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Dangerous Vehicular Emission in Addis Abeba

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 17, 2009

AddisGoteraJunc2Coupled with the increasing activity in key social and economic sectors, vehicular emission becoming number one cause for pollution in Addis Abeba and contributing significantly to health hazard which has gradually grown into a major environmental concern for policy makers, environmental experts disclosed on Tuesday.

“Today, the single largest source of urban air pollution in Ethiopia is the emission from motor vehicles which needs to carry out evaluation of vehicles and assessment of health impacts of air pollution in the metropolis,” Tibebu Salehu , an environmental activist working for Forum for Environment (FfE) said in a high profile briefing organised by FfE at Hilton Hotel.

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Of course, this is a very worrisome development for the Addis City-Dwellers. Worrisome, because, the health hazards for Addis’ population in particular living at elevation ( 7000-8500 feet or 2200-2600 meters) with low oxygen content, and being exposed to a strong ultraviolet light, could be far more devastating than in places like Cairo, Tehran, Lagos or Beijing.

Living in a town with serious pollution is like living under a death sentence

It’s known that one of the most worrisome vehicle emissions is carbon dioxide. While carbon dioxide is not toxic to humans, it contributes to global warming. Carbon monoxide is another vehicle emission that actually is toxic to humans. Formed from incomplete combustion, carbon monoxide is especially dangerous for people with heart disease because it cuts down the blood’s ability to carry oxygen to the lungs and throughout the body.


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