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Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 11, 2009


We live in a different World”


Jane Elliott, a pioneer in racism awareness training, was first inspired to action by the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968. As a third grade teacher in an all-white, all-Christian community, she struggled for ways to help her students understand racism and discrimination. She adopted the “Blue-Eyed/brown eyed” exercise, (in which participants are treated as inferior or superior based solely on the color of their eyes) as a result of reading about the techniques the Nazis used on those they designated undesirable during what is now called the Holocaust.


The purpose of the exercise is to give white people an opportunity to find out how it feels to be something other than white. The exercise gained national attention when it was featured on the Johnny Carson Show in 1968 and again when it aired on the ABC News show, Now, in a segment called Eye of the Storm.


After 16 years of teaching, Jane Elliott began to offer her training to scores of corporations, government agencies, colleges and community groups. Millions of people have been exposed to her powerful message through her appearances on Today, The Tonight Show, Donahue, Oprah Winfrey and PBS’ Frontline series in a program entitled A Class Divided.

Jane Elliott does not intellectualize highly emotionally charged or challenging topics. She creates a situation in which participants experience discrimination themselves and therefore feel its effects emotionally, not intellectually. She throws aside conventional wisdom about adult learning. Instead of respecting students’ existing knowledge, affirming their sense of self, etc., she uses participants’ own emotions to make them feel discomfort, guilt, shame, embarrassment and humiliation.


Jane Elliott would say that protecting white people from the pain of racism only serves to perpetuate it. Her skillful use of confrontation is intended to dislodge white people from their comfortable privilege long enough for them to learn. In organizational settings where constructive confrontation is not always appropriate, watching Jane Elliott on video can achieve some of the same benefits vicareously.


Jane Elliott focuses on white people as the targets for change. She sees white people as “owning” the problem of racism and having the power to eradicate it. For this reason, she does not look at “both sides of the problem” the way training programs about cultural difference, communication or performance often do. Facilitators should be aware that Jane Elliott’s focus on white people can lead viewers to the wrong impression that people of color are passively molded by white people’s behavior when, in actuality, people of color can and do respond to racism in a variety of ways.


Blue Eyed lets viewers participate vicariously in the “Blue-Eyed/brown eyed” exercise. In the video, we see adults from Kansas City, Missouri, who were invited by a local organization, “Harmony,” to take part in a workshop about appreciating diversity. We watch as the group is divided according to eye color. Since the blue-eyed people are “on the bottom” they are crowded into a small, hot room without enough chairs and watched by strict security.


Jane Elliott leaves them for a long while without any information while she prepares the brown-eyed people to be “on the top.” The brown-eyed people are given answers to test questions and instructed to demean the blue-eyed people. When the blue-eyed people are brought into the room, some are required to sit at the feet of the brown-eyed people as Jane Elliott treats them according to negative traits that are commonly assigned to people of color, women, lesbians and gay men, people with disabilities, and other non-dominant members of society.


Jane Elliott is unrelenting in her ridicule and humiliation of the blue-eyed people. When participants express sadness, shame, or tears, she drills in the point that participants only have to live this reality during the workshop, while people of color receive this treatment for a lifetime. Despite the fact that the group is participating voluntarily and, to some extent, knows what to expect, it seems clear that the exercise is painful.


The blue-eyed participants experience humiliation and powerlessness. The participants of color watch as white people learn what they already know to be true. Later in the film, people of color talk about the stress of being denied housing, job opportunities, and dignity as parents.


Interspersed between clips of the exercise we see Jane Elliott in her home and on the streets of her community describing the origins and consequences of the exercise. She describes, with great emotion, how her family has been harassed and ostracized as a result of her efforts to educate white people about racism.



The Thirty-Minute Blue Eyed


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How To Scan The Body

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 11, 2009

Those who can do holistic healing – learn how to scan the body – subtle bodies – in other ways.


Auras – for those who work with auric fields around the body – a hole in the aura – or a darker spot – means a problem. To practice seeing an aura – place the person in front of a white wall and look at them for a few minutes. You will seethe energies – and with luck the colors. You can also ‘see’ the aura psychically – in your mind – with your third eye.

Hands – using the hands to scan for problems while sweeping them across the body – You do not have to touch the person’s body. There are many methods where you sweep your hands just above the body and look for differences in body temperature. Remember – to be in balance is to be the same. You are looking for hot and cold areas where energies – Chi – do not flow properly.

Pendulums – moving them up and down the body can show trouble spots. It the pendulum flows erratically – you’ve got a break in the flow of the energy fields. When you scan using a pendulum to balance chakras – as you move from the crown chakra – slowly downward – each chakra should move the pendulum in a different direction. For example- you start from the top – crown chakra – the person is standing. The pendulum will move in circles either clockwise or counter-clockwise. When you move down to the next chakra – the third eye – the pendulum should spiral in the opposite direction. When moving to the third chakra – it should move again in the opposite direct – matching that of the crown chakra. If your pendulum chooses to move vertically instead of in circles – then the crown should move one way – say, vertically [ back and forth from you] and the third eye should move the pendulum in horizontally [right and left]. When the pendulum is confused you’ve got a problem area – the Chi – Qi – EM energies – life force energies – not flowing correctly.

Psychic Scanning

Many people learn learn how to exercise Psychic Scanning. There are many methods here – none right or wrong – whatever works best for you.

Psychic Scanning Method #1

You close your eyes and – look at what is being shown to us by spirit. Let’s say they show you blood flowing – one must hone in to get better definition of the problem – often by asking the person. It could be high blood pressure – but things that run high and low – are usually shown to us as a graph – bar or regular. In the case of cancer – You either see the medical symbol for cancer or the area in question with a tumor or other problem. Some illnesses have no symbology for you – so You ask the person when You are confused or the symbol You see makes no sense. It is always best to say everything you see. It may not make sense at the moment – but it will later. Seeing ‘teeth’ can mean dental or the jaw – as TMJ is very common – or the mouth area.

Most people scan this way with their eyes closed. As you get better at it – you can do it with your eyes open allowing spirits to show you what is wrong.

Psychic Scanning Method #2

Becoming one with the person – You literally take on the energies fields of the person and feel what is wrong in your own body. You become one with the person – For example – You can get a headache. Your stomach hurts. Your eyes get blurry – and so forth. You do this quickly then move the energies away from you immediately. This is also useful when talking to deceased people who want to show you how they died by merging with your body. It is not exactly channeling as you are in control and you do this for a short period of time. It is merging frequencies.

After You see a problem – if You see spiralling DNA – which means the problem is genetic. Sometimes You see food – you ate the wrong thing.

Remember that we are souls in a physical body having an 3D experience. It is all about the movement of frequency and light.

Think out of the box – Now you are the observer.

There are probably other psychic ways to scan the human body – the human energy field. The methods mentioned are the most common and natural.

Are you ready to try?

  • Look at someone near you – or think of someone you know.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Look at their body as if looking at an X-ray.

Very slowly start from the top of their body and scan downward – stopping as you go. What do you see? You can get into the muscles, tissue, blood, internal organs, breasts, limbs, anywhere your mind can travel. It is really not complicated and once learned – is enlightening.

For anyone thinking they are pregnant – or know someone who is – or might be pregnant – travel into the uterus of the woman and ‘look around’. What do you see? A fetus? Good! Now look around some more. Scan for the sex of the baby. What do you see? Do you see 2 babies? Gulp! Is the baby sucking its thumb?

What’s that, you say? You want to scan the person’s emotional body? Sure, why not. Go for it. Get into their head and always be objective! Do it much the same way as the physical scanning technique that works for you. Remember that all illness and accidents stem from the emotional body – which stem from the soul body – so it is totally cool to go there first.

Practice before you give people a wrong diagnosis. As with all things psychic – some people are great at this skill – while others never master it – or are uncertain of what they are seeing. Self confidence is most important and comes after much training.

Try to develop a scanning technique that works for you

On another note, a very efficient exercise to clean your aura, based on ascension, is — during the cold season — to imagine a snow of light — and in warmer days to imagine a cotton — going down on you slowly, purifying progressively your aura and repairing its wounds.

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