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Celebrities Without Make-Up

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 31, 2008

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny, from the block, is a diva on the red carpet and wherever she shows up, everyone notices. But she needs to thank her stylist, because without any makeup, she looks extremely pale and quite different from the artist so many girls want to imitate and boys wanna meet. We share the same star!

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore was named one of the most beautiful people on Earth by PEOPLE magazine; she even graced the cover. In fact, to prove her beauty they published pictures of her without any makeup. They “only” applied base to cover her imperfections and to add a little color. Ohh, noo!

Alicia Silverstone

After appearing in several music videos with rock band Aerosmith, the cute actress instantly made her way into the dreams of thousand of men everywhere and even won the award for ‘Most Desirable Female’ at the MTV Movie Awards. Well, we’re sorry to turn those dreams into nightmares, but this is how her face looks without makeup. Still one of my favorites!

Jessica Alba

She’s one of the most desired women according to Yes, Jessica Alba has a spectacular body, and also great fashion taste. But we wonder if they ever saw her with no makeup. For the record, we only recommend light makeup for her. She’s a nice and humble person. That’s all what matters!

Salma Hayek

Yes, that’s Salma Hayek without makeup on a typical beach day. What a difference! It’s a rather drastic change. We hope she doesn’t go out like that again, otherwise many will be disappointed. Not my type!

Cameron Diaz

With no makeup Cameron Diaz shows the world her acne. Also, her blue eyes are less noticeable, her skin color very pale, and her nose looks wider. Oh … the magic of the shades and shadows! Not my kind of girl either!

Eva Mendes

As you can see, Eva Mendes knows how not to abuse herself with makeup, although she loves to look tanned. Mendes’ makeup gives her that bronze glow. Neee!

Halle Berry

Change that little face Halle Berry, because we already saw your natural look and we do see the difference. The sexy actress, also considered one of the most desirable, knows how to take advantage of makeup. I liked her better when she was shy and interoverted, like in “Boomerang”.

Hilary Duff

We know her as the pretty young singer, actress and entrepreneur. Her image, until now, has been radiant. But Hilary Duff’s natural look tells us how miraculous makeup can be. At least we can tell many girls that with well-applied color, many flaws can be covered. Nothing special!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears not only doesn’t have makeup, she’s also pretty untidy. The “Pop Princess” needs to improve her look now! Poor girl!

39 Responses to “Celebrities Without Make-Up”

  1. leah said

    Britney, Jessica Alba, and Salma Hayek do not look bad without makeup so i don’t know why you’re over exagerating.
    + these are really bad, unexpected shots of them, so you can’t judge over a picture that wasn’t meant to be taken.
    The only times we see them are when they’re at parties and such so obviously they’re gonna wear makeup. Everyone looks better with makeup on. But only the ones that have the natural beauty look pretty.
    So don’t tell me if Jessica Alba walked past you without makeup you wouldn’t wanna…

    • addisabram said

      “The only times we see them are when they’re at parties and such so obviously they’re gonna wear makeup”

      Of course, they all want to get the best shots in the media.
      That’s why there are crazy professionals called Paparazzi who show us the natural and normal side of all those rich and famous. You’re right, there is nothing more beautiful than the natural one!

  2. Azeb said

    Jessica Alba is cool and pretty! R U jealous, Leah?

  3. Jenn said

    eva mendez looks stunning with or without makeup…as for the other stars obviously when they arent expecting the picture and probably have just rolled out of bed they arent gonna be they’re glamorous selves (jessica alba also looks beautiful with r without)

    • addisabram said

      Well, everybody seems to like Jessica Alba. May be because she is beautiful from the inside. Most of those Holywood Celebs fool around their old directors and producers. I don’t think Jessica is like that.

      Salma looks like a descent person, but why would she need silicons to look sexy? I really don’t understand why many celebs prefer to go for knife.

      You see some of the women — who have had plastic surgery — who you thought when they were younger were so beautiful, now you think, Oh, dear, don’t do that! And it seems to be terribly disrespectful to who they are now. Aging is just natural and beautiful!

    • Rosalie said

      just to say Eva Mendes still has makeup she has her eyes done foundation and lip gloss
      thats not what I call natural

  4. Toria said

    Most of them really don’t need all that makeup. I think it hides thier natural beauty. Besides makeup was really made to cover flaws and enhance your natural features. Unfortunatley, most women and actresses use way too much of it! Like Jessica Alba for example…as you can see her makeup is way too heavy for her fair skin. The first pic shows how truly beautiful she is. So ladies, remember that will you. You don’t always have to cake it on. And if you feel you must, try light, natural makeups instead. ^^

  5. jazz said

    omg hilary duff lukz AWFUL with no make-up mann!!

  6. 7amada said

    DALIA AKRAM is the only beautiful woman with or without make-up

  7. The Whole Earth Planet said


  8. DoOody said


  9. 7amada said

    Bamoooooot feeeeky ya mozzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ba3sha2ek ya wezzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……translation for those who r confused….(I LOVE THIS GIRL I ADORE THIS GIRL I WANNA MARRY THIS GIRL)

  10. KELLAN LUTZ said


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  12. EmmaLouise said

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  13. omri said

    hey look pretty much the same,(except for Mendes that look exactly the same) more or less, mostly it’s the photographing that makes them look bad,
    bad expressions/light and sometimes the images are out of focus, the lack of makeup enhances it. like Duff’s image, in both her pretty face is there but she’s blond (also the eyebrows and the lashes) with light skin and light eyes so there’s no contrast in her face to make them pop out, in the other she had eyeliner and shit and her hair is black, but i think if you’d take the great light and camera that has on the one with makeup and not the crappy one she would look pretty much the same, she has good skin and the makeup doesn’t change her features but just enhances them.

    IMO Lopez and Alba look great when they are paler.

    this was written by a painter, i know anatomy.

  14. Anonymous said

    Hey guys! First of all, Jazz, I know she may not look the best in that pic but if she was walking down the street just normally you would probobaly call her pretty. Also everyone on here is raher pretty. They show they’re inner beauty. To the person who wrote this, people should be judged on the way they act and who they are inside, not on how they look when someone sneaks a camera in their window to take a picture of what they look like in the morning. Also, how would you like it if you’re pic was up on a website right next to an airbrushed pretty pic of you and everyone was calling you ugly. Thank you to those who understood this and wrote that inner beauty is better.

  15. Addis said

    I’m with you, Anonym! Inner beauty is the best thing a person can have. But, Celebrity Women like Jessica Alba or Vanessa Williams are great, both inside and out… don’t you think?

  16. Saleighna said

    Well, I think Eva Mendes still looks beautiful whether she has makeup on or not. Hilary Duff, I think, still looks pretty. Not beautiful, but okay.I think that maybe they should all wear a little makeup, but not too much. Maybe just a base that matches their skin tone, and some mascara. I don’t think everybody should wear so much eyeliner and blush and eye shadow. I think everyone would look better if they just put on some skin-matching base, a little mascara, and nothing on their lips but some carmex!

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  20. Vermont said

    OMG..i don’t mean to be rude..but cameron diaz = joker??

  21. elizabeth gebru said

    oh wow they are too diffrent without make up i was not think this before.but britney is perfect without makeup.

  22. just starting out myself and still learing all this

  23. Adam said

    C’mon are you really stupid to trust this “Celebs without make up thread” ? This is all FAKE. Photoshop can do wonders, so don’t believe anything, c’mon I have seen most of them with no make up and they looked way better than how they are here, like J-Lo, Britney, Jessica, Salma and Hilary and thanks God, they didn’t look that bad here, though. They are all so beautiful with or without make up.

  24. Adam said

    BTW, most of them were also the most beautiful woman worldwide, and they are well deserved like J-Lo, she has been the most beautiful woman 2 times successively. I really love all these women =, they are all beautiful, especially J-Lo, she has it all, beautiful, sexy body, multi talents, a triple threat in different domains, and also fashion icon and business woman.

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  26. Rob Britt said

    one thing to their advantage; they don’t have to worry about being recognized if they are out without makeup. Salma Hayek is beautiful even in the “bad” picture, as is Eva Mendez.

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  28. jan said


  29. serena said

    here is a little poem….. the minute you wake up put on your makeup

  30. mimi said

    oh hot damn, jessica alba looks fucken incredible without make up

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  32. Lelala said

    Simple, my friends:
    This is showbusiness. And its exactly what the name implies – YES – its a show!!!! And because of beeing a show, its required to dress and makeup all these people 🙂

  33. winslowbeeandme said

    How incredibly disheartening. Rude. Ugly words from an ugly inside. I think they are all gorgeous, before and after. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. God bless.

  34. Troof Hurts said

    Many of the celebs noted *do* in fact have makeup on. Defo Britney Spears & many if not *all* of the others. Don’t lie…Salma looks like a male. Smoke n Mirrors. A lot of people who want to hang on the Hollywood Magic delusion they bought into. Sorry to break it to you. They are far from perfect just like you & the rest of us.

  35. Stacey said

    These lovely ladies are still beautiful with or without makeup. Alot of celebrities would not be caught dead coming out of the house without makeup so these ladies are role models to everyone .

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