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Archive for July 15th, 2009

Inhuman Middle East

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 15, 2009


Last week, Somalia’s hardline Islamist rebels beheaded seven people for being “Christians”. In less than two weeks, Muslim mobs carried out collective punishment on Copts in three villages stretching from Upper Egypt to the Nile Delta. These attacks included assaults, torching, and looting of Coptic Churches homes and shops, forcing the terrorized villagers to abandon their possessions and flee to safety. In Iraq Islamic extremists did the same by bombing five Baghdad churches in less than 24 hours. 4 Christians were killed.

Now, another sad, very sad story is in the air. It’s reported in the UAE, that 8 Ethiopian girls were found dead in their tiny apartment. We will closely monitor the ongoing investigations.

Meanwhile, last week, an Ethiopian woman who came to Dubai to work as a housemaid has told a court how she was subjected to a four-month ordeal of sexual violence by her employer.

The woman said that she even called the recruitment firm that placed her in the home for help. But, she says, the company didn’t believe her, said that she was making it up to get out of working and hung up.

Her employer, a 48-year-old Palestinian, went on trial yesterday at Dubai Court of First Instance accused of raping the 22-year-old woman.

The defendant has pleaded not guilty and the trial has been adjourned until next month to prepare the defence case.

In 2006, we all remember, that two Palestinian Muslims brutally murdered an Ethiopian teenager in Israel. Ahmed Abu Mussa (24) and Muhammad Abed Alazziz el-Huzeil (27) from the town of Rahat picked up 15 year old Mika Dabab Tagapao, an Ethiopian girl from Kiryat Gat, from a nightclub in Ashdod, Israel. She had apparently been ‘dating’ both of them with both of their knowledge. She had gone that night to the club and apparently told them she didn’t want to see them anymore. She was taken to a field outside Rahat. She was handcuffed, beaten and gasoline was poured on her. She was burned to death. A few days later boys found her remains. Police were unable to identify the body, given its state and only when the girl was reported missing did they figure out the truth. It took two months to bring the Bedouin Arab Muslims to justice. Given the state of the justice system in Israel, which models itself on a liberal western democracy, they will receive a few years in prison.

The way these two grown men treated this teenage girl is beyond any human nature. In Somalia in October of 2008 a 13 year old girl who had been raped was taken to a field, buried up to her neck and stoned to death by grown men. The judge, Sheikh Hayakallah stressed that this was Sharia law. The immorality inherent in all this is clear. The Muslim man rapes a teenage girl in Somalia. In Israel the men trade a girl back and forth using her like a sex toy. When the society is done with this woman it disposes of her in a brutal manner. That is the evil that is practiced by one part of the world.

No. The West is as brutal a machine to women as in the Islamic World . Let us analyze, for instance, the tale of the Ethiopian girl mentioned above. She was eleven when she came to Israel. She didn’t know, then, that she had just four years to live before being handcuffed, beaten and burned to death. I guess if she had known this perhaps she would not have wanted to ‘live the dream’ of coming to Israel from Africa, coming to what is basically a Western country from an African one. But like those western women in Moldova and Ukraine her choices determined her destiny. Liberalism determined her destiny. Liberalism took her from a reasonably simple, traditional society (although not an Islamic one where they stone rape victims to death), and provided her with the feminist rhetoric of ‘empowerment’ and ‘live your life freely’. Liberalism told the male members of her family not to keep their daughters home or protect them or guard their honor.

Liberalism said: women must be free at all costs, send them out alone at 15 to night clubs to drink in some other town. Don’t bother to care if they come home at all hours of the night. Don’t discipline them. Don’t care what they wear around town. Women are free. And free she was. She was free for four years. She was free and her freedom took her to the handcuffs and the field and the gasoline and the agonizing death.

And one wonders, in those moments of death, did she wonder if liberalism had been the correct path in life. Did her parents ever wonder if following the liberal model was the correct path? Where was the community? Where were the brothers and uncles and cousins to seek revenge, to kidnap an Arab and handcuff him to a fence and set him on fire. I guess if it had been a black girl in the U.S tortured and burned to death by two white men then the entire African American community and Jesse Jackson would be marching.

But liberalism brainwashed and destroyed these Ethiopian generation, and the sad thing is, it took only four years to destroy it. Four years. Not generations. Recall liberalism and its message: no judging, no racism, no stereotypes. That’s right. So the next women to meet Mr. Ahmed Abu Mussa and Muhammad Abed Alazziz el-Huzeil would also date them and let herself be turned into a sex toy for their pleasure and then be taken by them in a car and handcuffed and burned to death. But that is the West. That is what it does to women. That is what has happened to women. It is why women are bought and sold throughout the world and why western men themselves engage in the purchasing of women and in fact go on ‘sex tours’. Why not. That is the western message.


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