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World Cup in the Vuvuzela (ንቡዜማ) Pot

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 8, 2010

The biggest sporting event in the history of Africa is to take place over the next couple of weeks.

I think the awarding of the FIFA world cup to the African Continent which has often been suspect and thought of negatively by the world media, for the first time, is quite historic – the right thing to do – a very positive gesture – one major morale boost for Africa. The FIFA World Cup is the second biggest sporting event in the world after the Olympics.

The whole of Africa has been looking forward to this big event get started on the 11th of June 2010.

Somebody says, “Love is my religion” another one, “Music is my religion”, but, during the coming four weeks, many would say, “Football is our religion”. Indeed, football generates very powerful emotions – nationalism, hero-worship – these are all elements of religion. It is a quasi-religion in many ways, even if it is more like a simple human game – an entertainment.

First of all, the World Cup is about hospitality, at least from an African point of view because it’s coming to Africa. The wider world will surely be acquainted with the warm and joyful African hospitality. At the end of the games everyone will be wearing shirts with Africa motives and carrying around a VUVUZELA (ንቡዜማa traditional South African stadium horn )

Everyone will acknowledge the fact that Africa unjustly continues to be heard and seen in ways that Africa would not want to be heard and seen. Everyone, even its critics, will take the Vuvuzela sound around the stadiums as a desperate attempt by Africa to be heard. Yes, it’s a very loud instrument, and probably much louder when you have thousands of people playing them. But here is a continent which continues to cry out for recognition, for dignity, to be interpreted positively. I am sure everyone will get used to it, as we’re in for for a peaceful and magnificent World Cup, for a festival of football

South Africa 2010 Match Schedule


4 Responses to “World Cup in the Vuvuzela (ንቡዜማ) Pot”

  1. Calvo said

    La celebración del Mundial en Sudáfrica pueda cambiar el pensamiento de mucha gente. Ahora podemos demostrar una cara diferente al mundo, muchos creen que África es pobreza, guerra, hambre y enfermedad, pero este Mundial nos da la posibilidad de sorprender al mundo. Vamos, África!

  2. dthanja said

    …truly a great reminder that an event like this is long overdue to be held on the continent of Africa! I for one hope that along with the spectacular matches, the sportsmanship, and gathering of the world’s best football(soccer)players, that this event signals an ‘awakening’ on the African continent, the beginnings of a time when truly the entire continent starts to shake off a particular type of ‘slumber’. My prayer is that it is the beginning of something so much bigger and much more magnificent that will be felt across the entirety of Africa from one shore to the other. For those who seek reasons to criticize the choice of holding this major sporting event on African soil, I would simply forgive them… they know not what they do or say!

    • addisabram said

      Thanks, dthanja! I agree with all what you’ve you said! The opening ceremony was simply Tshabalala , wasn’t it! What a goal!

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