤተክርስቲያናችን ጠቅለል ባለ መልኩ ስለ መንፈስ ቅዱስ ለቤተ ክርስቲያን እንዳልተሰጠ ተቆጥሮ አንዳንድ መናፍቃን በኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶ ቤተክርስቲያን ላይ የሚሰነዝሩት ጉንጭ አልፋ ዘለፋ መሠረት የሌለው ስለሆነ አንደነቅበትም። እነዚህ የሚያለያዩ ሥጋውያንም የሆኑ።መንፈስም የሌላቸው ሰዎች ናቸውና። (ይሁዳ ፩፥፲፱) ሐዋርያው ቅዱስ ጳውሎስ በመጀመሪያይቱ የቆሮንቶስ ክታቡ የኢየሱስ ክርስቶስን የባሕርይ አምላክነት አምነው በተጠመቁ ክርስቲያኖች መንፈስ ቅዱስ አድሮባቸው እንዳለ ገልጾልናል። በተጨማሪም የመንፈስ ቅዱስ አካሉ አንድ ሲሆን ጸጋው (ሀብቱ) ግን ልዩ ልዩ በመሆኑ ለምዕመናን ሁሉ አንድ አይነት ጸጋ የላቸውም ብሏል። (፩ቆሮ. ፲፪፥፩—፲፩) ጸጋውንም እነርሱ እንደወደዱት ሳይሆን መንፈስ ቅዱስ እንደፈቀደ እንደሚጠቅማቸው አድርጎ ይሰጣቸዋል። ከመንፈስ ቅዱስ ሥጦታዎች ከእምነትና ከፍቅር የሚበልጥ ጸጋ አለመኖሩን ዐውቀን በየሰፈሩ እየተሹለከለኩ መንፈስ ወርዶብናል እያሉ ከሚያጭበረብሩ ቢጽ ሐሳውያን ሁሉ መጠበቅ ይገባናል።

እነዚህ ሰዎች የጵጵስናም ሆነ የቅስና ማዕረግ ክህነት ሳይኖራቸው ራሳቸውን በራሳቸው ሾመው እጆቻችንን እየጫንን መንፈስ ቅዱስ እናሳድራለን በማለት ብዙዎቹን የዋሆች የመንፈስ ርኩስ ቁራኛ ስላደረጉዋቸው ምዕመናን ሆይ በተዋሕዶ ሃይማኖታችሁ እስከመጨረሻው እንድትጠበቁ እንመክራችኋለን። (፩ቆሮ.፲፪፥፫፧ ፩ቆሮ.፲፫፥ ፩—፲፫) በጸሎተ ሃይማኖታችን ስለ መንፈስ ቅዱስ ያለን እምነት እንደሚከተለው ይጠቃለላል፡

በመንፈስ ቅዱስም እናምናለን። እርሱም ጌታ ሕይወትን የሚሰጥ ከአብ የሠረፀ፣ ከአብና ከወልድ ጋራ በአንድነት እንሰግድለታለን እናመሰግነዋለን። እርሱም በነቢያት አድሮ የተናገረ ነው።መንፈስ ቅዱስ እንዳይለየን በመናፍቅነትና በእልከኝነት ልባችን እንዳይደነድን ጌታችን ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ በኦርቶዶክሳዊት ተዋሕዶ ሃይማኖታችን አጽንቶ በክርስቲያናዊ ሕይወት ለመመላለስ ያብቃን፡ አሜን።




Speaking In Tongues: An Orthodox Perspective

Fr. George Nicozisin

Speaking in Tongues, “Glossolalia,” a popular practice with many Churches today, is a phenomenon which can be traced to the days of the Apostles. A decade ago, Speaking in Tongues was encountered only in Pentecostal Churches, Revival Meetings, Quaker gatherings and some Methodist groups. Today, Glossolalia is also found in some Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches.

Serapion of Egypt, a fourth century contemporary of St. Athanasios summarized Eastern Orthodox theology:

“The Anointing after Baptism is for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, that having been born again through Baptism and made new through the laver of regeneration, the candidates may be made new through the gifts of the Holy Spirit and secured by this Seal may continue steadfast.”

Bishop Maximos Aghiorghoussis, Greek Orthodox Diocese of Pittsburgh and world-reknowned Orthodox theologian on the Holy Spirit states it this way: “For Orthodox Christians, Baptism is our personal Paschal Resurrection and Chrismation is our personal Pentecost and indwelling of the Holy Spirit.”

There are two forms of Glossolalia:

Pentecost Glossolalia happened this way: Fifty days after the Resurrection, while the disciples were gathered together, the Holy Spirit descended upon them and they began to speak in other languages. Jews from all over the civilized world who were gathered in Jerusalem for the religious holiday stood in amazement as they heard the disciples preaching in their own particular language and dialect (like in a United Nations Assembly). They understood!

Corinthian Glossolalia is different. St. Paul, who had founded the Church of Corinth, found it necessary to respond to some of their problems, i.e., division of authority, moral and ethical problems, the Eucharist, the issue of death and resurrection and how the Gifts of the Holy Spirit operated. In chapter 12, St. Paul lists nine of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, i.e., knowledge, wisdom, spirit, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, speaking in tongues and interpreting what another says when he speaks in tongues.

Specifically, Corinthian Glossolalia was an activity of the Holy Spirit coming upon a person and compelling him to external expressions directed to God, but not understood by others. In Pentecost Glossolalia, while speaking in several different tongues, both the speaker and the listener understood what was uttered. The Glossolalia manifested in Corinth was the utterance of words, phrases, sentences, etc., intelligible to God but not to the person uttering them. What was uttered needed to be interpreted by another who had the gift of interpretation.



A Neuroscientific Look at Speaking in Tongues

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