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Barack Obama & Lewis Hamilton Could Count 22!

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 30, 2008

During the coming first four days of November 2008, we’ll likely witness a unique hitory in the making. First, on the 2nd of November, Lewis Hamilton, driving a MaClaran Mercedes racing car, N° 22, is going to Sâo Paulo, Brazil, as a favorite, to clinch the precious Formula One title, become “The first ‘Black'(light) and the youngest ever Formula One Champion.

2 days later, November 4, 2008, Barack Obama — whose 22 state campaign is likely to be more successful than the 57 state campaign strategy — is heading to the White House as the first ‘Black’ (light) President in history.

So, the magic formula is: 2 + 2 = 4; 22 + 22 = 44. 44 as in the 44th President of the United States Of America.

7 Responses to “Barack Obama & Lewis Hamilton Could Count 22!”

  1. Barack said

    Thanks for thinking I’m going to win next week. I think so too, but you can never be too sure!

    (Just kidding, we’re sure)

  2. sfokc6125 said

    Has anyone looked into the LA tape as a matter for Homeland Security ?
    Seeing Obamais running for the top of the chain of command it only reasons
    that you look into any associations with known terrorists. We cant have a
    terrorist loving President. Unless he has something to hide where is the
    hard. Wait its the hard question again. the DNC says run a way.
    Under the Patriot Act they don’t have to give it to GOP but they do have to
    turn it in to Homeland Security .
    email your congressman NOW put the word out to all that will listen.

  3. Martha said

    Yes! They both could!

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