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Recording Ethiopia’s Red Terror

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 8, 2009

Tehmhert2We still don’t understand it. We have to study it, so that it never happens again. We will learn from it, and the younger generation will have a better life than we did. That is our hope.” (Hirut Abebe-Jiri)

In the late 1970s Ethiopia’s Marxist military rulers tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands in brutal repressions. Now, one survivor is trying to create a permanent online archive of the so-called Red Terror using the documents the Communist regime, known as the Derg, left behind.

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One Response to “Recording Ethiopia’s Red Terror”

  1. S.Riera said

    I have known Ethiopians for many years. In particular, those who migrate to the U.S. I have been quite disappointed in those Ethiopians who did not come to the aid of Miss Hirut Abebe-Jiri during her incarceration.
    For example, I have known a family member of Miss Abebe-Jiri for over 20 years, although, he was quite “inhumane” in general, I was stunned when he contacted Her to offer financial assistance after the fact. She refused him. What class, what guts she has.

    I trusted this family member of Ms, Abebe with my son(who is not her cousin’s child) for over 20 years who was then 3, now an adult. Causing great harm to my son & to myself. My Son in particular. Ms. Abebe-Jiri’s cousin is quite angry and bitter, because he cannot pysiologically become a parent. Hence, he has always been on the preditory lookout for women who have children, claiming them as his own.

    My knowing this family member of Hirut Abebe- jiri, absolutely caused me to come to grips with facing extreme “evil” up close and personal. He has been using African Americans & Ethiopians to secure his place in the life-world. In particular a physician and other family members. The lesson here, when family members and close friends attempt to warn you of the pathological identity of someone one know personally; Pay attention.
    Thus, I am sooo proud of you Ms. Hirut-Abebe. you are amazing. I wished I had listened to a particular person in your family who warned me during my professional stay in Washington.
    P.S According to your cousin, your father was much more attentive to him, than to his own children. IF THIS IS TRUE, your father’s perception and that of your cousin’s grandmother, was that of another person most of us are not aware exists.

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