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Where Are Peace & Love?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 1, 2009


Lately, everyone is talking  emotionally about Peace, Human Rights, Justice and Democracy, yet, everyone does seem to work against these principles. We have ‘Human Rights’ in a world where humans have less and less rights. We have ‘peace’ in a world that is not peaceful. We have justice in a world that is not just. We even do have anti-racism conferences where the participants are racists.

Everyone can see that the devil is the one who runs the government in so many countries. That’s why so much hatred and wars are present everywhere. How can there be any peace, while The Individual’s inwardness ain’t peaceful?! We see nations at war who also see themselves, ultimately, as part of a “peace process.” They depict war as a temporary interlude to the peace that they feel they are working toward in the only way available to them. Yet, since peace is usually followed by more war, “peace dialogs or processes” inevitably become “war processes. First we build houses, roads and cities, and then we fight against each other and destroy everything we have built – and then we call a cease-fire and bring together a huge amount of money to rebuild what we’ve just destroyed. This obviously looks a child’s game. I really don’t know, whether war is an interlude during peace or peace is an interlude during war.

It has been said that all nations are either preparing for war, at war or recovering from war. This is partly because men often think they must go to war in search of peace. The outcome of war usually involves a temporary truce, but always fails to yield permanent peace. This is because men cannot, and will never, find the way to peace on their own. They have no chance to solve the problem of achieving world peace. Governments will continue promoting war and genocide over and over again, till The Kingdom of God come.

We humans need to care for each other if we would like to minimize the damages that we inflict on the well-being of our own societies. If we care for each other, unite and do things like God intended us to be, living in love, and peace, and it did please God, there will be no more sufferings and diseases — everyone will be healed. Without God man will destroy everything. We can see this happening now, unless we choose to keep our eyes closed.

The most powerful weapon to conquer the evil Devil is humility. For as he does not know at all how to employ it, neither does he know how to defend himself from it.

Our justest fathers, our warm-hearted mothers always suggest a posture of humility, self-sacrifice , love and tolerance.

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